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[ Editor’s Note: It looks like the Congressional Democrats woke up and smelled the roses today that they screwed up with all of their infighting and are backing up to get on the unity train.

Glenn Youngkin outplays the Dems

Disunity costs them, as factions fought to get the most for their various competing constituencies, a dumb move as those groups had nowhere else to go. Where were they going to move to, independents or Trump?

My thoughts are that those who took a hard line stance did it out of pure greed, and by that I mean it would help their reelection campaign funding.

That’s the sad reality of modern politics. Fundraising is the first God they worship, as that is viewed as the well from which everything else good must come.

The talk, at least for today, is that everyone is in compromise mode to get both infrastructure and social spending passed. The breakthrough to get prescription drug prices for seniors back on the table was a no brainer, and allowing negotiation on Medicare.

They need to get these big programs done so they can move on from the current 42% Biden approval rating, which is an anchor around all of their necks collectively for 2022.

They can only hang onto Congress by getting a lot of stuff done, but if they keeping squabbling that won’t happen, which will put them in worse shape heading into 2024… Jim W. Dean ]

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First published November 03, 2021

Joe Biden suffered his first major political lashing as president Tuesday. But even as Democrats were processing a battering in the Virginia governor’s race and the uncomfortably close gubernatorial election in New Jersey, the White House and officials across the party pledged to forge ahead with the twin pillars of the president’s domestic agenda.

Several made the case that Tuesday’s results only added to the pressure for them to do so.

“We have to show we can govern,” said Rep. Scott Peters (D-Calif.), citing a recent breakthrough in talks to lower prescription drug prices for seniors and allow negotiations in Medicare.

“The picture has been of Democrats sparring amongst ourselves. That’s probably not the best face to put out. I hope that there’s more of working toward agreement, like we had today, than openly sparring with each other.”

“The challenge is he’s laid out a very popular agenda with the American people that has not been fully approved yet,” added Beyer, who lost his own race for Virginia governor in 1997.

“Being anti-Trump is not enough,” said former Rep. Tom Perriello, a Virginia Democrat who also lost a bid for governor in the 2017 primary. “Democrats need to run on results, and this should light a fire under frontline Democrats to get Build Back Better passed.”

 “Democrats need to stop fighting each other and start delivering for voters. If we don’t, 2022 is going to be brutal.”


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  1. Thunberg , reverberated with Blah Blah Blah. It is a simple thing. If a group wants to gain popularity, do the most popular thing in the basket, with a smidge of pizzaz.
    As of April 2020, 60 % of US citizens want universal health care. How many veterans would choose the local hospital over the VA if given the choice ?
    It seems like the group advising this admin, are very lackluster, slow moving, nervous about something, timid, hesitant, and strikes me as more of a slow drain clog than anything else.
    Zero splash. People want a splash. Regardless of politics.

  2. With Merrick Garland apparently doing nothing about 1/6 and the Cult of Trump in Congress doing everything it can to block Biden’s agenda, is it any wonder that Biden is counting the days before everything goes boom! Forget democracy and the rule of law, Jim, we’re headed for out-and-out Christo-fascism here. Heinrich Böll (friend of Kurt Vonnegut, Gordon) put it like this, wing-tipped jack boots will be replaced by brown-shirted thugs blindly following der Führer. Sinclair Lewis said “When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.” Might I add that they will be wearing MAGA caps and carrying assault rifles as well.

    • Happy to know that about Gordon, Jim. Kurt Vonnegut was the first author that once I read one of his books, God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater, I had to read everything he wrote in short order. He was the real deal, having been a grunt in WWII, captured by the Germans, and survived the firebombing of Dresden locked up in Schlachthof-fünf.

  3. “those who took a hard line stance did it out of pure greed, and by that I mean it would help their reelection campaign funding.” Gee, I wonder who holds the majority of purse-strings? Hint: It ain’t grass root supporters.

  4. You know something is up when Democrats act like they forgot what put Franklin Roosevelt four times in the Presidential palace.
    If the Democrats had truly wanted to, they could have rammed through Big, Big things for the country and the people.
    And then they would all be in the electoral driver’s seat looking at the Republicans standing on the side of the road.
    But today’s Democrats aren’t FDR material.

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