Marine who criticized U.S. handling of Afghanistan withdrawal will plead guilty, seek favorable discharge

…from the Washington Post

[ Editor’s Note: It looks like Scheller is going for the best deal he can to save some of his benefits after he jumped of a cliff by criticizing the military command over the highly politicized Afghanistan withdrawal, where frankly who gives a crap what he thinks.

He should have known that suicide bombing in Afghanistan is uncontrollable. The evacuation was going on under great pressure to move fast to get as many people out as possible.

Those Marines detailed for doing a quick frisking of everyone going into the airport were the tip of the spear magnet for a suicide bombing. They were smart enough to know this. It was tough duty. Welcome to the military in a dangerous situation.

It wasn’t Scheller’s call about what was right or wrong on the Afghanistan withdrawal, and military people get court martialed all the time for a lot less than what he did.

This was not one of McNamara’s below 40 IQ morons from the Vietnam days, but a highly educated and trained Marine Colonel.

Republican politicians have moved in quickly with the Pipe Hitter Foundation putting up $2.2 million as a defense fund, seeking an honorable discharge. That makes this a more delicate situation for the Marines JAG command in the Friday scheduled hearing that a special insider deal might be in the works.

If Scheller ends up on the Trump campaign trail afterwards, we will then know. I would bet my money know that that is what will happen. The Republican dark money will cover any benefit losses he incurs, and he will be able to criticize the command as much as it wants, maybe even running for Congress.

As Gordon does so love to say, “Welcome to how the world really works.”… Jim W. Dean ]

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First published … October 10, 2021

A Marine officer whose viral videos criticizing senior officials for how they withdrew from Afghanistan created a political uproar will plead guilty to several charges and seek a discharge that allows him to keep some military benefits, one of his lawyers said on Tuesday.

Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller is scheduled for court-martial at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina on Thursday, and faces charges that include disrespect toward superior commissioned officers, willfully disobeying a superior commissioned officer, and dereliction in the performance of duties.

He burst into public view in August when, in the immediate aftermath of a suicide bombing that killed 13 U.S. troops and about 170 Afghans, he posted a video while in uniform questioning why no senior leader had admitted making mistakes in how the withdrawal was carried out.

One of Scheller’s attorneys, Tim Parlatore, said in a phone interview that he could not yet get into the specifics of a pretrial agreement because some of the details are “still up in the air.”

But he said the case began with Scheller demanding accountability from others, and it would “make him a hypocrite” if the Marine did not accept responsibility for his own actions.

The Marine hopes to avoid jail time and secure either an honorable discharge or a general discharge under honorable conditions.

You can read the full Washington Post article here.


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  1. This dude is posturing for a lucrative career as a ReTrumplican. He’s do or say anything that keeps his name in the public eye, like this phony court-marshal. To a true-believer, truth is anything you have to say to advance your cause: that Trump won the election, that the Dems are a bunch of pedophile baby-eating communists, anything. Trumpsters will lap this stuff up and come out in droves to vote for you.

    • He seems to have been looking at some of the officers going into Congress, often with movie star good looks. The Repub party love them as anyone opposing them can be tagged as ‘anti-military’. The defense industry loves them as they will vote for every pork barrel military expenditure they see, figuring that give them a lock on the veteran vote in their district.

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