Containing China

Guess who motivated China into spending a fortune to upgrade its navy?

Johnny Chinaman is on the march again! (He likes long marches.) PLA Air Force aircraft have stepped up their violations of Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone, Chinese pirate vessels are fishing in Filipino waters, the PLA Navy is very active in international waters in the South China Sea, the genocide against the poor old Uighurs is intensifying and Peking is threatening a takeover of Taiwan.

This comes on top of the ChiCom Covid bioweapon campaign, in which according to official figures they’ve murdered around 4.5 million people. Not quite the Holocaust, but getting there, on the official figures at any rate. You should probably divide the official figures by three but the German propaganda success over Covid death figures has been complete and there is almost no possibility now of public opinion accepting a reasonable death estimate.

The time has come to stand up to China. Chinese fishing boats in Filipino waters need to be arrested, or, should they not submit to boarding, sunk, in a friendly manner of course. The Chinese kingpin Jinping needs to be told in no uncertain terms that the Spratly Islands are British! (It’s all explained in Spyhunter.) That should help with the natural gas crisis.

HMS Richmond

The Royal Navy is doing their bit. In a highly symbolic move, the Type 23 frigate HMS Richmond sailed through the Taiwan Strait last month on a freedom of navigation exercise, upsetting the Chinese Eastern Theater Command. A Chinese frigate followed the Richmond but there was nothing she could do – our brave lads and lasses were going about their lawful occasions, sailing in international waters. I’m sure that former Aussie PM Tony Abbott, who’s been giving typically sensible speeches in Taiwan, took note.

Spratly Islands

Taiwan no more belongs to China than New Zealand belongs to Australia, the Falkland Islands to Argentina, or Madagascar to Mozambique. Taiwan’s defense minister thinks that the commies will be ready to invade within three years. I’m sure that’s about right.

An invasion of Taiwan would of course lead to war, another reason to be making friends with Russia. The obvious way to defeat China is to attack her on all sides, with Russia, India, South Korea, Japan, and Vietnam joining in. Tibet and Manchuria could be liberated, Inner Mongolia united with Outer Mongolia, North Korea reunited with South Korea and we could get Hong Kong back! This would be humiliating for Peking, but then the best way to deal with the Chinese is to humiliate them, as we learned during the Opium Wars. They don’t like it!

Oberon class SSK

Interestingly HMS Richmond was headed for Vietnam. Not many British men’o’war have visited ‘Nam since the war. That’s not a typo, by the way (unlike the typos last week!). The Royal Navy sent some of our excellent Oberon class diesel-electric subs to operate close inshore off North Vietnam during the war, where they were able to monitor North Vietnamese radio communications and radar frequencies.

US destroyers like the Maddox (DD-731) had been doing this vital work, but we all saw what happened after she was attacked in the Tonkin Gulf by three North Vietnamese P-4 class torpedo boats (T-333, T-336 and T-339) on August 2nd, 1964. (There was no attack on August 4th of course, but one attack was enough to start the war.)

Interestingly, given the current anti-Russian hysteria, the first USS Maddox (DD-168), a dear old ‘four-stacker’, was transferred to the Royal Navy in World War 2, as part of the destroyers for bases deal, then to the Soviet Navy in 1944. In September 1952, in the middle of the Korean War, she was returned by the Soviets to Britain. (The four-stackers weren’t part of Lend-Lease, which came later, and were permanently transferred to Britain or Canada.)

HMS Georgetown

I hold no brief for the Soviet Union, but this entirely proper conduct by the Soviet Navy should be applauded. HMS Georgetown, as she had been renamed in Royal Navy service, was no longer of any military value, and sadly she was scrapped the week following her return, but the Soviet Navy did the right thing. She should have been preserved of course, as the last of the four-stackers, with an honorable war record. (She was part of the escort for USS Wasp on her second run to Malta, flying off Spitfires.)

The Royal Navy not only operated inside North Vietnamese waters, there was a famous occasion when one of our subs was rammed by a North Vietnamese warship! You guys were out of the diesel-electric business by then and your nuclear-powered subs drew too much water, and were too noisy, to operate inshore. I suspect that the incident wasn’t referred to when British and Vietnamese naval officers met up for their little drinkies last month.

Boris’s speech

PM Boris Johnson gave a cracking after-dinner speech to the Tory Conference in Manchester on Wednesday. The problem was that no one had had any dinner. Indeed they hadn’t even had lunch. Unless they stayed at the Deansgate Hilton, which from memory does a decent breakfast, they probably hadn’t had a proper breakfast either.

There is no doubt that the PM is a wit. The question many people are asking is whether he’s as..t as well. (I haven’t spelled ‘shit’ out as this is a family website!) Lacking in intelligence, no offense intended, and also lacking in the humility to consult those who do, the government continues to imitate the Roosevelt Administration in the run-up to Pearl Harbor.

Daimler at Durdle Door August 2021

The energy crisis

It’s mostly a gas crisis at the moment, but calling it the ‘energy’ crisis avoids confusion with the petrol crisis, which is still with us, although I was able to top the Daimler up this weekend. She’s a very green car, by the way, with a near 300 HP 4-liter V8 engine, which puts out lots of CO2, helping to green the planet and raise crop yields. (For those of you who are members of British Mensa and may have been confused by my letter in the last issue of their excellent magazine, the editor got into a muddle and thought the Daimler had a small engine!)

Some fresh insights since last week. It looks as though the Cabinet Office timed the petrol (ok, gas!) crisis with the phasing out of E5 gas, which in the name of global warming insanity has been replaced by rubber hose chewing, tank corroding E10. The idea of using E10 on standard grade fuel (thankfully the Daimler runs on 99 octane super, which isn’t going to E10!) is to corrode gas station storage tanks so that motorists have a problem with contaminated fuel, which in turn wrecks the lambda oxygen sensors in automobiles with catalytic converters.

The Cabinet Office is also no doubt hoping that fuel lines in automobiles using E10 will corrode and leak, causing engine fires, although it’s unclear how many British motorists they’re planning to burn to death. (They may get their comeuppance sooner than they think since we could easily switch more refineries to producing AVGAS 100-LL (low lead 100 octanes) and permit low lead fuel to be sold on forecourts for motorists unlike myself who do not have ready access to aviation fuel.)(If E10 comes in for super I’m switching the Daimler to 100-LL, on which it should run a treat, although the catalytic converter will need to be connected up for the annual MOT test.)

With E10 coming most retailers drained their tanks. The panic was perfectly timed. It has also come to light that gas retailers have to pay fuel duty at the point at which the storage tank is topped up, not the motorists. Inevitably this has meant that the UK has very little spare capacity on gas station forecourts.

The EU and Jerry are blaming Russia (yawn!), which is a bit rich given that it’s the Evil Empire that has been holding up approval of the vital Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which will end the Ukrainian veto on natural gas supplies for Western Europe. It’s even richer when you consider that Jerry has apparently been running around sabotaging Russian natural gas installations. This follows the Cabinet Office sanctioned arson attack against the Sellindge Interconnector station in Kent on September 15th, which interrupted electricity supplies from Europe.

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, who’s unlikely to get a destroyer named after him, no offense intended, has been making an idiot of himself over here this week, pushing dodgy Ukrainian arguments against Nord Stream 2. Hopefully, he’s flying home Malaysian, again no offense.

The Polish Constitutional Court

Poland is on her way out of the EU! It’ll take a year or two, but Polexit is now on the agenda after Poland’s highest court with respect rightly rejected the offensive concept of the supremacy of community law. For some odd reason, the judgment is in Polish, so I’m deferring my analysis of this decision until next week.

I’m also planning to comment on the recent landmark decision of the UK Supreme Court effectively ending any prospect of Scotland breaking up the UK and becoming a German client state inside the EU. This has greatly reduced the prospect of another Anglo-Scottish war since the EU would have demanded military bases in Scotland and the arrival of French and German forces north of the border would have triggered the war. The SNP, who still haven’t forgiven Britain for her honorable role in defeating Hitler, are not happy bunnies, and not because they’ve come down with myxomatosis.

The Steele Assassination

Sir Jeremy Heywood

I am sorry to say that it has been confirmed by multiple sources that fellow VT writer Robert David Steele was assassinated on or about August 30th in Florida. Confidence is high. It is not a matter for me of course, but Robert’s murder may trigger the Heywood Protocol, whereby Bad Guys involving themselves in the assassination are themselves taken out.

Sir Jeremy Heywood was of course the German (GO2) asset and Cabinet Secretary who ordered my wrongful arrest in April 2012 and involved himself in the attempted regicide of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The operation was uncovered with my assistance and that of others, including that very fine intelligence officer the late Major-General Igor Sergun, of the GRU, after whom we should be naming schools. (God Bless you Igor, you are not forgotten in my country.)

As regular readers will know Sir Jeremy was very properly terminated with extreme prejudice on November 4th, 2018, using a bioweapon which I gather was kindly supplied by those nice people at Porton Down, although sadly he was given pain relief and did not die in agony, no offense intended, at any rate not in the excruciating agony which he deserved, again no offense intended. I was not of course involved in the termination decision, nor the actual termination itself. Homicide, even of Cabinet Secretaries, is technically against the law in this country and there are limits to which a barrister can involve himself or herself in homicide.

Sir John Chilcot GCB (1939 – 2021)

Sir John Chilcot

I hesitated before mentioning the passing of Sir John because one naturally hesitates to speak ill of the dead. He of course was the lead author of the notorious Chilcot Report on Iraq and was known to be opposed to the perfectly proper decision of the Allies to go to war with Iraq after she sponsored an armed attack on the United States.

I will content myself with observing that he wrote well and that in an organization (the Civil Service) well-practiced in deception, no offense intended, he stood out as one of the most fluent liars it has ever produced. Sir John’s long career working for Germany began when he was assigned in the 60s to the private office of the German agent Roy Jenkins, the man who canceled TSR2.



Regular readers will recall the story – the Cabinet Office wanted to kill off poor little Geronimo, the fluffy alpaca (he was a lot fluffier than Sir John Chilcot, no offense intended), on the specious ground that he had bovine TB (Geronimo, not Sir John). The poor little thing had tested positive, but the tests are apparently about as reliable as PCR tests for Covid.

I suspect that the Cabinet Office just wanted to upset children and animal lovers, a dangerous strategy in a decent country like Britain. Preliminary results from the post-mortem have failed to confirm TB. This is huge and is bound to lead to renewed calls for a full-scale investigation and the resignation of Cabinet Secretary Simon Case. (Obviously, there is a case for sending military vets into the Cabinet Office armed with stun guns and lethal amounts of Ketamine, but of course, we don’t go in for culls in this country, even in the Cabinet Office.)


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  1. We’re at the point where Shrimpy can just unload a steaming sack of BS on VT and never be called on to provide evidence or facts to support his assertions. Let’s see…

    1. ChiCom Covid bioweapon campaign – check
    2. they’ve murdered around 4.5 million people – check
    3. German propaganda success over Covid death figures – check
    4. The obvious way to defeat China is to attack her on all sides, with Russia, India, South Korea, Japan and Vietnam joining in. – check
    5. global warming insanity – check

    Those are just the first 5. Aren’t alternate realities loads of fun, folks?

  2. Well, the greedy queen was very happy when the people of Taiwan set about working for long hours making all manor of things for cheap.

    But , she was also happy to push opium on a massive country with a huge population that have lived alongside their neighbors longer than she can find her own origins. Britain must release their captors, as they have no claim. And crap for wisdom also. And zero morality.

  3. Gimme a break, Shrimpy!!! The Chinese hit the American sub the other day with a UAV (Underwater Assault Vehicle) warning them that they’re getting too big for their britches and risk a lot of hurt provoking China. What’s little England gonna’ do with 2 oversized missle targets masquerading as air craft carriers??? Lizard Lizzy is only prolonging her overstay on the planet and unfortunately for her and her ilk, the old glories aren’t coming back.

    • That would mean the US sub would be moving in the water without its detection equipment on, or the Chinese have stealth nautical drones, the science of which would perplex me. I would imagine that a lot of security entities would be following this quite closely. Being able to have underwater undetectable suicide drones would be a game changer. That said, I might ask “Does everybody have them already hoping they are the only ones.” If they can ‘do’ subs, then can they do aircraft carriers, too.

  4. Long March – Short Britt Memory!

    last time U britts snuk around over there – mao and enlai sailed a few Junks against Ur mity British Destroyers..

    if the then chicom version is correct – they used Mt Cannons below the reach of Ur main guns shooting the finns off !

    they or the britt destroyer; had to stop shelling and hail a cab 4 a quik tow…

    that was pretty much the end of Ur opium raket 4 the queen…

    i suspect if the britts make a staged entry -will B- a short exit w no cab rides down N spratley…

    Next !

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