Editor’s Note: VT readers are well versed about this slow-motion train wreck, as we all watched it day by day where the stupidity of a significant segment of the American population was put on display for the world to see, and the Chinese especially to laugh at.

Trump weaponized Covid from the get-go after divulging to Bob Woodward that he had been briefed that it was highly contagious. His motivations were twofold, to not let the pandemic kill the economy which would hurt his reelection chances, which he was desperate to win to maintain his presidential immunity for another four years and grift his way out of his financial problems.

He crowed for some time about ‘his’ wonderful vaccine, when most of the work had been going on for two decades via the two presidents before him and countless government agency personnel, without including the international collaboration on SARS viruses.

To that, we could add the Trump political virus where he infected the nation via The Steal con as a last-ditch effort to retain his immunity by staying in office. He now continues his string of felonies with his obstruction of justice in the January 6th House committee investigation.

Behind this backdrop, the ‘Insurrection’ continues on with the Trump seditionists moving heaven and earth to move their people into key state election slots so they will be able to ‘fix’ all future elections by having Trumper controlled legislatures throw their elections to Trump Republicans. Meanwhile, our totally out-of-date judicial system rolls on at its usual snail’s pace to the cheers of the insurrectionists who are betting they will win rigged elections in 2022 and 2024 and strangle the Trump investigation from that point forward. Thus ends my cheery missive for today… Jim W. Dean

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Vaccination could have prevented 90,000 deaths over four months, study says

First published October 14, 2021, From the Washington Post

Approximately 90,000 covid-19 deaths could have been avoided over four months of this year if more U.S. adults had chosen to be vaccinated, according to a study published Wednesday, as the disease caused by the coronavirus became the second-leading cause of death in the United States.

The estimate by researchers backed by the Peterson Center on Healthcare and the Kaiser Family Foundation focused on deaths of U.S. adults from June 2021 — when the report says coronavirus vaccines became widely available to the general public — through September.

But around half of those preventable deaths occurred in September because of the spread of the more contagious delta variant, easing of social distancing rules, and the lower vaccination rate among younger adults, according to the study.

In September, covid-19 was the leading cause of death for adults ages 35 to 54, while it was the second-most common reason for mortality among the larger population, even when including data for children under 15, the study showed.

“The overwhelming majority of covid-19 hospitalizations and deaths continue to be preventable,” the authors said.

Deaths and hospitalizations are declining in the United States, according to The Washington Post covid-19 tracker. New daily cases had decreased by 12 percent in the past week, while deaths had declined by 7 percent.

You can read the full Washington Post article here.


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  1. Treatment Kits Around The World..
    No problem to any one using that kit…
    Except USA_CANADA…They know better!..Right?!
    Get the real info…if you are human..

  2. Robert Can’s comments have been removed for spamming and insanity. His log in is being cancelled. We will never allow this in the comment boards. Dear Robert, set up your own website and invite the world and see what happens. Good luck to you sir…The managing editor.

  3. He is an ex-president fighting a long list of pending criminal charges, and a liquidation bankruptcy. And he was clever enough to see his Trumper base could keep him afloat financially if he could stay in the political game. The big mystery now is who are the powers that are using him to do all the nasty things ‘they’ don’t want to have on their resumes, where if he pulls off the election rigging scam they can pray for his fatal heart attack and just step into the ready made pretenda-democracy.

  4. How do you “weaponize” something that was a US bioweapon to begin with, Jim? Trump, for all of his angles, is small potatoes compared to the fiends who deployed this bioweapon in the first place. Yes, his motivations were always suspect, but according to the Times of Israel, he was warned back in November of 2019 that COVID-19 would be first deployed in China and then in the USA as a “fundraiser.” That fundraiser was the $6+ trillion giveaway to the banksters and the big corpse that happened in the spring of 2020. No doubt his Kosher Nostra pals were first in line for the free money.

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