Supported Ruskie Dictatorship: DOJ Official faces Prison for backing Commie Trump Coup


According to a report from the Guardian’s Peter Stone, former assistant attorney general and high-ranking Justice Department official Jeffrey Clark is facing the very real threat he will be disbarred and face criminal charges for assisting Donald Trump in his attempts to subvert the 2020 presidential election.

Clark is accused of working hand in hand with the former president in his efforts to compel former acting attorney general Jeffrey Rosen to pressure Georgia election officials to change the vote totals in the state and hand its Electoral College votes to Trump.

Following an eight-month inquiry by congressional investigators, the Senate judiciary committee churned out a damning 394-page report that led committee chairman Dick Durbin (D-IL) to refer it to the DC bar’s disciplinary counsel to investigate Clark and discipline him appropriately — including career-killing disbarment.

That same Senate report has also been submitted to the House select committee investigating the Jan 6th Capitol riot as evidence against Trump.

According to one former DOJ inspector general, the evidence against Clark is both damning and presents a compelling case for criminal charges.

“It’s no mystery why Clark is playing hard to get with Congress,” Michael Bromwich explained to the Guardian’s Stone. “He faces a meaningful threat of criminal liability based on the facts contained in the Senate report.”

“The Senate report provides overwhelming evidence that Jeffrey Clark became a witting pawn of Trump’s in trying to launch a coup in the justice department, which would then serve as the launching pad for the broader coup whose aim was to overturn the results of the election,” he added.


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  1. Dont see any “communist” or “Russkie” connection here.
    I would never describe Trump as a communist, and not a Russian either.
    Fucking young boys and girls makes him a goddam pervert and he should be in jail,

    If he was convictedin Russia and put in Russian jail for all the minors he raped , then that could maybe qualify him as a Russian however, as he would never be released from a Russian jail and back into any society after being convicted – that is in Russia at least.

    in USA however, if convicted he wouldnt get jack fucking shit, and would continue doing whatever he wants to do, since he is a rich fucking asshole and in USA rich fucking assholes do whatever it is that pleases them, and if caught raping or sex traffucking minors, they will hire lawyers to first threaten victims, and eventually BLAME the victims too (example Epstein, Trumps fuckbuddy)
    Its the American way! Certainly is not the Russian way.
    Russians dont really care for any sort of bisexual egotistical bombastic Rush Limbaugh kid fuckers you know.
    Russian society now is Orthodox Christian. Not commumist, and not a dickpotatorship like Trump and his followers enjoy.

  2. “Ruskie Dictatorship”, “Commie Trump Coup”! That says it all! And where are “Nazi-Commies”, “cultural Marxists”, you should also mention them! Oh, I forgot lefties!

    • HASBARA talking points.
      The “lefties” gave you away.
      A lot of us read Haaretz:
      “Hasbara has morphed into HASBARA Cyber Terrorism”

  3. “Jeffrey Clark became a witting pawn”
    Usually one sees “witting” used with a qualifier as in quick witted, dim witted or unwittingly.
    Seeing it used alone, casts a whole new perspective on its meaning.

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