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[ Editor’s Note: Big trouble is brewing in Iraq with this Kurdistan conference making a move toward normalization with Israel, which I would bet has gotten approval from a number of regional powers beforehand.

It looks like the Abraham Accords political machine has been busy setting up the flanking move on Iraq. And of course the Israelis have Palestine locked down, and freeing its occupants is not on the table for ‘moving forward’.

I would suspect rounding these 300 up now would be a difficult task, and also crank up tension with Kurdistan continuing inside the Iraqi government.

This event appears to have been being staged as a provocation to Baghdad, making it react negatively and then creating other parties to maybe consider sanctions. Where have we seen this done before?

From The Times of Israel:

“Israel today, as you know, is a strong country and an inseparable part of the world and the United Nations. Iraq cannot neglect this fact and live in isolation from the world,” Sahar al-Ta’i, a senior official in Iraq’s Culture Ministry, told the attendees.

“This is the manner in which the United Arab Emirates looked toward future generations and the greater good, and entered into the Abraham Accords,” al-Ta’i said, referring to the recent normalization deals between Israel and four Arab states, including the Emirates.

Gosh, who would possibly want to Balkanize Iraq, creating more chaos that can be exploited by the vultures surrounding it. I suspect this situation will get worse before it gets better… Jim W. Dean ]

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The temple of cooperation in Iraq is being attacked at its foundation

First published … September 26, 2021

Iraq’s judiciary on Sunday announced it has issued arrest warrants for three people including an ex-MP over a meeting that called for a normalisation of ties with Israel. More than 300 Iraqis, including tribal leaders, attended Saturday’s forum in autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan organised by a US think-tank.

The judiciary, in a statement on its website, said it would take legal action against the others once they had been identified. It named the three wanted for their role in calling for normal ties with Israel as tribal chief Wissam al-Hardan, ex-MP Mithal al-Alusi and Sahar al-Tai, head of research at the cultural ministry.

Alusi is a controversial secular Sunni MP who was briefly stripped of his parliamentary immunity in 2008 for visiting Israel. Iraq has been technically in a state of war with Israel since the creation of the Jewish state in 1948.

After the 2003 US-led invasion, Hardan led the “Sahwa” group of Sunni tribesmen who joined with American forces in fighting jihadists.At the forum held in Arbil, the Kurdish capital, Tai read out a closing statement saying:

“We demand our integration into the Abraham Accords.”

The United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Morocco and Sudan agreed last year to normalise ties with Israel, under a US-sponsored process dubbed the Abraham Accords. Iraqi Kurdistan maintains cordial contacts with Israel.

But the federal government in Baghdad, which has fought in Arab-Israeli wars, does not have diplomatic ties with the Jewish state whose sworn enemy Iran wields a strong influence in Iraq.

The forum sparked the fury of the federal government and was also condemned by Iraqi President Barham Salah, himself a Kurd, as well as several leading figures and parties. The government called the meeting “illegal” and “not representative” of Iraqi public opinion.

Powerful Shiite cleric Moqtada Sadr urged the government to “arrest all the participants”. Ahmad Assadi, an MP with the Hashed al-Shaadi paramilitary coalition comprised of mostly pro-Iran groups, branded them “traitors in the eyes of the law”.

The organisers, the New York-based Center for Peace Communications (CPC), advocates normalisation between Israel and Arab countries, and working to establish ties between civil society organisations.

The 300 participants came from across Iraq, according to CPC founder Joseph Braude, a US citizen of Iraqi Jewish origin.


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  1. Kurds have a habit of biting the hand that feeds them. These nomads are not the sort of people that can be trusted in the position of power. Once they realize that, they then get involved with the enemies to get something in return – even Israel.

  2. When General Wesley Clark told us shortly after 9/11 that the USA would take out “7 nations in 5 years” Iraq was first on the list. All of these 7 nations were Muslim. This was never about nation-building, just nation-destroying, all for Israel. In Iraq’s case, it was wildly successful.

  3. Kurds are Moslems. You talk like an ignorant. Study Islam before you attack it with your ignorance. Jews are ungrateful Even Churchill said that for them. Before Islam, they were not allowed in Jerusalem. Before Islam, they had to sleep in pig styes in Europe and wear Devil’s heads on their chest when out in streets in Spain and what is now Portugal.

  4. Pitty the Kurds! They seem to come up with the worst possible position for themselved at each and every twit & turn of this tragic reality called diplomacy. Always anxious to find a fierce, big brother protector, they bob and weave, but never seem to pick a winner. Chumming up with the apartheid rogue nuclear kept project is apparently their default setting. But the rogue state has no time for anyone with other problems. They only let money and power parties into their inner tent. All else need not apply, especall the feckles fickle.

  5. Maybe there is a way to peace in the Middle East.
    All the Israelis want is everyone else to be their slaves.
    The Moslems want martyrdom’s seventy virgins.
    And the Kurds just want to be left alone, so set them aside for now.
    If someone can take the remaining two elements of that witch’s brew, they may be able to concoct a palatable solution.
    If the two remaining “wants” are accommodated, it’s not going to look too good for the Kurds.

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