The Legal Stonewalling is not Going Well for Trump

…from MSNBC and the New York Times

[ Editor’s Note: The Trump team made big mistakes with their attempted Trump Steal. Despite their many other professional talents, executing an election coup on certification day was not among them.

Trump appears to have had his entire staff involved to varying degrees, plus all of the convicted grifters that he had pardoned, a rogue’s gallery of coup plotters that any competent counter intelligence officer could have spotted a mile away, or heard them because of their big mouths.

They began by telegraphing what they wanted to do via their throwing the doors open to encourage the rogue Trumper elements from all over the country to descend on Washington to be a part of history. And Trump did give them that, but just not the kind they had wanted.

Cold War professionals who know a lot about throwing over governments during the Cold War will be the first to tell you that rule number one is if you are an organizer, the last thing you want is to have that known.

But these Trump acolytes were just the opposite. They wanted to be public so they could be more at the head of the line when it came to getting their share of the post coup looting goodies they all assumed were in store for them.

So you think high ranking generals must all be really smart? Catch this from the formerly esteemed General Flynn.

“The truth is going to come out,” said Mr. Flynn, the former three-star general and national security adviser. “Donald Trump will continue to be president of the United States for the next four years.”

These idiots were flashing their coup support credentials all over the place, when all Cold War coups were planned with an escape plan in place for the behind the scenes plotters, while leaving the sacrificial lamb plotters to end up getting arrested and tortured to learn who their colleagues were.

If you have watched a Jan 6 Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson’s stand up news interview, you could see that he is cool as a cucumber, the air of a man that knows he is completely in charge of the show, with not one anxiety neuron in his brain.

Even I at first thought it might be an act, but then the light came on that he had been collecting all kinds of evidence behind the scenes from people volunteering to come in with evidence, with no attorneys involved.

Thompson’s investigation team has been steadily growing, organizing into color coded teams dedicated to specific parts of the coup, focusing to get every drop of evidence they can on their topic.

Everyone involved on the committee team knows they are making history with their work.

Another big scandal is simmering in the Jan 6 background. More and more of us in ‘the business’, cannot understand how Washington Security could have gotten caught flat footed by being so unprepared. There are growing suspicions that they were compromised somehow, but none of that is being discussed publicly, only in whispers.

In closing I carefully went through Judge Chutkan’s opinion today denying Trump’s petition that his White house documents are privileged. A yellow highlighter comes in handy for being able to review quickly when needed. I suggest you all download a copy to have. It is here. … Jim W. Dean ]

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First published … November 11, 2021

More than 150 witnesses have been interviewed, some of whom surprised investigators by proactively contacting the committee to testify, according to two people familiar with the investigation who described the confidential inquiry on the condition of anonymity.

The panel has learned details about how “Stop the Steal” rally organizers used deception to obtain permits from the Capitol Police to hold rallies near the Capitol; how Mr. Trump and White House officials coordinated with organizers of the rally whose attendees would later storm the Capitol; and how deeply Mr. Trump’s chief of staff, Mark Meadows, was involved in pushing false claims of widespread election fraud.

Working out of a nondescript office building at the bottom of Capitol Hill, the committee’s investigators have divided themselves into color-coded teams to pursue several avenues of inquiry. They are looking into:

  • The money trail. Investigators are scrutinizing the groups that funded the protests that preceded the violence, which involved rioters from at least 44 states, and promoted and spread lies online that helped radicalize the crowd.
  • Planning meetings. The panel is pressing for answers about gatherings at the Willard and other Washington hotels where Mr. Trump’s allies who were involved in the effort to overturn the election, including Stephen K. Bannon, Mr. Giuliani and Mr. Eastman, met in the hours before the riot.
  • Foreknowledge of violence. The most difficult piece of the investigation involves unearthing evidence that Mr. Trump or anyone in his inner circle had foreknowledge that violence was a possibility on Jan. 6, and whether they took any steps to either encourage or discourage the storming of the Capitol. Mr. Bannon, whom the House voted to hold in criminal contempt of Congress for defying a subpoena from the committee, predicted on his podcast a day before the riot that “all hell is going to break loose tomorrow.”


New York Times congressional reporter Luke Broadwater, Politico national correspondent Betsy Woodruff Swan, and former U.S. attorney Harry Litman discuss former President Trump losing his bid to block the January 6th committee’s records request.


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  1. I’ll be watching Dec 4 -7. The pace is following the cycle, so 13 days of “position” , will be followed by 13 days of the “spy”, which always ends in the blame game being passed. Then finally, the powers come head to head by the solstice.

  2. “”””Another big scandal is simmering in the Jan 6 background. More and more of us in ‘the business’, cannot understand how Washington Security could have gotten caught flat footed by being so unprepared. There are growing suspicions that they were compromised somehow, but none of that is being discussed publicly, only in whispers””””

    “”””Plus there is another uber scandal that DC authorities were so unprepared, a failure so great that it call for a flushing the system out and rebuilding with new people, cancelling the retirements of those were in charge”””””

    Jim, those two quotes have the aroma of a joint prosecution/defense team trying to make the delicate decisions of where to snip the evidence trail so as to protect those who must be protected at all costs, and sacrifice those who only thought they counted for something.
    Those are the perils of belonging to the “it’s so secret we can’t talk about it” club.
    They’re all holier-than-thou until they find out they’re just tools too.

  3. What am I missing here. the courts and everyone with eyes and ears saw and heard what happened on 1/6. The money trail can be traced. Evidence that there was planning is provided by what is known of the existence of gatherings at the Willard and other Washington hotels. The easy part is foreknowledge of violence. We have thousands of court examples and successful court cases that prove foreknowledge of violence from what has been observed. The courts do not need transcripts of what transcribed at those meetings, there existence is the damning evidence. Unless Donald and his co-conspiritors can prove with evidence in those papers and transcript that what they were involved in was innocent, lawfull and peace oriented behavior, those hidden documents just prove his guilt and enhance it by his assertion of some nonexistent privilege. What we are witnessing will be another massive government cover-up. 600 people may pay but noone responsible for that insurrection will suffer. Build more prisons for We The People, the only one to ever do time.

    • I’m still betting that Trump will skate. If he is indicted and convicted, an armed insurrection will follow. I expect it’s already being planned. You don’t need millions of people to cause a lot of trouble. Here in rustbelt PA , some idiot Trump follower with no portfolio ran for county commissioner. He lost by 10,000 votes but wants a recount, following the Trump model. The real scary part is 50000 people voted for this moron who made national news by saying he was bringing “20 strong men” to a schoolboard meeting and then denying it. Even looks like a Nazi. Will these assholes take arms for Trump. I really don’t know.

    • I am even more confident that Trump will skate off to Israel. His pal Netanyahu can set him up in Trump Heights on the Golan where he can play golf and diddle little boys and girls till he croaks, all the while saying, “I’m the rightful president of the USA!”

  4. I can only hope VT can use some of their contacts to expose the Jan 6th “insurrection” for the false flag operation that it obviously was. How many proud boys can scale the walls of the Capitol? How much video footage has been surpressed? The media won’t report it. This event is just another example of the desparation of the deep state.

    • Trump is first and foremost a New York mobster. That’s how he thinks and talks. As such, he’s very adept at manipulating judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement types in the Southern District of New York.

      He’s not so good at covering his tracks. Now, he’s in the absurd place where he’s desperate to conceal what really happened on 1/6, while at the same time claiming that somehow he was set up by the deep state. He can’t have it both ways.

    • Dear Mr. Cop, How did you ever find your way to VT? It’s one of the most videod crimes in history, and the most amatuer, up and down the ‘lack of talent’ ladder. I will predict many of those getting the five year plus sentences are going to be singing that they were conned about the Steal and one of the many grifters lawyer was offer to represent them in a class action suit against the whole Trump Election steal mob. Plus there is another uber scandal that DC authorities were so unprepared, a failure so great that it call for a flushing the system out and rebuilding with new people, cancelling the retirements of those were in charge.

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