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[ Editor’s Note: It looks like the judge roughly gave him the max 51 months but subtracted his 10 months in jail, so this idiot pissed away five years of his life for The Donald. He will join others in the new con of their reinventing themselves as political prisoners to line up for a future Trump presidency pardon.

Everyone who supports that silliness will be putting an ‘Insurrectionist Lover’ T-shirt on so they will be easier to spot them at a distance. I even know a distinguished University medical Ph.D. who is fully on board the train.

A future Trump run would probably include a promised amnesty for the January 6 crowd, which might include those higher ups from the Willard hotel and his own staff that will be convicted over the next few years.

Expect to see the DoJ stay laser focused on getting people to flip, as that will punch a big hole in the righteousness of the evolving Jan 6 ‘political prisoners’ scam. Sure there were protestors there, but they did not attack the capital. It was just entertainment for them.

We can be entertained if there is video of all these folks going to their respective federal prisons, in Chansley’s case, one with an organic kitchen and a sanctuary prison cell for himself as he stews in his own juice.

If it were possible, I would have indestructible large photos in his cell of those who died, and the cop that lost an eye, as a reminder of his big party day… Jim W. Dean ]

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The insurection battle continues

First published … Novemver 17, 2021

Jacob Chansley, whose brightly painted face, tattooed torso and horned cap became a visual icon of the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, was sentenced Wednesday to 41 months in prison by a federal judge in Washington.

His lawyer had asked the judge to impose a sentence of time already served, basically the entire 10 months since the insurrection, during which Chansley attracted more attention for demanding an organic diet while in jail and giving an interview to “60 Minutes.”

The sentence of roughly 3 ½ years is equal to the longest yet handed down to a Capitol rioter. Of the roughly 130 people who have pleaded guilty so far, only 16 have admitted to felonies, and Chansley is the fourth felon to be sentenced.
The other three received terms of eight, 14 and last week a man who punched a Capitol police officer also received 41 months.

Prosecutors quoted Chansley offering a prayer while sitting at the dais of the Senate, thanking God for “filling this chamber with patriots that love you. … Thank you for allowing us to get rid of the communists, the globalists, and the traitors within our government.”

Chansley’s “now-famous criminal acts made him the public face of the Capitol riot,” prosecutors wrote in a sentencing memo. With a suggested sentencing range of 41 to 51 months, the government asked for the maximum 51 months.


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  1. That Viking impersonator looks like a caveman out of stone age! The baboon-ass tRump and his supporters are the worst losers in 21st century. The native Americans i.e., the gringos have turned into such dummy and caricatures!

  2. Black women Crystal Mason got 5 years!
    Just for mistakenly voting while on probation!

    White QAnon punk Donald Hartle INTENTIONALLY voted twice, AND used it (with GQP help) to spread the #BigLie & fuel the insurrection.

    He got 1 year of probation!

  3. This is why Trump will never see the inside of a courtroom on any issue related to the January uprising. I am not sure that he has ever been in a courtroom for any reason. Bad shit can happen there and you can’t tell the judge that he’s fired. Trump will flee to Israel for religious refugee status before he takes a perp walk. It will never happen.

    • Maybe Netanyahu can set him up in Trump Heights on the Golan. Tel Megiddo is right down the road from there. I’m certain he will offer his crazy Christian Zionist base front-row seats to Armageddon. That is, if they aren’t raptured up to Heaven before then.

  4. Glenn Kirschner told us a while back what being charged with felony murder entailed. Even the guy out in the car of a bank robbery in which someone was killed could be charged with felony murder. This crazy dude was clearly not in the Capitol as a tourist, like what many in Congress claim. They were part of an insurrection in which numerous people died. If you ask me, he got off light.

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