Fleet Problem XIX

Fleet Problem XIX

Why write about intelligence history? Apart from the fact that I’m an intelligence historian, nations which do not understand their history are doomed to repeat it. In April and May 1938, in Fleet Problem XIX, the US Navy war-gamed a surprise carrier attack on Pearl Harbor and San Francisco.

USS Lexington

The attacking force, which included the carriers Lexington (CV-2) and Saratoga (CV-2), then the most powerful in the world, was placed in the charge of a German spy, Vice-Admiral Ernest ‘von’ King.

For years conspiracy theorists have attacked poor old President Roosevelt, accusing him of foreknowledge of the Japanese attack three years later, which is ridiculous. Pearl Harbor came as a distinct shock to the White House. Of course had they known that Admiral King was working for the Axis they might have been less surprised!

USS Saratoga

Putting the top Abwehr asset in the US Navy in charge of a mock surprise attack on Pearl Harbor was completely silly. Having tested the defenses and worked out the best attack routes he was able to pass on his knowledge to the Japanese, in particular to his old friend Admiral Yamamoto. Pearl Harbor was planned in 1938, not 1941.

Admiral King

Yamamoto of course was no stranger to the US. He not only studied at Harvard after World War 1, he was twice posted to the Japanese Embassy in Washington, where he cultivated contacts with high-flying German assets in the US Navy like ‘von’ King.

The conspiracy theorists missed the intelligence angle altogether, no doubt falling for the canard that the key Axis agent at Pearl Harbor was the Japanese Consul, Nagao Kita. He of course was simply bait. Both Kita and Japanese naval intel knew perfectly well that he was being watched by an FBI team led by Agent Robert Shivers, and that his phone was being tapped. That was the point. Giving up minnows is a standard intelligence tactic. No intelligence analyst would ever dream of playing a game of chess without sacrificing a few pawns.

Admiral Yamamoto

The key Axis asset on the ground, as exposed in Spyhunter, was none other than Lt Roscoe Hillenkoetter, later the first Director of Central Intelligence. He was then on the USS West Virginia (BB-48), which received special treatment in the attack, not being dive-bombed. Thanks to Hillenkoetter of course the attacking Japs and Germans knew which battleships were berthed and where. Hillenkoetter’s feelings when he saw the carriers sail out of Pearl can well be imagined.

The reference to Germans is not a typo, by the way. Back in 1941 nobody did dive-bombing better than the Luftwaffe. There is a reason why the Japs did not permit close-up photos of Aichi Val dive-bombers taking off from their carriers to attack Pearl and the Graf Zeppelin air group wasn’t disbanded after Berlin cancelled the carrier. The Imperial Japanese Navy traditionally emphasised high-level and torpedo bombing.

Admiral Hillenkoetter

The question of whether ONI sensed something was happening and arranged for the precious carriers to be out of town has never been resolved. The fact that they had sailed may have been no more than a happy coincidence, but we don’t like coincidences in the Intelligence Community. No one in Britain held out on you guys by the way – the last thing we needed in December 1941 was the Japs sinking a couple of American battleships in Pearl.

Of course we had the same problem as you guys. First Sea Lord Sir Dudley Pound, a.k.a. ‘Dodgy Dudley’, was also reporting to Admiral Canaris, who so far as I know never lost a game of chess, via the sinister Cabinet Secretary (if that is not a tautology) Sir Edward ‘von’ Bridges. Bridges probably knew about Pearl Harbor in advance, but he wasn’t working for us. (How could he have been, he was a Cabinet Secretary.)

The lessons that weren’t learnt

Aichi Val

Since the grotesque counter-intelligence failure which allowed a German spy to carry out a dummy run of the Pearl Harbor attack using an American aircraft carrier squadron was never picked up, US counter-intelligence wasn’t reformed. The heavily compromised transvestite J. Edgar Hoover was left in charge of the FBI, which in turn was left in charge of US counter-intelligence, which in turn led to 9/11.

There was of course no reason at all why a trannie shouldn’t have been put in charge of the FBI, but a closet trannie was just asking for trouble. They might also have chosen a trannie with better dress sense – I have no problem with J. Edgar having a handbag, but a non-matching one?

Graf Zeppelin

A separate counter-intelligence agency, like Britain’s MI5, should have been set up after Pearl Harbor. The FBI, no offense intended, are essentially policemen and think like cops, in so far as they think at all. They’re not as dumb as Thames Valley Police, again no offense intended, but they’re headed that way.

In fairness Congress was no smarter than the Fibbies. The Abwehr ran rings around the various Congressional inquiries into Pearl Harbor, which ended up producing 9/11 style Janet and John reports. To this day there probably isn’t a single congressman or senator who knows the nationalities of the pilots of the two strike wings which struck Pearl on that infamous day, let alone who planned the attack.

The failure to analyze Pearl Harbor correctly sadly left America wide open to another surprise attack, which duly came on 9/11. As I have said many times intelligence work requires intelligence. Trying to do intelligence analysis without a brain is harder than running a marathon without legs. You can strap on a pair of prosthetic legs, or blades even, but medical science has yet to come up with a prosthetic brain.

Lest anyone thinks that I’m having an unfair go at you guys I turn now to the various stupidities in my country in the past week.

The Salisbury BX attack

The Crown Prosecution Service, laboring with respect under the delusion that the poor old Skripals were poisoned with Novichok, have now advised charging a third GRU officer, Major-General Denis Sergeev, in connection with the poisoning incident in 2018. His name originally appeared on the website of Bellingpussy, sorry cat, a pro-German, anti-Russian site.

Since, as revealed first on VT, the Skripals weren’t poisoned with Novichok at all, but with an Anglo-American nerve agent, BX, designed to cause hallucinations, the CPS have now gone from being fairly silly to completely silly, no offense intended. I am not saying that General Sergeev wasn’t in the UK at the material time, but it’s far more likely that he was trying to find out what Jerry was up to.

The Skripals have not appeared in public since GO2 tried to murder them and are reportedly in New Zealand, although anyone who believes that has probably been eating too much Kiwi fruit. It’s far more likely that they were bumped off by Jerry. MI6 have been forced to go along with this nonsense, but they report to the Cabinet Office, which in turn is part of the German government, as I keep explaining.

There will be a lot of red faces in the Cabinet Office, the CPS and the British media when the truth is finally confirmed. However it would create a moral hazard not to expose these idiots to ridicule.

It would be remiss of me not to congratulate President Putin’s United Russia Party on their stunning success in the recent Duma elections. Unlike the November presidential election in the States the count fairly reflected the voting. Of course in a country as large as Russia you are bound to get the odd anomaly, but there it is. Since dear old Pooters is a patriot and highly competent, and his opponents are oddballs or communists, United Russia’s success was not surprising.

Fuel shortages

Gas queue

My local gas station has run out of gas! There has been panic buying all around the UK, triggered by a request from the government not to panic buy and a carefully worded announcement from BP, which since it’s pro-German, no offense intended, ought to be called GP. (BP did its best in World War II to help the Axis by holding back Middle East oil production.)

The crisis has been caused by the Cabinet Office, which ordered a wholly unnecessary ban on testing new truck drivers during the Chinese Flu epidemic, leading to a shortfall. This followed years of declining wages for British truckers due to cheap labor coming in from the EU. The government never saw it coming and has now decided to cause more long-term problems for the truck industry by letting in thousands of cheap EU truckers, many of whom will no doubt end up driving on the wrong side of the road.

There is no reason, by the way, why we could not have turned to the United States for truck drivers. You guys speak the same language, more or less, no offense intended. Moreover American truckers know how to use CB radio and don’t drive whilst tanked up on vodka. (Bud maybe, but not vodka!) If it comes to that American trucks could have been ferried in. The steering wheels would be on the wrong side of course, but the same could be said about the European juggernauts which have been cluttering up our roads in recent years.

As well as a gas shortage the Cabinet Office decided to have another energy crisis, by investing heavily in unreliable and expensive renewables, preventing energy from waste power stations, in the hope no doubt of having more plastic ending up in the sea, holding up nuclear and scrapping most of our natural gas storage capacity.

The Prime Minister isn’t stupid, with respect, even though he’s the Prime Minister, but judging by his fatuous address to the equally fatuous UN General Assembly, no offense intended, he’s bought wholesale into the global warming hoax. He doesn’t seem to realise that no other world leader actually believes in it. The sooner he goes the better, frankly.

Green energy policies, driven by the clinically insane idea that mankind is affecting the climate by putting out CO2, have managed to drive up the price and drive down the supply of energy at the same time. The West is desperate for rational, competent leadership.

The biggest influence on planetary climate remains the Sun. For any eco-idiots reading this, in between gluing themselves to the M25, it’s that big yellow thing in the sky. It’s a G-Type main sequence star about 865,000 miles in diameter with a mass 330,000 times that of Earth. About 600 million tons of hydrogen are fused into helium atoms in the Sun’s core every second. The temperature of the corona reaches about 1,500,000 deg. K. Put another way, it’s big and hot. It’s got enough hydrogen to keep going for another five billion years or so, at which point we may have to think of moving.

The idea that Janet and John driving their SUV up I-95 are in serious competition with a G-Type main sequence star only 93 million miles away fusing 600 megatons of hydrogen a second is just silly. We couldn’t affect the Earth’s climate even if we wanted to.

La Palma

A number of readers have enquired whether or not I am keeping an eye on La Palma following the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano on September 19th. The answer is yes! Theoretically a collapse of the Cumbre Vieja flank would threaten the eastern seaboard, as well as Gibraltar, Portugal, Spain and Cornwall, if an eruption of the volcano were to be combined with an earthquake.

Michael Shrimpton’s page turner

The problem, as identified in Spyhunter, is Germany’s possession of scalar high energy weapons capable of triggering earthquakes. Sources have confirmed high electromagnetic energy inputs into the Cumbre Vieja area prior to September 19th, suggesting that the eruption, which wasn’t expected, may not have been natural. However those nice people at NSA seem to have jammed the attack. At any rate things quietened down after a couple of days.

Allowing Germany to keep such a powerful weapons system, not least when the country is still controlled by the people who installed the Nazis into power and came up with the idea of the EU, is an utter nonsense. The ground stations in Norway, Alaska (developed under a cover story named HAARP) and near Chernobyl in the Ukraine have to be shut down. I am now told that Jerry has developed mobile transmitters on ships. If that’s right those ships have to be boarded and brought into an Allied port for inspection and disarming.

The Cumbre Vieja flank needs stabilising. If the Spanish won’t do it then a Marine Expeditionary Force should occupy the island (but not during my booked holiday in the Canaries, thank you very much!) whilst US geologists investigate the problem and correct it.

Behind the scenes I have been contributing to the legal analysis of directed high energy weapons systems. I have opined that the successful use of a high energy weapons system to destabilise the Cumbre Vieja flank would amount to the use of a Weapon of Mass Destruction by the attacking power, in this case the Federal Republic of Germany, the only state in possession of such a weapons system, justifying the United States of America and the United Kingdom in initiating a strategic thermonuclear response.

As I say, things appear to have quietened down, thankfully. At any rate there’s no need to head for the hills just yet, although if you live on the Eastern seaboard it might be an idea to buy a pair of water-wings.

Gloucestershire Warwickshire Steam Railway

Well done to the Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Railway for organising this weekend’s superb Autumn Diesel Gala, in which classic British diesel traction temporarily ousted steam.

It was a great event, even if a small track defect held up some of the trains.

Taking 133 tons of sixteen wheeled British Railways Class 45 diesel locomotive, with a turbocharged, intercooled 16,100 cubic inch engine, hauling around 300 tons of train, was always going to impose demands on what is really only a single track branch line.

As the CIA discovered when they used to ride shotgun on me (these days they’d be more likely to be chasing me with a shotgun!) trains are great places for meeting people. You don’t need a passport to board a train and you can just hop on and off.

I have had people with guns protecting me on trains. I’ve had trains which normally run hours laterun to time when I’m aboard, chatted with gobsmacked AMTRAK conductors as mile long freight trains have been shunted into sidings ahead of us, wondering who’s been having a quiet word with Union Pacific, and I’ve had a number of high-powered intelligence exchanges on trains.

I didn’t use AMTRAK’s excellent Metroliner service between New York Penn and Washington Union stations in the good old days just for the scenery and the tasty onboard cuisine.

However on this occasion I was just having fun! Whilst it is right to that I drove past GCHQ on my way to Cheltenham Racecourse Station I can quash the rumor going around the Intelligence Community that some of the boys from GCHQ chanced to be on the 1000 from Cheltenham.

Well that’s not quite right. The boys were on the train, but only for a day out. They certainly didn’t buy me a bacon bun in the buffet car.

Class 44 44010 “Tryfan”, on an westbound train, west of Frisby on the Wreake, Leicestershire, 20/4/76


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    “Jesuits invested in the silk trade in Japan, served as diplomats in Portugal, and grew sugar on slave plantations in Brazil and tobacco in colonial Virginia.
    Masonic lodges connected with Military Units travelled the globe, sprouting civil counterparts in their wake. Lodge No. 227, affiliated with the 46th Regiment of Foot, during the Seven Years War, 227 met in Halifax, Nova Scotia and the West Indies. The American Revolution found 227 in Massachusetts, where the chest of the lodge was captured, but returned under guard of honor by Brother George Washington, after which it returned to the Caribbean and then to Ireland.”
    Summarised from the book Imperial Secrets – Remapping the Mind of Empire (2008)

    The first known Lodge in Japan was Sphinx Lodge which operated under the Grand Lodge of Ireland during the years 1862-1865, a few years after the opening of the ports of Japan by Commodore Perry of the United States Navy consisting primarily of members of the military forces with a few local foreign residents.

    Kyoto has festivals which include camels and Pyramids.
    Shrines like Suwa Taisha has a “Star of David”.

    Brother Roosevelt Initiated: October 11, 1911, Holland Lodge No. 8, New York City.
    – was made the first Honorary Grand Master of the Order of DeMolay on April 13, 1934 at the White House. Shriner.

    Winston Churchill initiated into Studholme Lodge 24 May 1901. Was also a Druid.

    Edgar Hoover charter member of Justice Lodge No. 46 in Washington, D.C.  He was both a York

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