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[ Editor’s Note: So if pedophilia was rampant in the church, just imagine what it was like among the ‘nice’ people. I mention it because the search for the others must continue, along with asset stripping and imprisonment, something we do not hear much around among the church folks.

And if Boys Town in the US was a ‘grooming’ facility, imagine what the third world could contribute to the toll. The AP story, below the Politico one, is more detailed, and with a 330,000 victim count after adding in the ‘scout leaders and camp counselors’.

With 65 million French, just extrapolate that out to the other countries where the Catholic church spread the disease, and then add in the Protestants, also worldwide, and what the hell, do the number over a 100 year period.

The church specialized in boy victims, 80%, with the regular folks going for the girls, 75%. That makes you wonder what one of the attractions for the priesthood might have really been.

They should have had special prisons for these people. If I could push the magic button I would make it a capital crime, as I am having a meanie dayJim W. Dean ]

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First published … October 05, 2021

The incredible number of 216,000 victims under the age of 18 have been sexually abused by priests and other clerics in the French Catholic Church since 1950, an investigation has found.

The landmark report was released Tuesday morning after 2.5 years of investigation. The independent commission that compiled the report was set up by Catholic bishops in France at the end of 2018.

“You are a shame to our humanity. You have trampled on the obligation of protection of life and human dignity, even though it is the essence of your profession,” said François Devaux, head of the victim group La Parole Liberée (The Liberated Word) in response to the findings.

“You must pay for all these crimes,” he added, addressing church figures in the audience at the public presentation of the report in Paris.

Jean-Marc Sauvé, chairman of the independent commission that compiled the report, explained during the press conference that the majority of victims, around 80 percent, were boys.

“A large number of the victims were aged 10 to 13 years old. Even 11 to 12 years old. These were boys. It’s a clear characteristic of the Catholic church,” said Sauvé, adding that “these numbers are more than preoccupying, they are overwhelming, and in no case can they be left without proper action.”

The Catholic Church, in multiple European countries and the U.S., has been shaken by a flood of allegations that members of the clergy have carried out wide-ranging abuse against minors for years.

You can read the full Politico article here.

…from AP

PARIS (AP) — Victims of abuse within France’s Catholic Church welcomed a historic turning point Tuesday after a new report estimated that 330,000 children in France were sexually abused over the past 70 years, providing the country’s first accounting of the worldwide phenomenon.

The figure includes abuses committed by some 3,000 priests and an unknown number of other people involved in the church — wrongdoing that Catholic authorities covered up over decades in a “systemic manner,” according to the president of the commission that issued the report, Jean-Marc Sauvé.

The 2,500-page document was issued as the Catholic Church in France, like in other countries, seeks to face up to shameful secrets that were long covered up. Victims welcomed the report as long overdue and the head of the French bishops’ conference asked for their forgiveness.

The report said the tally of 330,000 victims includes an estimated 216,000 people abused by priests and other clerics, and the rest by church figures such as scout leaders or camp counselors. The estimates are based on a broader research by France’s National Institute of Health and Medical Research into sexual abuse of children in the country.

The study’s authors estimate 80% of the church’s victims were boys, while the broader study of sexual abuse found that 75% of the overall victims were girls.

You can read the full article at AP here.


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  1. I think it was in 1992’s “Voltaire’s Bastards – The Dictatorship of Reason in the West” that John Ralston Saul wrote that the Catholic Church had fractured into two factions. He wrote that one half has become a “Cult of the Virgin Mary”, and the other half is a “Club for serial child-molesters”.

  2. Those on perimeter defense of the village must be instructed to watch for the following.
    Black robes (very suspicious)
    Man nailed to tree (alert the village and wake the elders)
    Blood drinking in ceremony has been established in all villages ( You have failed)
    Black robes have taken your courts, admin, and presence on every village street corners in center ( You have gone into hiding and must find willing defense)
    Black robes are sexually abusing children with no repercussions from people or state…
    (You have succumbed to defeat and have given the invaders your soul)
    End of transmission.

    Recommendation : Don’t do that. Refer to step one.

  3. Milley : Did not attend.
    Mattis: Did not attend.
    Allen: Did not attend.
    List all officers and enlisted below with the same listing, unless they are on record as strongly verbalizing,… what is listed below, because that is some VERY basic intelligence with zero salary and no commission. Protect the people my ass. Get Busy or return the check.

    How many people are affected at the second or third level ? What does that add up to ? It is the entire country my friend. Nobody has been unaffected. Covid is nothing compared to this, and neither are the russians chinese or taliban. What a bunch of hacks.

  4. How do we grade the security of our children ? Those who are charged with it ?

    Unable to compute grade due to absence. Subject has not attended.

    What is the reason for absence ? No reason given upon interview. Subject seems confused and under strong influence of outside forces based in Rome. Subject is also beholden to monetary interests who are also under influence and in allegiance with the same forces based in Rome.

    That concludes my security report. There will be no further updates.

  5. I routinely see people refer to the US as the mightiest military on the earth.

    I tell you, that is a bold face lie, because we cannot and will not protect our own children from predators. This is not up for debate. So, on the security question we are a massive fail.
    A Fail so appalling, that we cannot protect the most vulnerable among us from the most privileged. That is not a security record I would pay a plug nickel for, let alone the billions we pay. There is much to do,.and our Catholic admin is not going to do it. The people must do it.
    For cryin out loud, even our first Indigenous cabinet member is listed as Catholic. DUMB. FECKLESS. USELESS. We have no security apparatus. We have a trough.

  6. If we use 67 million as the population of France, and 3000 as the number of priests who were caught. In the US we use 350 million as the population and that easily gives nearly 16,000 as the number of priests HIGHLY likely. If 3000 priests produce 330,000 victims, that is 110 apiece. That is not likely. It is far more likely the number of priests is closer to 7 or 8 thousand.
    But, if we use the 110 victims apiece for the low priest number that would be 1 million 760 thousand victims in the US alone. It is higher that that I assure you. And it does not include boy scouts, protestants or school teachers. And for christs sake stop with the politicians, they may have their day, but are not the primary source of this barbarous scourge. Very easy to do the math. The role of the politician is protection. That is where the battle is. UNACCEPTABLE.

  7. Every single study that has ever been done, comes out with a meek figure to placate the opposition which is full of the indoctrinated. They all say the numbers they are presenting are low. SNAP says for every person who comes forward, 8 more do not.
    The question becomes, how many priests have the church turned over to be prosecuted, and how many did they hide ? That disparity gives you the answer to the fundamental question.
    Are they interested in the spiritual health of your community or are they coming to predate on you. If this is still a question in your mind, you may as well show your wallet at the bus station. Any person still wondering has no self defense capability. This is why every species has protectors. Hearts and minds win. And nobody is better at that game than pedo’s. Ask Larry Nassar or the cardinals that have all escaped. Bishops count the money, the cardinals collect. That is the job. Gain territory, power and control. Military.

  8. Sick fucks going to hell and they know it so why not fuck virgin kids on their way there.

    Not all is forgiven.

    Jesus can only go so far and Satan takes over for those heading his way.

  9. In filthy evil Europe pederasty, having sex with kids, was legal after WW2. Look it up. Denmark was one.

    And by the way, the “3rd world” was closer to nature thus closer to how God intended us to live and were therefore better people than materialistic here. You’ve got it all backwards. Since the expulsion of Eden fools think their civilizations are something good when all they are is a farce of a tragedy which exposes how badly things are if God’s laws are not followed. But hey! You’ve got free will and I’ve got eternal life thanks to Jesus the King of Kings so knock yaself out with your backwardness.

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