Email From Trump Team Lawyer John Eastman Further Proves Conspiracy to Overturn Election Results

from Glenn Kirschner, with Justice Matters

[ Editor’s Note: The dam is beginning to break on the leaks, stimulated by Trump’s trying to keep his critical January 6th records from public view. Eastman messaged Pence’s aid at the peak of the battle.

The Washington Post once again beats other media to the key sources. The Post published part of what is turning out to be a devastating deep dive into the January event after tasking a lot of reporters to dig further to get more information, and they are getting a lot of it.

Part I was 18,000 words and Part II which I got today was 48,000 words. They have a big team of reporters on it, looking for new information by shaking the bush harder.

The timing of the Eastman message release comes after Trump’s digging his heels in by suing the national archives to block 750 pages of requested material that Trump’s lawyers have put the spotlight on.

The January 6th committee has had a dozen Trump staff people come in to talk, with most of them unnamed, and the committee is keeping that information close to their vest for now.

I can see now why the National Review ran the story of Eastman walking back his memo as only being a draft and was never anything that was seriously considered. The Review had a pay wall, so I did not get to see it. But it looks like Pence’s aide might have unmasked Eastman by flipping that call to the Post.

And last, the new Trump grifting news is that his claim of having been invited to the World Series game has them denying it, saying that he called them and wanted to come. It seems they did not want the Trump stink on themJim W. Dean ]

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First aired …. October 31, 2021

John Eastman is the Trump team lawyer who authored and attempted to implement a 6-point plan to deprive Joe Biden of his election win.

New reporting shows that Eastman sent an email to an aide to Vice President Mike Pence on January 6 WHILE THE CAPITOL WAS BEING ATTACKED BY TRUMPS’ SUPPORTERS, blaming Pence for the attack because he did not block Joe Biden’s win.

This email directly contradicts Eastman’s own attempts to explain away his memo.


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  1. Jim, I may be going overboard here, and decades and quarter and half centuries and more behind the times,but??
    Taking Upton Sinclair’s hundred-plus year old “Brass Check” into consideration, a book I’m sure you’ve read which detailed the complete ownership of 99.99% of all “news” information way back then, all being either newspapers or magazines; printed material, and how that controlled media gave a completely false and totally distorted picture of “reslity” over a hundred yrs. ago.
    Why do you and Gordon, place any stock in them now.
    Its a thousand times worse nowadays, right???

  2. Merrick Garland must be waiting for the other shoe to drop. The events of 1/6 point to a much larger conspiracy, one that has only grown stronger with time. That’s why Bannon is still running around free as a bird. That’s why the Cult of Trump has given up on democracy and the rule of law. 30% of Republicans advocate violence to put Trump back into power. All it would take is a “black swan” event like a new 9/11 to get the ball rolling. I’m sure Israel is more than willing to oblige.

    • The not taking Bannon to the grand jury is making Garland, and Biden, and the DoJ look bad. It’s a slam dunk grand jury case that will not interfere with anything else they are doing as grand jury hearing are not public, only the indictment is.

    • There must be something going on here that not even Gordon Duff knows about. Otherwise is makes no sense.

  3. Sometimes, you have all the evidence you need, and a profoundly just case, but no court will take it. Where we set that bar, defines us.

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