Fired FBI official Andrew McCabe wins retirement benefits and back pay in settlement

…from NPR

[ Editor’s Note: Not only Trump, but everyone involved in this political lynching of McCabe, done of course as a public example of what could happen to anyone crossing Trump, should be punished.

The Trump revenge on McCabe has boomeranged. He not only has his benefits reinstated but also has a proven case to go after the other malefactors that did Trump’s bidding. Now it is time to make a public example of them to show the Trumper lynch mob that there are consequences for one’s actions.

Right now they are operating that they can get lost in the large maga crowd and never be noticed as long as they don’t attack the Capitol and then put videos of it up on the internet.

We had one of those idiots this week, an uber Koolaid drinker, who wanted to grab the spotlight by defending himself in a hearing, showing that he could ‘stand up to the man’, but then confessed to something else he did and was rewarded with an additional charge.

Marines call this ‘being too stupid to breathe’, and a waste of oxygen. In a way, they are perfect followers to have, as they will swallow whatever con you run on them. And even better, they donate money, which to Donald that makes them gods…behind him of course… Jim W. Dean ]

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Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe

First published … October 15, 2021

The Justice Department has agreed to restore full law enforcement benefits and provide some attorney fees for former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who was fired by the Trump administration only hours before his retirement three years ago.

The settlement will resolve a civil lawsuit filed by McCabe, who argued that his ouster was the result of a “years-long public vendetta” driven by the former president.

The Justice Department demoted and then dismissed him on the eve of his 50th birthday in March 2018, when his FBI annuity would have vested.

“I think the message that you get loud and clear from the terms of the settlement is that this never should have happened,” McCabe said. “It feels like complete vindication because that’s what it is.”

A day after the dismissal, Trump tweeted that it represented “a great day for the hard-working men and women of the FBI – A great day for democracy.” Earlier, Trump had pushed the bureau to “clean house” and urged authorities to take action against McCabe before his planned retirement.

One of McCabe’s attorneys at the time said a senior Justice Department official told him the department was making things up as it went along. Correspondence among the FBI, the Justice Department and the inspector general obtained through the Freedom of Information Act and other means suggested a race to get rid of McCabe under pressure from the White House.

You can read the full NPR article here.


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  1. Yeah, half measures will get them the “Trump Treatment.” But more serious acts could wake sleeping dogs of justice to be a wolf pack. That kind of thinking was what made the hillary crew blunder into criminality. She was sure to be elected so give them the full Monty. Always better to play the cards that skirt the grey zone to avoid disaster from some unexpected bad turn. Whether Trump actually avoided going outside safe forms of politics has not yet seen a ultimate conclusion and his Hugh cout appointees will most likely be the ones who decide. So don’t count on any surprise conviction.

    • There’s no way Trump became President without being in “the club.”
      He’s playing his part, and he will skate clean.
      If he’s dealt with too severely, it will show the next would be dictator there’s no point in taking half-measures, because failure will get him the “Trump treatment.”

    • Prosecutors want to make sure they know everything they can know, which can be something that happens now that will confirm something suspected in the past. They also want to have insiders testify as to intent, so they drag it out looking for an affiliate being convicted of something who will reveal info for a lighter sentence.

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