Lancet: HPV Vaccine Prevents 87% of Cervical Cancers (vital)


U.K. study: HPV vaccine reduced cervical cancer rates by 87% in women who were vaccinated at 12 and 13
A study published in the medical journal The Lancet found the rate of cervical cancer was 87% lower in women who received an HPV vaccine between the ages of 12 and 13, compared to an unvaccinated group. CBS News chief medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook joins “CBS Mornings” to discuss the historic findings.


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  1. That so many millions of Americans have no actually health care except in the emergency room says it all. This is not the case in any other industrialized nation. Just look at medical outcomes in Canada vs. the US of f-ing A! All I can say is, thank God for socialized medicine (Medicare) and common sense.

    • Tommy. I agree that you and any other US citizen should have access to the most advanced health treatments THAT YOU CHOOSE and not have to incur financial stress to pay. What is more important in a humane society along with the protection and care of our children. Socialized medicine is a tricky process that requires 100% cooperation by all to assure honest application. Get private profit driven insurance companies out of the mix. After Greece went to socialized medicine, there was an increase in reported illness among the population. Chronic illnesses appeared that previously were avoided by healthy Mediterranean diet and lifestyle. Who knows. The old cliche “as long as I have my health” is true. It’s amazing that our specie has the most trouble doing what others find relatively easy.

    • The solution to this problem is not to go back to the dark ages when the bubonic plague was caused by demons and the cure was self-flagellation and witchcraft. I’m with Carol and Gordon on this one, Ferdinand, science is a GOOD thing, not a work of the devil.

    • The doctors say that cancer is a “disease ” where your healthy cells mutate for no apparent reason and decide to attack your body. Lacking any other explanation, that is the standard story. Once I began to question this inane idea and take responsibility for my own health, I made progress against this condition. I came to understand these cell mutations were often a last resort to save the body from toxic overload and quick demise. My doctors think I’m nuts but can’t explain my healing. It is an ongoing process. Keep your faith and follow your instincts. That’s all we can really do.

  2. ‘It’s the Vaccines. It Has to Be’: Adverse Reactions to Covid Jabs Likely to Blame for Hospitals Suddenly Being Flooded Across the Globe

    Getting there little by little!…

    • The doctor, who chose halfway through our interview to remain anonymous for fear of repercussions at their hospital, was referring to the sharp increase in emergency room visits they’ve seen in recent weeks. It’s a nonstop flow of serious medical issues that often have no clear reason for occurring. Heart attacks in particular have gone from one or two per week to daily entries in the ER logs.

      Archbishop Viganò is getting there, little by little. Little by little it seems that Archbishop Viganò is heading in the right direction.

  3. Good response Gordon to radiation docror know it all.
    They can make stuff so small with genetic CRISPR tech.
    That Dr Lieber from Harvard arrested for Covid 19 secrets going to China (supposedly ) made machines like motors so small they could be inserted into human’s between cells.
    No surgery needed.
    Imagine viral sized robotic gizmos choppng out cancer cells anywhere in body from organs
    . If this became mainstream it displaces the very profitable radiation treatments that never cure, only poison body cells to slow progression.
    Best way to PREVENT cancer is vegan diet.
    Best way to ÇURE cancer is diet of only organic brown rice and never anything else for at least a month, and DO NOT get radiation treatment.

  4. The key difference between Gardasil and the SARS Cov-2 injections, is that Gardasil is not packaged in a gene therapy platform, with all of the ensuing adverse reactions. As a radiation oncologist, I have personally treated women, often as young as late-twenties dying from cervical cancer. We saved some and lost some amazing people, often with young children. Compare that true vaccine to the “vaccine” used for SARS Cov-2, for which the CDC had to literally change the definition of the word “vaccine” for on their website. Don’t believe me? Please, look it up.

    • Goeff

      Note that those who spread rumors about MNRA vaccines…and those who worked to ban Gardasil….
      Then of course there is that definition you refer to regarding vaccine. That’s any substance that is used to stimulate production of antibodies. If it stimulates the immune system…in that way….like MRNA vaccines…then they are “real” vaccines.

      Gene therapy is the likely future of cancer treatments. Do note that as you are at MAYO…and doing radiation therapy… must well have spent many years defending your science as well…one that causes much harm…even when doing good.

      Loosen up. Get with the program.

    • As any honest practicing oncologist will tell you, current cancer treatments don’t cure the disease or remove its causes but only suppress the symptoms (tumors etc.). Addressing most ccauses of cancer, besides obvious environmental ones, is not part of current practice. The famous last words “we think we got it all” are often proved wrong. Blame the patient of course because his body attacks itself for some unknown reason. Gene therapy is the future of treatments for many chronic conditions. It’s a beautiful thing when you can just pin everything on your ancestors. Then, it’s so easy to come up with the new “solution” I am a cancer survivor despite undergoing useless surgery. I was able to avoid radiation and chemo and so avoided further damage as you point out, Gordon. Each person can choose their own path. The human body and all its cells are not mechanical. To treat them that way is missing real opportunities for cures.

    • And when your geneticist doctor says you have a marker for brain cancer and the recommended therapy is surgery, then what? Like those women who had double mastectomies because they supposedly had breast cancer gene but not the actual condition. Well, at least they still have their frontal lobes if not a damaged lymphatic system for which there is no real drug cure. Too bad.

    • I’m also at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix receiving proton radiation treatments for a perineural squamous cell behind what used to be my left eye. It’s on the 5th facial nerve butting right up against my brain stem. 23 treatments down and 10 to go. The idea that I would trust some internet witchdoctor who’s all into homeopathy is absurd. The proton radiation machine cost over $50 million, and this dude on the internet claims that he can do the same thing for next to nothing. Who should I believe, Goeff?

  5. “Boy-oh-BOY! Big Pharma is really laying it on thick this week. Full court press to earn ‘dem “Christmas bonuses” among the execs…eh? I wonder…did the PCR glove really fit O.J.’s hand?” [A Ghost of Norm MacDonald staring down an audience after a bad joke.] (thoughtfully rubs chin while waiting for inevitable laughs…and then mad applause…and a wicked grin)

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