Is the Pentagon conducting human testing in the Republic of Georgia?

Russia is concerned about bio-laboratories the Pentagon has in many countries around the world that are not known what they are working on.


 by Thomas Roper, St. Petersberg

Betreibt das Pentagon Menschenversuche in Georgien?

I have reported on the Richard Lugar Center in Georgia several times . This is a US biolab that belongs to the Pentagon and it is not known what is researched there and which pathogens are worked with there. The existence of the laboratory is not a secret, it is not a Russian conspiracy theory, information can also be found on the Internet in German and English.

The US refuses to allow other states to control this and other Pentagon laboratories around the world. For example, while the US is demanding that China allow Western inspectors into its bio-laboratories, the US does not allow foreign inspections in its laboratories, not even those they operate overseas. In general, one has to ask why the Pentagon operates bio-laboratories in other countries, because it’s not just about the laboratory in Georgia, it’s about 20 laboratories in Ukraine and Georgia alone.

Pandemic research is officially carried out there for the benefit of mankind, but research results have never been published. Therefore, a certain amount of mistrust is justified. Imagine how the US would react if China or Russia ran such laboratories in Mexico, Venezuela or Cuba. The US would be against such laboratories near its borders, but it operates laboratories all over the world without worrying about the worries of others.

Previous bioweapon testing on the US population

Concerns are justified, after all, the USA previously carried out field tests with pathogens on its own population. Since this has led to scandals, the assumption is not far that the Pentagon has now “outsourced” these things to other countries. Several cases became known in 2016. I’ll just give examples,  you can find more on the subject here .

On September 20, 1950, the US Navy sprayed a cloud of microbes from a ship off San Francisco. The purpose of the exercise was to test how a bio-weapon attack would hit the city’s 800,000 residents. There was at least one dead.

In 1966, a bio-weapons test was even conducted on the New York subway. Army researchers threw lightbulbs filled with bacteria onto the tracks and measured how the germs spread in the tunnel system. Due to the suction effect of moving trains, bacteria released on 14th Street could easily spread to 58th Street, as a scientist involved said in a 1975 hearing.

Since all of these things did not become known until decades later, and no one was ever punished, there is no reason to believe that the Pentagon could have stopped these practices. One does not even have to assume bad intentions of the Pentagon, even with the earlier experiments the Pentagon assumed that the experiments were harmless. But they weren’t.

The Lugar laboratory in Georgia and the unexplained deaths in the laboratory were again the subject of a report on Russian television that I translated.

Start of translation:

Georgia has lost its biological and epidemiological sovereignty. The risks for Russia are very high, according to a statement by Anna Popova, the head of the Russian consumer protection agency Rospotrebnadzor, which was broadcast on TV channel NTV. She talked about foreign bio-laboratories near the Russian borders. Especially about the infamous Georgian center named after Richard Lugar.

According to the official version, it specializes in research into biological hazards. However, in recent years it has been repeatedly associated with biological and chemical weapon testing. It has been operating under an American government program for ten years. Nikolai Patrushev, the Secretary of the Russian Security Council, Incidentally, just talked about the key role played by the United States in setting up and running such institutions.

In one In an interview with Argumenty i Fakty , he emphasized that the United States, under the guise of scientific research, is endangering the health of tens of millions of people and “thereby violating their rights”. And now Anna Popova has raised similar concerns. And there are indeed some things to be afraid of.

This video, with the telling title “Russian propaganda against the laboratory in Tbilisi”, only had a little over two thousand viewers in the year that it was online, but the American YouTube lists it first for a search query for “Lugar” Place of search results. Other videos about the Georgian center with tens of thousands of views are placed by YouTube at the end of the search page as a precaution. In the video it says:

“The Lugar Laboratory is a living example of the American-Georgian partnership, which is why it is subject to disinformation attacks.”

According to the official version, the pioneers of Georgian epidemiology have been studying influenza viruses, parainfluenza viruses and other pathogens behind high fences and barbed wire for the benefit of the nation for the past decade. That sounds pretty strange, after all, for the good of the nation, Georgia doesn’t even offer free vaccinations against rubella and measles, which the WHO has put on the list of mandatory vaccinations for the first year of life.

“It is invaluable to have such a laboratory in this country. After all, every doctor who treats complicated diseases can fall back on his services, ”says the video.

It is scary to imagine what someone would have to be sick with in order to use Lugar’s services. American journalist Jeffrey Silverman, who has historically accused the laboratory of human experiments, has released new documents documenting cases of Georgian conscripts infected with highly atypical pathogens, including West Nile fever, anthrax, brucellosis and other deadly viruses and bacteria.

“Americans spent nearly a billion dollars building 20 laboratories in Georgia and Ukraine. This money does not come from a charity that cares for the health of people around the world, but from the Pentagon. It is a state-of-the-art complex that can withstand a magnitude 9 earthquake and has the fourth highest level of security. Why should little Georgia, which has no plans to develop biological weapons, need something like this? ”Asks our military expert Alexander Rogatkin.

Human experiments are unfortunately not a horror story from television. According to reports from the laboratory released by the former Georgian Minister of State Security Georgadze, 60 people died within the walls of Lugar in 2015 and 2016. The cause of death was unknown, according to the scientists. Both African swine fever outbreaks and the occurrence of yellow fever-carrying mosquitoes have been linked to the center in Tbilisi over the years.

“When the laboratory was still under construction, we had a plan of the laboratory space. Special rooms have been set up for the accumulation of large quantities of viruses and germs, which shows the real purpose of this laboratory, ”says Gennady Onishchenko, former head of the consumer protection agency Rospotrebnadzor and member of the State Duma.

Georgia tries to be as open as possible and invites everyone to tour the facility, but this is limited to staged videos of Georgian school children walking through the corridors of the high-security laboratory.

“Whatever the Georgian government announces that it has taken control of the Lugar laboratory is not true. The Georgians were even forced to change their anti-monopoly laws so that only Americans could maintain this laboratory. The laboratory is serviced by American specialists who have a contract with the Pentagon, ”says political scientist Yevgeny Mikhailov.

In fact, Lugar is a closed military facility that is not accessible to independent experts. In turn, senior Pentagon officials come to the center regularly. It’s understandable because the US has already spent over $ 350 million on research in the lab alone.

End of translation

AUTHOR: Thomas Röper, born in 1971, has held executive and supervisory board positions as an expert on Eastern Europe in financial services companies in Eastern Europe and Russia. Today he lives in his adopted home St. Petersburg. He has lived in Russia for over 15 years and is fluent in Russian. The focus of his media-critical work is the (media) image of Russia in Germany, criticism of reporting by Western media in general and the topics of (geo-) politics and economics.



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