Gas prices dropped by 6% in Europe after Russian President Vladimir Putin directed Gazprom to increase its EU gas supplies.

…from Al Mayadeen 

[ Editor’s Note: VT has editorialized that Russia always wanted good relations with the EU because it was good business. It also helps keep the peace, as exporters do not find killing their customers to be good for business.

Before the sanctions silliness got cranked up, there was a good balance where Russia was importing $100 billion of goods from the EU, and its gas sales to the EU of $100 billion balanced that out as a win-win for both.

But that was before the US decided that good commercial relations between Russia and the EU was not a good thing for the US banksters, gangsters and eventually our gas producers who wanted to penetrate the EU market, which was already adequately serviced.

As Western EU countries’ gas production was trending toward zero production, the US wanted to make sure it could be a future supplier to help stem the long running red ink of our trade imbalance with the EU.

The next phone call on the US side goes to the Military-Intel people, the offensive game folks, to cook up a plan to put the stink on Russia to create instability with what at the time was good relations with the EU.

And then a few years later, of course totally just a coincidence, the US helps stage a coup in Ukraine, knowing that Russia would intercede to protect the southwestern vastly Russian speaking region of the country, which included Crimea.

Under international law, when a legal government is overthrown, former sections of the country have a right to not accept the illegal government brought in via force.

Putin responded, doing exactly what the US and NATO knew he would do, protect the ethnic Russians that the Ukrainian rebels were threatening to wipe out.  And then surprise, surprise, the EU sanctioned Russia for ‘aggressive actions’.

Now we will sit back and see how the Western racketeers try to spin this, perhaps as some covert form of Russian aggression to entrap the EU as continued gas customers. But here is something to consider.

Did Putin insist the EU drop its sanctions before he opened up the gas lines to kill the high price surge? No, he did not. He is not stupid.

He did what was in his best economic interest, to continue doing what he always has been doing on gas exports, which is to be a 100% reliable source, and that included not letting political tension upset the apple cart… Jim W. Dean ]

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Poor leadership in the EU and US on the contrived gas wars with Russia will have the whole world paying higher energy prices at a time when the world economy does not need that

First published October 29, 2021

European gas prices dropped Thursday after Russian President Vladimir Putin directed Russia’s natural gas company to increase its gas supplies to European storages.

Europe’s gas prices have been at an increase for weeks now during high Asian demand catalyzed by economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and the European Union’s expended stocks following a cold winter.

According to trading, gas prices in Europe dipped by 6% in the morning trade, reaching a low of less than $1,000 per thousand cubic meters.

Gas prices in the old continent had dipped by 3% on Wednesday, bringing them down to $1,014.8 per thousand cubic meters after the Russian leader directed the major natural gas company to up its output to Europe.

Putin told Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller to finish filling Russian storages by November 8 and then “start to gradually increase the volume of gas in your underground storage facilities in Europe – Austria and Germany.”

During a televised meeting with energy officials, Putin said this timeline would enable Gazprom to fulfill its contractual obligations to supply European partners with gas in the autumn-winter period.

The scheduled supplies would create “a more favorable situation in the energy market in Europe as a whole,” the Russian president said.

Putin had previously expressed his country’s readiness to help its neighboring continent out of its energy crisis, and this action is an enactment of his pledge.

European foreign ministers held an emergency meeting on Tuesday as globally surging energy prices are putting the European Union’s energy market on the line. The meeting saw 11 EU member states rejecting ‘deep-rooted reforms to the market,’ an action proposed by Spain, France, and Germany.


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  1. I will insert my five cents while on vacation in Belarus)
    So: the Russian Federation has gas that has been supplied to Europe for many decades. Precisely as a Swiss watch. Politics has become the spearhead of the economy. Russia has never blackmailed its customers, gas consumers in Europe. We have a lot of gas, and if they stop buying it, what should we do with it? I personally participated in the construction of this Nord Stream -2. In the impassable marshes of the Vologda region, my team has welded about 100 joints (manual welding). This is a serious project, expenses. Gas wells can’t be shut off like a faucet in a bathroom with water. But, alas, the project has become politicized… But personally, I am sure that I shed sweat and blood for a reason while building this pipeline!

    • Hi Andrew
      I am in Minsk Belarus now, with wife and family living it up avoiding corona virus! haha not funny.
      Belarus has always been “white Russia” you never see many minorities or africans or arabs, all white Russian people here at least in Minsk strange for me to being used to big mix of Indians, Blacks, Mexicans, Asians in Seattle.
      Anyways if you go to city center with that big nice park and water, check out the “Galleria” shopping complex….now SO MANY Iraqis, Iranians, Khazikstanis, etc.they always travel in groups of three or four dont blame them I would be scared too the police here scary with their big hats and sticks.
      I guess they have the 30 day free visa (suspended for Americans!) our taxi drivers said he doesnt like to pick up these guys since they all want to go to the borders!
      I think they are going to be massed on Polish, Ukraine, Lithuanian borders on purpose…most all of these guys carrying black plastic bags given to them by some organization, looks like full of blankets or something. I dont know. Strange something is going on…Dont say anything bad about the president here! Anyways have fun dont waste all your money in casinos haha…I am going back to Seattle Dec 1 with wife via Turkey only way in or out for me…Russia wouldnt give me transit visa to get through moscow airport since American!

  2. As sidenote, Putin KNOWS exactly what happened on 911.
    He is not going to tell the world he knows that would be more than stupid.
    If he knows and Israel knows he knows and then if he tells world he knows thats grounds for Israel to covertly nuke some Russian cities too.
    Speaking the truth can get your cities nuked by Israel OK!
    Meanwhile he has let Israel know exactly what will happen to their population of superior breeding (nazis!) should Israel try the same thing as they did in New York on Russian soil.
    Thats the nutshell of the Russian-Israel romance.

  3. “Before the sanctions cranked up, there was balance. Russia was importing $100 billion from EU, and gas sales to EU of $100 billion balanced out as a win-win for both.”

    Fair trade is good for all, but the robber barons.

  4. Getting back to the topic at hand, you have to wonder what the big fear is of Russia and Germany finally dealing with each other with cooperation and mutual respect? We are, after all, the AngloZionist Empire bent on domination and exploitation since forever. Russia has been on the receiving end of this aggression for centuries. Maybe it’s time for the Empire to change and the USA to become a normal nation that works for a living and pays its bills… Nah, double down, bring our nukes right up to Russia’s borders. Challenge them in Ukraine and Syria. Attack Iran and start WWIII. That’s what the Zionists have prayed for all along.

    • Closer to home, the Russians have made it very clear to neocons like Victoria “f-ck the EU” Nuland that they will tolerate no nonsense in Ukraine. Putin is obviously beholden to the Russian Kosher Nostra just like Trump was, but he’s not going to let Zionism make advances in Mother Russia.

    • Last time I looked the Russians have never overtly stood up to Israel, that we know of. When the Zios used the Russian signals monitoring place as a screen for an aerial missile launch attack on Syria, Putin sucked it up. When the US assassinated the Iranians, who were officially diplomats, Iran sent a message that such things have consequences. The US and the military were forced to cover up the deaths. It was a long night for Trump, where no communications went out until the cover story had been carefully constructed.

  5. Hi Mihail
    Breakthrough cases spiking because vaccinations do not prevent one getting infected (or again) …pr spreading it after being infected.
    It’s still the same as two years ago in that an incubation period of maybe 14 days occurs before symptoms erupt, during that period highly contagious.
    But what vaccinations prevent and were designed to prevent were people dying from it, if they catch it, also prevents trips to the hospital for month long stays. So look at new death rates in Massachusetts use that as indicator if vaccines helpful or not. Worldometer says 6 new deaths but that Sept 26 maybe you are right two weeks from now new deaths jump to 100 a day. If so you would have to lose faith in vaccines as looks like the mutations will leap frog past any new vaccine formulas they might make to battle the new mutations. Really we are all fucked it’s not the flu – where getting it means you don’t have to worry about getting that strain again. It’s a US military bioweapon used on China and Iran “inadvertently” spread worldwide rapidly mutating as it spreads. Vaccines only tool they have to combat it . If this one one loses it’s punch they need to make another. Have faith God will straighten it out but why would God help human race anymore after raping and poisoning planet plus their many souls as well.

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