Editors Note: This is an alternate universe piece, one that will be difficult for a lot of people to read, and I can assure you that many will stop before they are done, not wanting to ‘know’ anymore.

Gordon publishes these with NEO first as they are monitored by all the Intel agencies, who for their own safety like to stay up to date on anyone who might be getting on to the big game. An early warning can be a life or death situation in a lot of cases.

The goal here is to turn on the light for the masses to refocus their thinking on what the bad guys don’t want them focusing on, hence the endless stream of feints and diversions to assure that we never have the concentration needed to even understand what they are doing, much less trying to oppose it.

Google’s success in being able to profile everyone, with mostly 100% of their cooperation, was a genius creation of a new Neo-slavery, which people accept simply to get some free stuff, that in reality comes with a devastating cost.

The Trumpers are a gold-plated example of how well the uber hoodlum methods work, and by that, I mean the street Trumpers. We have had quite a display on how easily they are clay putty in the hands of their handlers.

As for the ‘regular Republicans’, starting with those in Congress, most of them, also are just along for the ride, overtly having shown since the insurrection that their highest duty is to themselves, in maintaining their positions, above all else.

That they could continue to support Donald Trump after all he has done and tried to do, shows the failure of our political system, our ‘free’ society. We have rotted from the inside out, and yet the game of offering up acceptable scapegoats to take the blame goes on and on.

There is only one question left at this point in the game, is it too late to reverse the course we are on even if we wanted to. I, personally, would not want to make that bet… Jim W. Dean

“…a Republic if you can keep it.”

First published … October 15, 2021

by Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Editor, … and New Eastern Outlook, Moscow (1816)

COVID-19 has done one thing above all else, it has ‘pre-staged’ the United States for the next pandemic. The US will never be able to respond again, trust in public policy has been destroyed and a permanent violent anti-government underclass has been created, quite purposefully, to assure the destruction of the United States.

Behind it, all is a new level of analysis and control of mankind using big data with its beginnings in the marriage of the CIA and Google Corporation.

The real “gain-of-function” has been in the area of mind control, engineered fears and hatreds with supercomputers controlling billions through “influencers” and billions who have lost the ability to reason, the ability to control any aspect of their lives, a Matrix analogy for sure.

No nuclear war is needed. Those who will destroy the US will never be hunted down as most of them already rule the US.

World War III is coming, it will be a biological weapon attack on the United States. It will be a SARS virus, upper respiratory infection enhanced with several “gain-of-function” capabilities.

The world will be a different place with NATO destroyed and the American empire in ruins.

The history that can’t be taught, that will be televised or spoken of in universities around the world would have predicted a new division of nations based on the principles put forth early in the last century by eugenicists and totalitarian loving elites that built Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany.

The nations this time? Brazil? How about looking across Europe or the former Soviet Union, certainly Ukraine, Georgia, maybe Azerbaijan but how many more?

India? Is the targeting of Iran intended to bring that nation into such a cabal? Where would Israel, Saudi or the Gulf States stand with their financial power?

Poland? The Baltic States? Britain? Ah, Britain, any model that works on the US will likely work on Britain as well. The love affair with Naziism in Britain stood strong and proud in the 1930s and is ripe for restoration again.

Those planning to execute this attack, this new 9/11, as with the last attack in 2001, will not be nation-state players but rather the nameless and shadowy cabals that one might touch upon by investigating Trump’s list of pardons and those Trump, his family and key associates “partied” with.

How we know a war is coming is simple, experts have tracked movements within the US that have intentionally totally destroyed the ability of the US to respond to a national emergency to these organizations, intelligence agencies, think tanks, banking cabals, and secret societies, and elitist cults.

These efforts have been mightily funded, backed by American political leaders, key sports and entertainment figures, and, behind it all, as usual, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The key as well are the orchestrated attacks on Fauci or Bill Gates and so many others, strangely tied to attacks on Dominion Voting Systems as well.

Following people like Steve Bannon and Roger Stone or Paul Manafort, one can make powerful suppositions that indicate extremely high probability.

The US, in accordance with the results of advanced analysis, will be attacked with a weapon that will do the following:

  • Destroy the health care system, killing off what COVID has left wounded and diminished
  • Produce inexplicable symptoms, with soaring deaths in certain ethnic groups or regions, feeding the conspiracy frenzy as with COVID
  • Sufficiently weaken the central government to allow states with low education levels but significant resources to withdraw from the union successfully

We begin with a hypothesis, based on analysis. In the “post-truth” world, certainty requires not only reliable methods but an “audience” or “client” sane and intelligent enough to understand the effort.

Worse still, giving actual “intelligence” to most political leaders has a YouTube analogy, remember that video of the chimpanzee with an AK 47? (JD Note: Oh gosh, what a gem clip that was, incredible.)

Invariably, intelligence experts at a certain level, a small number with names you will never know, have the answers but no one that wants them.

One of those answers, perhaps the most important one for the United States is this one:

Biological warfare using existing weapons created through “gain-of-function” research can target and destroy certainly the United States with ease.

A warning, never has the difference between what we are told by the media are public perceptions and the concerns of the intelligence community being so far apart. The reason this is concerning is simple, nation-states now admit, privately at least, that they no longer control their own affairs.

You know, defining a “nation-state” has always been tricky. Nearly a hundred years ago, Marine General Smedley Butler admitted that the American military had, since well into the 19th century, been little more than enforcers for world organized crime. He cited his own efforts in the Caribbean and Central America along with America’s role in China under the supposed “Open Door” policy.

Butler’s claim? “I was a gangster for Wall Street.”

But what about today? Governments have always been placed in power to bring about certain events to favor the shadowy power cults that conspiracy theorists only rarely recognize. If you think the CIA or MI6 only rig elections “overseas,” nothing could be more wrong.

But then who is the CIA? What is MI6 or so many other agencies? Do they really exist outside question and oversite, protecting the West from the intrigues of supposed super-villain rulers of nations such as North Korea or Cuba?

The roots of such agencies, for Britain back hundreds of years to the time of William III, the Dutch-born “enforcer” for what would become the Rothschild banking empire and its stranglehold over European currencies.

Germany under Bismarck and the Kaiser resisted, and we saw what happened to them. The US resisted as well, until Jacob Schiff and Paul Warburg “sold” the concept to Woodrow Wilson, under the guise of the Federal Reserve System.

They also sold Wilson a world war as well. Before that, Jacob Schiff personally engineered the Russo-Japanese War and was the “string-puller” that brought about the Spanish American War as well.

You see, certain European-based financial groups, with a very long history, not only created Great Britain as a maritime superpower and “bully-boy” but did so for the United States as well.

Destroying Russia was always at the top of their list and, as the 20th century began its bloodletting, the Warburg family, agents of Schiff, agents of the Frankfurt-Amsterdam-London banking empire of the Rothschilds, played their key role. From The Warburgs: The Twentieth-Century Odyssey of a Remarkable Family, by Ron Chernow:

“Paul Warburg was the only person in America who understood how a central bank works. In 1912 and 1913, he drew up the basic plan for the Federal Reserve banking system, and he drafted the Federal Reserve Act. In December 1913 President Wilson signed the Act establishing the new central bank. If anyone can be called the father of the Federal Reserve Bank, the New York Times has rightly noted, it is Paul Warburg.

The new central bank’s board of governors — which for several years included Paul Warburg — became top-heavy with political appointees whose policy of loose credit set the stage for the Great Depression. America’s economic collapse in the 1930s can be traced to the Federal Reserve’s operation by incompetents and self-serving hacks.

Back in Germany

While Paul Warburg was making America safer for financiers, his older brother, Max, was busy in Hamburg helping finance the construction of Germany’s new merchant fleet through the HAPAG company.

Because the Warburg family fortune was built on financing international trade, Max Warburg naturally sought to encourage the growth of such trade. For the same reasons, international bankers encouraged the removal of tariffs and other trade barriers.”

Our point? Nation-states are ethereal, and national leaders that are little more than “crisis actors” have existed forever.

Instead of developing the tools needed for mankind to develop politically and culturally, history has been turned inside out, with more and more primitive religions and superstitions gaining a stranglehold over larger and larger populations ensuring a new internet-driven “Dark Age.” ( JD Note: Remember this term)


There is little question about what is in store. Those who predict alien invasions tell of mankind being “farmed” by invaders from Mars.

But haven’t we all been “farmed” through a world economy based on fake currencies, overwhelming debt, useless militarism, and wanton consumption of energy and resources that have done nothing to promote the human condition?

Those who blame “vaccines” for all of man’s ills must not look around very much.


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  1. You seem to fault people for attacking Gates and Fauci. What! Are they the good Guys now? Fauci and Gates belong in jail. Fauci for his role in HIV/AIDS and Gates for his record in the Third World.

    • Being as how COVID-19 is a US bioweapon that was first deployed unsuccessfully in China and now, very successfully in the USA, both Gates and Fauci are bit players compared to the fiends who deployed the bioweapon in the first place. Let’s keep everything in perspective, Mike.

  2. This begs the question – would the dissolution of the USA be a good thing or a bad thing?

    But we would be better off in a split if there were some mass migrations – put all the willfully ignorant in the SE (where heat and humidity make thinking difficult anyhow, particularly if the electrical grid goes down and air conditioning with it) so they are not trampling on more reasonable people with a fake Christian theocracy.

    • US Christian Zionists see the the apocalyptic end of the USA as a good thing. That way their warrior messiah will come back to Earth riding on an ICBM to smite the unbelievers, everyone but them. Pastor John Hagee once said that we have nothing to fear from WWIII as it will bring about the second Garden of Eden. At least forty million of these crazies voted for Trump in the last election, which he had to have “won” since he was their ticket to the Rapture. Crazy is as crazy does.

  3. Here’s a simple fact, ReTrumplicans in Congress are ready to nuke the US economy unless Dems can find some way around the filibuster rule. Defaulting on our $28 trillion debt would cause an instant depression and all markets based on the US dollar would tank. Granny wouldn’t get her Social Security check and would be looking for blood to flow in the halls of power. In some ways, this would be worse than WWIII as all faith in government would evaporate into thin air.

    It would be a great time for Israel to stage a redo of 9/11, this time blamed on Iran, that would result in the Samson Option being used, not as a last resort, but as the ultimate goal of the death cult that is Zionism.

  4. Biden could still order closure on illegal, and all other exotic overseas biowarfare projects started by those before him. Wouldn’t that be something that a responsible leader would do? God only knows how Republicans keep winning elections with few million votes behind. That is certainly not a democracy.

  5. ….’wasted words like bullets bark as human gods aim for their mark, make everything from toy guns that spark to flesh colored christs that glow in the dark, it’s easy to see without looking to far to see not much is really sacred”…Dylan….”I have always been to stubborn to ever be governed by enforced insanity”…Dylan….”A warrior is patient”…Don Genaro….

    • Ah yes, and Dylan got his Nobel Prize for poetry, but sent Patti Smith to pick it up and sing the song, Hard rain is going to fall. It was an ‘out of body experience’ to watch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVXQaOhpfJU&t=1s ,This was during his anti-social bit, which the last interview I saw, he is still in it…his nilhilism stage. ‘Nobel prize? …so what.’ He later acknowledged, but then passed on an Obama event for all US Nobel prize winners, confirming Dylan’s current isolation.

    • It’s Alright Ma (“I am only bleeding)….that is the one that hooked me….we tend to get attached to the person who says the words, but the words, if profound enough, stand alone. It may be a tad presumptuous to imagine you know where Dylan is at…..

  6. – Health care system in USA already destroyed itself as based only on profit for insurance companies.

    -. “Central” government already corrupt beyond belief and that’s how they get away with it.
    One example lobbyists for corporations would be thrown in jail in most every other country as people who bribe and corrupt government officials.

    -of blue government response to prevention of mass death and sickness from the next SARS epidemic is introduction of vaccines. No identification or prevention of those involved creating and dispersing the genetic biowarfare poisons into China, then Iran, which then spread around world, still killing, still mutating almost 2 years later now.

    So, expect it to happen again and next time much worse.

    Solution for US population at least:
    Demand all US military bases overseas close down. Money saved goes back to free ultra modern health care for all.
    Trump, Pompeo, Bolton, and the like who instigated the biological warfare attacks into China and Iran arrested and jailed…Guantanamo bay good place to throw them into and don’t mean the prison.

  7. The Division Bell has been ‘Rung !

    Code 19 or C19 — Diluted/Defective Vaccines and 2 Deg Attaks w Delta —

    Has U hittiig it rite square on the naul head !

    –>> this is a llttle off topix ! but the Treasury is stamping a Trillion Dollar Coin.. izz a charming kinda thught where the treasury gets bak in to the buizz they were originally hired for.. ?? so thi sis what ? first time treasury has printed money since kenedy ?

    case in point ! the last grand slammer, to clean out their banks was the Komutang N shanghi when they fled to tapie…

    “?” R we looking at the final assulat on the Beging Wall – where C19 is the cumulinaions of the “Long March ‘

    OTW – Ur correct ! C19 has up-end-ed what minimal capacity tge US had to deal w a large scale bio attak…

    and that was an attak… ! lak of vacines – vaccine complications – re-emergence; “”Yea “” ! the public is scared shitless and very factionalized; they are still americans though ! regardless !

  8. Back on the subject of losing wars against china, see this dumbass article?

    The US must avoid war with China over Taiwan at all cost Lt Col Daniel L Davis (ret)

    Meanwhile the free world is being flushed down the toilet as we check the covid stats, an accelerator of social trends.

    Think of all the dumbass social trends in existence right now, think of the amplification of them all.

    In the old days you could say war, tech innovation, natural disasters like tsunamis/floods/earthquakes, economic depressions, would accelerate progressive expenditure on health/welfare/education/social housing.

    These days you can say as the conservatives in murica and england are ideologically opposed to spending.

    They are in England, committed to running shadowy, oops apocalypse, accidentally on purpose, ‘lets just not act in the face of covid and if we do act late or ineffectively, (especially regarding the common people’s children.)’

    In murica its total denialism in red sates that there is a pandemic plus the pro trump dipshitters in the gop and red states still denying the whole insurrection idiocy.

    You can’t make it up, and like this article says, its england’s and maybe murica’s chernobyl moment, that will bring the curtain down on ‘stupid!

    • Gordon, since all societies must be organized or structured in some way which furthers their continued well being and sustainability, along with as much peaceful happiness as possible, then I would have to say yes, China is the free world. I see them as an all for one, and one for all type society. They have a sense of common purpose and brotherhood, which a nation of wage slaves striving for existence in a dog-eat-dog Mammon owned and controlled world have never known.

  9. The primary reason China kicked out the pope and queen in the same year is basic security.
    We either learn from this or self destruct.

    When was the last time anyone felt pride ? When was the last time it would have been strongly valid to feel pride ?

  10. When God turns his back on a people, the first thing that happens is they lose their mind. A phenomena vastly observed in US / West today. Next, everything these nations touch turns into a failure until all hope disappears and their Sun fades into darkness. Their enemies then become their masters … now suffering brings back soberness – slowly. It may take a few generations and the type of people that may rekindle the awareness of once an unruly people. Then, when you are on your knees God may show His mercy to you again. The Bible actually describes what I said here in detail and how often it happened through the history. But most importantly WHY it happened, because people actually turned away from God.

    • God never turns her back on anyone. She gives life and may step in from time to time to settle disturbances , such as destroying other life for dumb reasons. But it is quite obvious that people kill each other for really bad reasons and nothing happens.
      The problem with the book , is it always leads to cherry picking. Are we to stone adulterers to death ? Have you come as a sword to destroy families ? Dispersion is a direct product of religion. And dispersion is precisely our issue right now. God has nothing to do with it. It is a flesh issue.

    • And god told Moses to take off his shoes because the earth is holy (the story). So, no knowledgable person would ever get on their knees for anything. That is pathetic.
      Level 1.

      And any who ask it, seeks submission to them, instead of imparting strength.

  11. But, but, but… Gordon, what about US evangelicals? They pray for WWIII to happen so that their warrior messiah can come riding in on an ICBM to smite all unbelievers, everyone but them, apparently. 80% of them voted for Trump in the last election and he’s conned them into thinking he actually WON the election! As ReTrumplican, Steve Pearce, from New Mexico put it, “Trump is our president FOREVER and no one can take that away from us.” These are the Rapture-me-outta-here folks who have a hard-on for Armageddon and nothing short of nuclear warfare will get them off.

    • The most easily manipulated among us, are who we are supposed to be protecting. When these are left feeling extracted from the group, it is a security breech.
      Thus, they are targeted first by any who has it in their mind to destabilize. it is childs play.

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