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Britain: Anti-vax ‘terror’ group disbands after being infiltrated and exposed by UK newspaper

  • Veterans 4 Freedom comprised more than 200 ex-Servicemen and women 
  • The sinister group planned to portray itself as a law-abiding organisation
  • But used the encrypted messaging app Telegram to discuss violent insurrection 
  • Some V4F plots included attacking vaccine centres and targeting employees (Daily Mail)

Raw Story: The British newspaper The Mail on Sunday reports a paramilitary group of anti-vax veterans disbanded after being infiltrated by the newspaper.

Daily Mail

“Veterans 4 Freedom (V4F), which comprised more than 200 ex-Servicemen and women, used the encrypted messaging app Telegram to discuss violent insurrection, including attacking vaccine centres and targeting employees,” the newspaper reported. “The sinister group planned to portray itself as a law-abiding organisation by marching peacefully on Parliament on Wednesday wearing Service ‘headdress.'”

The group boasted about having 16 operational “cells.”

“V4F’s formation followed the revelation earlier this year that at least 16 members of the Armed Forces have been referred to the UK’s terrorism prevention programme – in the majority of cases because of concerns about far-Right activity. The group has drawn comparisons with the American amateur militias that stormed Congress in January,” the British newspaper noted.  From Steepletimes:

There’s no denying that the people who went out on Saturday to protest against vaccine passports – and those who endorsed them, such as failed politician David Kurten and LBC host Maajid Nawaz – are utterly deranged. However, what has been recently uncovered by The Mail on Sunday is even worse than lunacy; it’s a level of insanity that can only be comparable to the far-right psychopaths who stormed the Capitol earlier this year.

The publication has revealed that there is a ‘private army’ called Veterans 4 Freedom (V4F), made up of around 200 ex-servicemen and women, whose main aim is to attack vaccination centres and those giving out the jabs.

The group has a private Telegram channel that one can only access by proving that they served in the army. Within that channel, the group’s members discuss carrying out insidious plans designed to disrupt Britain’s vaccination programme.

One member, known as ‘John H,’ wrote: “What security do these people have? How secure will the phials and equipment be in schools. I think a small group of ‘parents’ could easily restrain the vaccinator and remove the drugs…”

That same ‘John H’ has also revealed that he received a walkie-talkie from a former member of the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF), which is designated as a terrorist group by the UK.







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  1. Whether intentional or not, the anti-vaccine groups have poisoned the debate so any legitimate concerns expressed about vaccines are now dismissed by the vast majority that are incapable of independent critical thinking as “anti-vaxxer” code. How convenient for Big Pharma.

  2. “But used the encrypted messaging app Telegram to discuss violent insurrection”
    If this happened in the USA I would bet the house that the messages were drafted by the FBI. But, of course, the UK police and groups like MI6 are true patriots and would never stoop to such a low level. AHHg

  3. It’s obvious by now that the same fiends who first developed the COVID-19 bioweapon and deployed it first in China, then Iran and Europe, and finally in the USA are continually working on new and more virulent strains of the virus. The Delta variant is only the first of these bioweapons that are being deployed in Red states where vaccination rates and low and where Trumpsters refuse to wear masks. This dramatically increases the kill rate of the bioweapon. When Trumpsters/US Christian Zionists finally wake up to this fact, it will be too late. Their charlatan pastors are guaranteeing that they will be among the Rapture-me-outta-here crowd so what crazy things they do in this world makes no difference whatsoever.

  4. This does not mean that protest against vaccine passports is not a legit protest, and there is also the posiblity of this anti-vax group they were created ad-hoc by someone to later be “uncover” by this “investigation” and demonize or disqualify protests against vaccine passports.

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