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[ Editor’s Note: After 25 years as a District of Columbia criminal prosecutor handling everything from drug deal murders to complex RICO cases, Glenn has had a lot of time and experience with the Federal Statutes.

Today that will include his moot court example of having Meadows on the stand trying to invoke executive privilege, what he would have tried, and why it would not work.

Number one is that he did not even show up, preferably with an attorney. Meadows and his missing attorney decided that they did not have to show up because the privilege case had not been ruled on by the courts yet, thus in effect making their own ‘non court’ ruling of ‘we’ll catch you later’ down the road.

Kirschner says that someone else’s case being litigated is not a basis for ignoring a Congressional subpoena to testify. The committee could have had material that did not touch on Executive privilege they could have asked about regarding Meadows actions.

It is worth pursuing these contempt cases and setting some solid current precedents on the books, as I have a feeling we are going to be having a lot of Trump people litigation all the way through to 2024 and possibly beyond.

We want to have a faster process, so democracy wreckers with huge black money funding cannot launch assaults on our Constitution that run 10 years in appeals. Justice delayed is justice denied, too often.

The back story on Meadows is laid out in ABC News Chief Washington Correspondent Jonathan Karl’s new book, ‘Betrayal: The Final Act of the Trump Show‘, where he interviewed Meadows for the record, imagine that.

Karl’s Betrayal book has Trump attorney Meadows with The Steal portfolio squarely in his lap, letting himself be used as a condom for screwing the peace transfer of power tradition, but finding that executive privilege is not a condom brand in this scenario.

We must not forget what a key role American journalism had in getting a lot of testimony on the Trump regime from the many books published, plus interviews, as they effectively functioned as a public trial on The Steal and the InsurrectionJim W. Dean ]

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First aired … November 14, 2021

On the exact same day Steve Bannon was criminally indicted for contempt of Congress, Mark Meadows refused to appear in violation of a congressional subpoena, thereby committing the crime of . . . contempt of Congress.

Congress must now vote to hold Meadows in contempt and refer him for prosecution.

This video reviews the way subpoenas work, how one goes about LAWFULLY asserting a privilege (spoiler alert – not by flat out refusing to appear), and why Meadows’ attorney’s claim that “the matter of executive privilege must be litigated in court” is NOT how it works.

Accordingly, just as was the case with Bannon, we are now on Mark Meadows Indictment Watch.


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  1. Nothing in Glenn Kirschner’s 30-year career as a prosecutor has prepared him for the likes of Steve Bannon. This dude just gave the finger to both democracy and the rule of law, and is still running free as a bird. No one cuffed him. No one perp walked him. Did he even have to turn over his passport upon arrest? He’s banking on the whole system going belly up very soon.

    These are insurrectionists for Pete’s sake, Jim. Their whole thing is to take down the USA and turn it into some kind of Christo-fascist theocracy. This is the only way Trump will ever come back into power, not by elections, not by some court ruling, but by thuggery and chaos following a horrible false-flag attack on the USA by Israel. They’re experts at that, you know.

    • This is much like the complicity of law enforcement and much of the military in enabling Israel to nuke the USA on 9/11 and get away with it. That’s why I said, they are masters of false-flag attacks and know that our Zionist MSM will cover their tracks. Sounds like millions of Trrumpsters (Christian Zionists) are all for it as well.

    • Amen on that. But part of the problem is the Trumper manpower, and its ability to overwhelm the system with numbers and lost of simultaneous onging attacks. What I am most curious about is the one issue that is hiding in plain site, the endless stream of death threats, including families, that because nothing was done round any of these people up, it has not morphed to including Congressmen and staff. What’s up wid dat? I have one story I am working on where one of the New England states Highway Patrol offices said it could not track any of the death threat calls there, but a Reuters team came in behind them and not only found their numbers, but skillfully engaged the perps in dialogs as to why they were doing it. And to my knowledge, the cops still did not go after these people, which is a hint that Trumps in law enforcement have safe zones where people can all from and not have to worry about the cops raiding their shacks.

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