Congress’ Jan. 6 investigators face an inevitable reckoning with their GOP colleagues

…from Politico

[ Editor’s Note: The Republicans are in double jeopardy on the Insurrection investigation. They were all witnesses like the Democrats to what physically happened with the riot all through to the certification of the election, but some were actually participants.

If the Repubs are too obviously obstructionist, it will generate more anger at their duplicity and hurt them in the polls, especially with the independent swing vote. That is already happening with their dumb move to recast the event as a ‘rally’ with a few bad apples.

All the planning evidence that the FBI is gathering is going to blow that out of the water and make these Repub moves look like obstruction of justice to save their own asses.

I suspect that the documented planning evidence before the event, and then especially all the communications during, is going to sink any plans they have of casting the event as political activity.

I would not want to be standing on the gallows pitching that flimsy duck and dodge as my final defense before the hangman pulls the drop lever.

As for the Democrats, they have to take a line from the Patton movie with him in North Africa, “Be bold, be bold”.

We must set precedents from this event which will make it easier to prosecute any such future events. The door needs to be nailed shut on these election overthrow attempts, and the harshest penalties need to be imposed.

That said, we need much harsher ones than are currently on the books, and we need to eliminate something like someone with six offenses getting reduced to one via the back door of serving them in conjunction with each other Jim W. Dean ]

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“Not a tourist event as one Repub idiot Congressman has claimed”

First published … October 09, 2021

As congressional investigators accelerate their probe of Donald Trump’s 2020 election challenges that culminated on Jan. 6, one thing is clear: All roads run through a handful of their GOP colleagues. And getting those Republicans to testify could get ugly.

…“In order to get at the truth, the committee is going to need to selectively, carefully and precisely target the testimony, documents and other evidence of some of these [lawmakers],” said Norm Eisen, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution who advised the House Judiciary Committee during the first Trump impeachment. “Clearly they’re central.”

…“Strategically it’s smartest to lay the foundation first because you know that every one of those document requests, much less testimonial requests, are going to be hotly contested,” Eisen said. “Certainly the lawyers for these potentially culpable members will be scrutinizing potential legal arguments to make.”

…The question of whether to engage with the select panel is a particularly resonant one for Jordan, the top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee. He made his name as an aggressive conservative investigator when Republicans dug into allegations of impropriety at the FBI and Justice Department during the 2016 presidential election.

At that time, House Republicans fiercely defended the power of the subpoena to compel testimony from executive-branch officials.

You can read the full Politico article here.


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  1. ‘As for the Democrats, they have to take a line from the Patton movie with him in North Africa, “Be bold, be bold”.’
    I read a good article on VT about the General. I recall something about Massachusetts and those devices that control speed.
    It is becoming more obvious with each ‘false flag’ event that it is “we the people” and the citizens of the world who are standing in the gallows stating ‘how were we to know?’ as our flimsy duck and dodge before the ‘hangman’ turns on the gas.

    • Chuck “Israel First” Shumer’s concession “speech” to AIPAC just made me want to puke !
      ” Of course we (Ashkenazis) are the “chosen” people and God gave us all the lands .. etc. . blah blah blah…””
      Who do you work for Chuck ?
      Congress or the Knesset?

  2. The J6 “in-your-face” insurrection makes the Watergate affair look like Captain Kangaroo.

    The “legacy” of Nixon’s ordeal, whatever it was, had a long shelf-life.
    This “insurrection” fiasco should rate not chapters in the law and history books, but complete volumes.
    Washington D.C. is the top Law town, and maybe tops all others with lawyers per-capita? And it probably has more than it’s share of “top” lawyers.
    This trial “should” be one worth selling tickets to.
    Movie producers and script writers are sketching outlines for various plot twists and titles already.

    As I think it was alluded; more than a handful of players in high places are sweating it out right now.

    • “The J6 “in-your-face” insurrection makes the Watergate affair look like Captain Kangaroo.” Amen on that! I remember the Captain, sitting in front of the black and white tv in my PJs, maybe even the ones with feet on the bottom. I thought he ate too much and that the TV station had good food.

  3. First order of business for the House, lock Bannon up now! Glenn Kirschner claims that such immediate incarceration last happened in 1924 and there’s no reason it couldn’t happen today, before he skates off to Israel or under a rock some place. Make an example of him that the others will think long and hard about.

    • Bannon is daring the House 1/6 committee to arrest him. Impunity, thy name is Steve Bannon. I think they should take him up on it.

    • A Christo-fascist like Bannon would never come into power by an election, only by some kind of dominionist military coup, like what Gordon has written extensively about.

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