Justice for J6 rally starts and ends with small crowds and tight security

…from the Washington Post

[ Editor’s Note: It was a beautiful day for a DC rally, and it was a low stress one with the 700 permit limit falling short due to internet chatter that the rally was some kind of trap to arrest more people.

Police estimates were that about 200 showed up, so I was not being mean in my title. I could have said “a bomb”. And we all know now that neither Trump or his ‘Steal’ team invested a dime in getting the crowd to show up.

The Trumpers always have a silly contingent who has to make history by saying something stupid. But the record for that is held by the Trump groveling Congressman who claimed the January 6th people were just tourists.

We will wait to see what kind of silliness Trump adds to the scene if his staff is unsuccessful at getting him to say nothing, as this is an occasion where saying less is more.

The rally that was outnumbered by press having to stand in line to get interviews will put a damper on how much fun attending a senseless rally is. The idea of trying to portray those arrested on January 6, all based on video confirmation, as innocent patriots, is going to bomb historically.

Attempting to make boy scouts out of them makes the movement more guilty, trying to hide its tracks. Rest assured that the FBI and DoJ have captured plenty of their communications before, during, and after the January 6th debacle.

The prosecutors have been able to get speedy trial waivers on all cases by explaining to the DC judges that they have a growing pile of evidence they are still sifting through.

There were no deaths, police or demonstrators, and no hospitalizations. The few arrests were a guy with a long knife, and a couple others on outstanding warrants. And someone spotted with a gun turned out to be an undercover cop.

That only 100 National Guardsmen were brought in as a reserve showed that the security people knew by last night it would be a moderate day. Sadly the taxpayers took a huge financial hit for this silly act of trying to reinvent charged insurrectionists as political prisoners.

Hopefully that is a sign that the Trumpsters have had enough of the violence tactic. There had been mentions of state rallies going on today but I see no news of them. Let us know if you haveJim W. Dean ]

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What a difference half a year can make

First published … September 18, 2021

A small band of protesters decrying the treatment of the mob that overran the U.S. Capitol was dwarfed by hundreds of police officers and news reporters Saturday, as the most anticipated visit by right-wing activists to the nation’s capital since Jan. 6 unfolded with relative peace and quiet.

Capitol Police said Saturday afternoon that between 400 and 450 people had been observed at some point inside the protest zone. But many of them were journalists and other bystanders.

The rally’s poor attendance came as no surprise. Organizers originally said they expected about 700 attendees, but many influential figures on the far right actually discouraged their followers from showing up, asserting the event was a trap.

Baseless rumors have ricocheted through social media to the effect that the federal government was attempting to lure demonstrators to Washington to arrest them, and that left-wing activists disguised themselves as Trump supporters would deliberately cause trouble.

“This is a purely patriotic exercise of First Amendment rights of fellow humans, fellow Americans who have been denied their civil rights because of their political beliefs,” Braynard (rally organizer) said, insisting that his rally would be peaceful.


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  1. Holy cow, if everyone was as afraid of the government as these guys, no protest would happen.

    The revolution an impossibility. get a good cause, have a right intention, and do it forthrightly.
    Line 3 protest makes this look like chicken city.

    • George Will was on MSNBC, predicting that Trump was going to eventually burn himself down by becoming a bore, citing in his new book that historically the public has always tired of them and moved on. The short interview did not get into the DoJ’s effort to also burn him down, but we all know how long that could take.

    • Forget the bluster, Trump is finished. The icing on the cake remains his criminal indictment for any number of crimes.

    • Edward, Trump may be finished, but his crazy base isn’t. Christian Zionism is an apocalyptic death cult that, along with Israel, looks forward to a redo of 9/11, this time blamed on Iran, that will bring on their hoped-for Armageddon. That will no doubt shake up the cards in the good old US of f-ing A.

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