Editor’s Note: Lebanon is on the mats again with the electric grid down. Houdini did not magically produce a fuel tanker to crank things back up. The interim solutions have complicated logistics and political hurdles to overcome, where hidden hands can throw a monkey wrench into the process.

There was no mention in this story of the hospital situation. They will have their own generators, but with the desperation now with everyone wanting fuel, a truck would seem to be a hijackable item or the army would have to supply an escort.
The banking sector, army, police, etc., certainly are keeping their systems up to supply some minimal services. But at the end of the day, their suffering is part of the cost of the orchestrated geopolitical chaos created by those looking to exploit it, their favorite game.

Beirut is a great place to visit, and for hiring a car and driver to be wheeled around quickly to grab some of the sites, especially the historic ones. VT had a great day in the Beqaa Valley, with Hezbollah drivers no less, as we were going into their territory where having a local guy at the wheel is necessary.

We hope they can come out of their dark tunnel before they become refugees in their own country, as so many others have in the region… Jim W. Dean

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Lebanon’s national electricity grid collapses

from the Washington Post, by Nader Durgham and Liz Sly

Welcome to an average Bierut neighborhood for a single mother with two kids. She was lucky enough to work for an NGO that did grants for talented poor kid students. The scooter she has shows she has a job.

First published October 10, 2020

BEIRUT — Lebanon’s electricity network collapsed on Saturday after the two most important power stations ran out of fuel, leaving private generators as the only source of power.

The state-owned electricity company has been providing citizens with just a few hours of power a day for months, but the total collapse of the national grid will compound the misery of those who can’t afford to run generators and had relied on those few hours.

The outage marks the latest milestone in the unraveling of Lebanon, which is undergoing what the World Bank has described as one of the world’s three biggest financial collapses of the past 150 years.

The banking system was the first to implode in 2019, triggering a 90 percent slide in the value of the currency that has left the government unable to afford fuel, food and medicine imports while plunging millions of Lebanese into poverty.

…Lebanon will need a lot of goodwill from the world for the gas deal to come through, including funding and an agreement from the United States to waive sanctions on Syria so that the gas can reach Lebanon, Fayyad said.

But if it works, the gas supply will prove cheaper and more efficient than the current system, which relies on pricey fuel imports, enabling a big improvement, he said.

“Even if we have a short period of crisis, we hope we can overcome this,” he said.


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  1. All this being done to Lebanon and the world stays mute just like the world lost its ability to speak when it comes to Yemen, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, and the list goes on.
    Does the UN serve any useful purpose ?

    • It’s main customer is itself. The founding documents have no punishment provisions for wayward members, like for sponsoring state terrorism, so they can’t even kick anyone out, no matter what they do, or even suspend their voting or attending the UN annual meetings, etc. It gets the relief work dumped onto it, and then everybody does whatever they want, if they have the juice to defend themselves.

  2. When Israel nuked Beirut on August 4th they also nuked Lebanon’s economy. This was intentional, to keep the port of Beirut from ever becoming the Mediterranean terminus of China’s new Belt and Road Initiative. That will now be Haifa instead. Ever the opportunist, once Israel brings down the USA as Netanyahu said they would back in 1990, Israel will try to become the parasite of a different world power. Won’t work, though. China isn’t afflicted with the suicidal death wish that we are, so-called Christian Zionism.

    • It was Israel’s move to put Hezbollah back on its heels in terms of any near term problem from them with Lebanon totally focused on daily survival, so any thinking of retaking the Golan Heights, or any offense against Israel was a pipe dream. And they also did it very inexpensively, an incredible efficient operation, two weapons. And as always, the media cooperated on a full lockdown on what happened, even supporting the silly claim of fertilizer, which cannot ‘burn or explode’, as it says on the warning label, being the cause. To date no one with a reputation to lose has challenged our reporting or invited us to present it to an official body. As Gordon does so love to say, ‘Welcome to how the work really works’.

    • Impunity, thy name is Israel. They know that our Zionist MSM will never ever tell the truth about their false-flag nuclear attacks on both Lebanon and the USA.

    • China has some advantages. When the Zionists defend their crimes by bleating about Antisemitism™, The Persecution of the Jeẉs™, and The Holocaust™, the Chinese can rightfully say “we had nothing to do with that”. It is also nearly impossible for them (unlike Europeans, since Ashkenazi Jeẉs are Europeans) to be infiltrated by crypto-Jeẉ Zionist 5th columnists.

  3. 2 days ago talked to a Lebanese medical student working in coffee shop in Minsk Belarus.
    He worked for red cross when the Beirut port blew up.
    He has scar on head where glass hit him.
    He said everyone heard the jets.
    He said “something” blew up the “chemicals in storage” 100% sure.
    I told h I’m it was an Israeli mini nuke bunker buster and they suspected Hezbollah missles stored in underground storage there plus two years ago Netamyahu pinpointed that exact location in speech with map.
    He agreed Israel has the motive.
    He said Lebanon right now has worst financial crises in world.
    He said they are being squeezed by threats from both Hezbollah and Israel,
    He says the US sanctions ruining everything in Lebanon.
    He says people in USA have no idea what’s going on in Lebanon because blinded by their Israel support.
    Not his exact words but just if it.
    Same time he is no fan of Hezbollah
    Smart guy very nice person wants to be transplant surgeon! Hope he does well in his future I am sure he will.

    • Just like in the USA it’s hard for someone to come to harsh realization that their city, their country just got nuked by Israel, and Israel has it all set up to ” blame the victims” of the nuke attack.
      Victims from 911 were Iraqi and Afghan population, in Lebanon victims of that nuke attack to be blamed for it are Lebanese population and their government for “allowing” Hezbollah to operate within their borders, not that anyone can do anything about it – but that’s who gets punished and blamed for it whenever Israel does a nuclear attack -the victims of the nuclear attack.

    • People in the USA are blind to what is happening in Lebanon since most of them could not find it on a world map, even one with the countries labeled with the English usage names.

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