Biden-Putin Considering ‘Eliminating’ Erdogan Over Syria Aggression

Erdogan in continual communication with Trump his war on both the US and Russia


VT:  Sources tell us the Erdogan family made billions selling Syrian and Iraqi oil, based on their partnership with the Erbil/KRG, ISIS and al Qaeda.  

Now Erdogan is moving the world’s heroin business from Afghanistan and providing a new home for the CIA’s drug empire. It gets worse…much worse…

The announcement below from Major General Mikhail Mizintsev of the Russian Reconciliation Center is meant to be a warning. It also demonstrates a degree of coordination between Russia and the US in Syria, based on mutual hatred of Erdogan.

It seems that Trump (through a certain pipsqueak ‘general’) tried to fuck both the US and Russia by playing puppet for Turkey.  VT found a mass of evidence that Turkish intelligence was responsible for Pizzagate/Birther/Jade Helm and now Anti-Vaxx conspiracies and for attacks on the Clintons and so much more.

Russian researchers and political analysts confirmed that the President of the Turkish regime, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, continues the policy of Turkification in the areas he controls in Syria and does not implement agreements and promises in terms of getting rid of extremist groups in Idlib.

These researchers and analysts pointed out that the Turkish regime is working to consolidate the situation it has created in the areas it controls in northern Syria by expelling the indigenous population from their places of residence and homes, housing its loyalists there, imposing Turkish curricula in schools and using its currency in daily transactions, in addition to seizing Syrian government institutions.

The researchers pointed out that the American presence in the Syrian territories is in the interest of the Turkish regime, as well as depriving the Syrian people of their wealth and natural resources.

Victor Nadine Rayevsky, director of the Political and Social Research Institute of the Black Bahrain and Caspian Basin, said that the Turkish regime does not want to carry out the task it has taken upon itself to sort out the extremist groups in Idlib, claiming that they are out of control there.

Hmeimim Central Base / Major General Mikhail Mizintsev
Russian Reconciliation Center
Информканал авиабазы Хмеймим

From the Financial Times

“In his drive to turn Turkey into an indispensable power across the Middle East, north Africa and Central Asia, and to ensure his almost one-man rule is unassailable, Recep Tayyip Erdogan is finding he has less space for manoeuvre than he could wish.

Not for the first time, in recent weeks he has been bumping uncomfortably up against the US, Turkey’s formal long-term ally within Nato, and its episodic ally of convenience, Russia. Erdogan had been buoyed by a string of apparent successes for his muscular foreign policy, defying not just Washington and Moscow but also member states of the EU, to which Turkey is still formally a candidate for membership.

Using drones, militias and mercenaries as well as Turkish forces, he turned the tide of the civil war in Libya (with Russia and France on the other side); helped the Turkic state of Azerbaijan reconquer disputed territory from Armenia (in the Caucasus, which Russia considers its sphere of influence); and is putting down roots in northern Syria in enclaves from which it is pushing back US-allied Kurdish fighters.

Where Ankara sees the rightful assertion of Turkish influence, its Nato allies worry about a neo-Ottoman push for regional hegemony. Their alarm — and Russia’s — has grown as a result of Turkey’s maritime claims to big stretches of the Black Sea, the Aegean and the east Mediterranean, under an expansive doctrine known as “blue homeland” (“mavi vatan”).

Erdogan has shown he can temper his adventurism with pragmatism. He is mending fences with Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt, the three Arab states that blockaded his Gulf ally Qatar in 2017-20 — and who he believes were part of a conspiracy to topple him in the abortive mid-2016 coup in Turkey, alongside the US and some Europeans.”


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  1. I just don’t see where the US is doing anything to upset Erdo. He is their frenemy for all operations in the area. He is indispensable in their plan to continue the chaos in Syria and the immediate area. He is as much an enemy as Bagdadi was. The plan to keep Syria down, extend Israeli reach into Asia for tactical operations and provocations from Ukraine is fully supported by the US/NATO. Russia seems to be trying to play Turkey against the US using economic carrots and subtle persuasion. Then again, is any of it real? After all. Russia still has a central bank controlled by we know who. They were supposed to be getting the Rothschild’s out of their bank, but so far ???. Just as Afghanistan had nothing to do with 9/11, is Turkey really at odds with the US and Russia? Is Russia really fed up with Israel? Is Israel still bombing Syria? Russia knew what Erdo would do in Syria with those observation post/separating good/bad terrorist agreements, as well as what would happen if the US became entrenched in eastern Syria. Why are the SDF still able to steal Syrian oil? Why aren’t tankers/pipelines continually attacked? What price did Turkey pay for their involvement in NK? Seems the whole scenario is meant to prolong the situation.

  2. I shall not be sad to see this Fake Islamic hero on the way out. But in the end, it is a quarrel between the three Zionist puppets. We wait and see the results.

  3. Best thing Biden & Putin can do is to take out the failed Emperor Erdogan in a covert Op without Biden telling his State Department anything about US or Russian involvement. They’d better have a strong General lined up to take over while the failed Emperor’s foot-soldiers take Turkey apart in the immediate aftermath with the General coming down heavily on all of them to restore order. In doing that, the General withdraws from Syria & issues an order to all Turks who moved into northern Syria over the past 10 yrs to get out immediately unless they have a wish to die at the hands of the Syrian Arab Army & Kurd paras. Likewise, Orders to salafist jihadi in northern Syria to get out and go home to wherever they came from with a denial of any further support to them. Meanwhile, Biden stands down the SDF in NE Syria as Russian and Syrian Forces move in and take control.
    One week and the entire Syrian War is over.

  4. Don’t see where Biden wants to “eliminate” Erdogan (assassinate?)
    Nor was it Turkey that turned the tide against Libya in the “civil war” there (there never was a civil war it was an invasion and mass genocide by foreign powers notably the USA and its allies, NATO, and the UN helping out authorizing a “no fly zone”…)
    Maybe Turkish ships bringing in the 250,000 AlQueda highly paid mercenary headchoppers to “mop up”the civilian population was their greatest involvement plus Turkish AlQueda members.
    Also I don’t see opposition from France and Russia, (except recently) in fact Putin not in power then during invasion, his successor for a couple years fucked up and let the west, USA, rich gulf states and NATO roll through and destroy Libya without the usual Russian opposition to invasions and the like (Vietnam, Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela, Georgia, Ukraine, Syria, Iran)

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