Sturgeon Smacked!

Nicola Sturgeon

Nicola ‘von’ Sturgeon has been given a severe smack by the United Kingdom Supreme Court! In an astonishingly correct judgment, no offense intended, the Supreme Court has struck down two purported acts of the Scottish Parliament, seeking to incorporate two silly treaties, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the European Charter of Local Self-Government. Each measure, purportedly passed in March, amounted to a calculated attack upon the Sovereignty of the Imperial Parliament at Westminster.

Unsurprisingly the Attorney-General and the Advocate-General for Scotland asked, as was their right, for a reference to the Supreme Court under section 33(1) of the Scotland Act 1998, the silly piece of legislation, no offense intended, which created the Scottish Parliament. Of course when Tony Blair pushed this nonsense through he envisaged that Labour would have a near permanent majority in the new assembly.

He reckoned without the SNP, the German-sponsored neo-fascist Scottish nationalist party, which under the guise of ‘independence’ wants to make Scotland a German client-state inside the EU. It is now clear that SNP activists helped place the IED which sank the mighty battlecruiser HMS Hood in 1941. The SNP were desperate to see Nazi Germany defeat Britain in World War II.

HMS Hood

Presumably, like German clients in Europe such as Marshal Petain, they would have been happy for Scottish Jews to be rounded up and sent to death camps. There are echoes of this in the SNP government’s attitude to Israel. They wrapped themselves in the swastika in World War II and deserve to be excoriated for it.

HMS Hampshire

Intriguingly, it now looks as though German assets in Scotland helped the German Secret Service agent Fritz Duquesne plant an IED aboard the armoured cruiser HMS Hampshire, chosen in 1916 by the government (not the Navy) to take Lord Kitchener to Russia, presumably on the basis that she was old, slow and expendable. Put another way Scottish forerunners of the SNP tried to help our community partner the Kaiser win World War I.

Fritz Duquesne

As an aside I should point out that the wreck of the Hampshire was discovered some years ago, off the west coast off Marwick Head in the Orkney Islands. It has been tampered with, probably by Jerry, and there’s no sign of the alleged mine laid by U-75. A mine would have detonated, by definition, but the heavy base and cable should have survived.

The Supreme Court citation is Reference by the Attorney-General and Advocate-General for Scotland [2021] UKSC 42. The judgment was unanimous and given by the President, Lord Reed, who with respect is surprisingly intelligent for a senior judge and even more surprisingly a good lawyer. (Normally good lawyers are weeded out in the appointments process, which is controlled from the Cabinet Office.) There are only two mistakes in the whole judgment, although I suppose they could have come from Lord Sales.

The mistakes of course are in the application of section 3 of the Human Rights Act 1998, which cannot affect any post-1998 statute and in relation to the notorious European Communities Act 1972. With respect Parliament didn’t give up its sovereignty as the Supreme Court alleges. I fact-checked that claim during the Metric Martyrs litigation. The 1972 act only achieved its passage through Parliament after solemn assurances from the Law Officers that the courts would respect any post-72 statute which conflicted with community law.

The Scottish Parliament, unlike the British Parliament, is not sovereign. It can’t even sentence anyone to death, not even nicely, not that the Westminster Parliament has sentenced anyone to death recently. They’ve even taken the assassination of Sir David Amess lying down, clearing the way for further MPs to be murdered. (Sir David’s alleged killer, Ali Harbi Ali, is being tried in the ordinary courts, who can only sentence him to life.) The CPS lie machine, desperate to preserve GO2’s ability to take out MPs at will, are already pitching the lone wolf nonsense.

As a creature of statute the Scottish Parliament can only act within the four corners of the powers given to it by Westminster. Since the Westminster Parliament retains full legislative competence for Scotland one of the things that the Scottish Parliament cannot do is to tie the hands of Parliament, directly or indirectly. As the Supreme Court held that is precisely what they tried to do with these two bills.

The sensible thing would be for the UK to withdraw from the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. It has caused endless problems with immigration control and has encouraged parents in the Third World to dump their kids in the UK. Since many of them unfortunately do not survive the journey here, the Convention is hardly in their interest.

Indeed the UK should withdraw from the UN itself. Like the equally disastrous League of Nations, it’s been controlled from the beginning by German intelligence. It’s no surprise that more people have been killed in wars since 1945 than during World War II itself. The catastrophic failure to close down German intelligence at the end of the war, combined with the desperate inadequacy of Western institutions, has led to decades of conflict since, with the poor old West usually taken by surprise.

Indyref 2

Basically the Supreme Court has fired a shot across Nicola Sturgeon’s bows. Any attempt to hold a referendum without the British government’s consent is likely to be struck down. The risk of UDI, followed by civil war, was and remains a fundamental problem with devolution, one reason why I have always opposed it.

There was always a chance that nutty nationalists would use the new regional assemblies as a platform for UDI. The good news is that Sturgeon’s wild talk of illegal UDI has ended the cross-party consensus in favor of devolution. Hopefully the Scottish Parliament and equally fatuous Welsh Assembly, no offense intended, will be abolished.

As it happens the poll numbers for ‘independence’ have nosedived. It’s now clear that there would be a hard border between Scotland and England, hurting the Scottish economy. Scottish citizens would probably need a passport to go to Britain and vice versa. Like all new applicants to the EU, Scotland would have to join the euro, meaning higher interest rates for Scottish borrowers over the long term.

Of course Scotland inside the EU would be no more independent than the Isle of Wight. At least 75% of Scottish laws and regulations would be made in Brussels. Essentially the SNP want Scotland’s laws made as far away from Scotland as possible with the least possible input from the Scottish people. Given that they see the Scots as mere pawns in the centuries old battle between first France and then Germany against England this makes sense.

The polls of course only record the opinions of Scots living in Scotland. Some 800,000 Scots live in England and yet more in Northern Ireland. There is no obvious reason why they should be denied a vote on balkanizing the UK.



Their lack of concern for the Scots is reflected in the incompetent way in which the SNP govern. They have been humiliated by a plague of rats in Glasgow ahead of this week’s pointless COP26 climate conference, which will see a series of lesser world leaders competing with each other to see who can make the silliest and least scientific pronouncement. Hopefully a number of the delegates will be bitten by rats.

At least the threatened rail strike has been bought off, with the promise of a COP 26 bonus to rail workers. The conference will be an even greater waste of time than this weekend’s G20 meeting in Rome. As I have observed many times before on these pages, man’s influence on the climate is so small that it can scarcely be measured. Global cooling will continue for a few years yet, thanks to reduced solar activity.

The Queen, sensibly with respect, has pulled out, along with President Putin and the Chinese dictator Xi. The American dictator Joseph Biden sadly is coming, although whether he’ll know which country he’s in is a matter for debate. The fact that he believes in global warming is not a great advert for the hypothesis of course. Global warming is for autistic schoolgirls, flat earthers, world leaders and other stupid people, no offense intended.

The fish war

Still miffed by Brexit, France’s President Macron, the most irritating French leader since Napoleon, no offense intended, has launched a fishing war with Britain. The Frogs, again no offense intended, seized a British trawler, the Cornelis Gert Jan, which was fishing lawfully in French waters. They have also threatened to cut off Jersey’s electricity supply, seemingly oblivious to the fact that the boys in St Helier never decommissioned La Collette Power Station.

Cornelis Gert Jan

La Collette is mainly diesel but also has a Rolls-Royce Olympus (J67) gas turbine, which I suspect they got off a decommissioned frigate, or possibly one of our Invincible class carriers. Originally a Bristol design and powerplant for the mighty Avro Vulcan V-bomber the Olympus in its various guises has been around for a long time. The station can knock out around 80MW, which should keep the kettles boiling in Jersey.

The French of course aren’t bothered by the prospect of higher CO2 emissions from Jersey. Macron may be President of France but he’s not stupid, well not completely stupid anyway. He’s perfectly well aware that human CO2 emissions are irrelevant.

La Collette Power Station

So far as we can tell Macron isn’t trying to start an Anglo-French war, which would be the first full-scale war between the two countries since 1815. It would effectively be a world war, given that both Britain and France retain overseas colonies. We would welcome an opportunity to invade and annex French Polynesia, for example, not to mention Guadeloupe, Martinique and Corsica. We could also get Calais back, which would allow us to close down that wretched camp, not to mention Normandy, which belongs to the Queen. (She is the Duke of Normandy after all.)

The problem for Paris is that fisheries enforcement takes place at sea and requires warships. Clearly we are going to have send the Navy in and shoot up a few Frenchies.

Macron may have miscalculated. He will be well aware of the payments made to secure UK consent to the one-sided Withdrawal and Trade and Cooperation Agreements. His assumption will be that the Cabinet Office have a hold on the government and that Britain can be humiliated at will. The Cabinet Office of course like nothing more than humiliating this country.

They have never forgiven us for winning World War I and World War II, one reason why Whitehall treats veterans so badly, including hounding poor old Dennis Hutchings to his death. Time we started hounding Cabinet Office officials to their deaths! They are morally worthless scum, no offense intended. Dennis was worth a hundred Cabinet Office officials any day of the week.

The Baldwin shooting

Antique vintage revolver

By the Baldwin shooting of course I mean the shooting by Alec Baldwin on the set of Rust. Nobody’s shot Alec Baldwin, not yet at any rate. It’s now clear that the weapon used was a revolver, probably a Colt, and that poor Halyna Hutchins was killed by a bullet, not shrapnel left over from a previous discharge. We don’t yet know what caliber the gun was.

Michael Shrimpton’s page turner

Please don’t write in and say ‘if it was a Colt it had to be a .45’. Not necessarily – the Colt Single Action Army Revolver was chambered for a number of different calibers, down as low as .32.

I’m thinking a 45 however, given the damage inflicted.

There’s no sign of foul play, just stupidity. The DA’s making noises about prosecuting Alec Baldwin, but that would be unfair in my opinion, even though he’s the producer.

It was just a chain of errors made by people who frankly didn’t know their job, with tragic consequences.


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  1. ” He’s perfectly well aware that human CO2 emissions are irrelevant.”
    I’m always startled when Michael cites reality, no offense intended.

  2. The Baldwin shooting is coldblooded murder, imo, judging by the numbers alone… Look at the date of the fatal shooting, 10/21/2021, and then drop the zeros. You get 121221, a red flag by itself, but there is more. Now check out the comprehensive Los Angeles Times article dated Oct 31, titled “The day Alec Baldwin shot Halyna Hutchins and Joel Souza”. You see more 1s and 2s. Quote: “It was the 12th day of the 21-day film production.” Someone is sending a message, and bragging about it too.

  3. Unintentional gun deaths are one of the lower categories.
    2020 had 19,379 gun deaths by violence , and 24,090 gun deaths by suicide.
    Total gun deaths from 1999 – 2016 was …. 572,500
    Britain should launch a repatriation campaign in Texas and build a special embassy there to facilitate the expedited return of inter-generational loyalists to Britain. I’ll help any way I can.
    We can call it, {Rapey Cowboys for the British} campaign. I hear the queen likes cows ! She might love her some cowboys. They ain’t real smarts but they tries.

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