from Glenn Kirschner, with Justice Matters

[ Editor’s Note: Congress is already looking into this, as it had a front row seat when the Trump gang virtually muzzled the CDC and other Federal health organizations by blocking key recommendations that Trump felt would affect his election prospects negatively.

We already have the inept son-in-law put in charge of the nation’s Covid response in the White house, again to make sure nothing was done that would hurt Trump’s reelection so he and Ivanka would have four more years of grifting.

In the early days of Covid when overseas air travelers were bringing it in via air travel to blue states, Kushner perhaps felt it was a good way to kill off some Democratic voters in New York and California. He and step dad even got out in front of the CDC early with talk about ‘another version of the ‘flu’, and ‘herd immunity’.

So the Trump regime has both its feet in concrete on pushing false Covid narratives, easily proven now, all for the purpose of keeping the economy roaring along where the US has a long history of incumbent presidents always being re-elected in a good economy.

Trump sure as hell was not going to let some public health scientists endanger his desperately needed four more years of presidential immunity to hold the prosecutors off. His moves clearly telegraphed what his priorities were, as he wanted his base to see that clearly.

But he was wrong on Covid over and over, and his team created quite a paper trail of their overruling the public health officials via political hacks that Trump put into all key Covid response positions with loyalty only to him, and ended up boxing the professionals in.

The courts and judges will easily follow the Covid crime trail to where its home nest was in the White house

They should know that, as with the January 6th Insurrection,  appropriate punishments need to be dealt out as a deterrent for a future Trump-like scum bag who would use Trump’s Covid actions as ‘ruling precedent’. Hence, there is no reason to treat Donald’s public staff criminals lightly… Jim W. Dean ]

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First aired November 15, 2021

New CNN reporting reveals that Donald Trump “pressured” CDC officials to “alter scientific guidance” regarding the dangers of the Coronavirus and “muzzled” CDC officials from informing members of the public about how to protect themselves.

This video surveys the elements of the crime of involuntary manslaughter under the laws of the District of Columbia and demonstrates how and why Donald Trump is criminally responsible for avoidable COVID deaths.


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  1. Trump was reassured by US military employed scientists labratories who had concocted Covid19, that the virus if released inito china, will not kill children, it will stay within the chinese population, as it was genetically modified virus, and it is only as deadly as ar eally bad flu, and will dissapate eventually, just like a flu, so by the summer there is nothing to worry about. No antidotes or vaccines needed to keep USA safe from blowback too.
    Knowing this, all Trumps actions made perfect sense.
    January and February, The entire USA was stuck on their TV screens watching the impeachment hearing diversion, and at the same time China was in complete panic.
    Majority of US population and government Rubbing hands in dumbed down racist glee everytime the “commercial” appeared on screen promoting MAGA america’s success over the communist rats. The success mass unstoppable death and panic in China, (from chinese diet of bat soup and armadillo penis)
    That was China,, then after month into it, they attacked IRAN with something really deadly, again with reassurance it will target only Persian people, just a lab created flu, will dissapate by summer and impossible for it to blow back into USA.
    Also a blame-less attack on Iran, everyone in world will assume its from China, and no worries of any more ICBM attacks from Iran now,

  2. Trump’s ‘don’t ask, don’t tell, just blame China’ policy makes perfect sense, now we know that Covid was endemic in the US long before his election.

    According to the CDC, Covid was endemic across the USA by December, 2019, when 4-6 million Americans had been infected. Read “Serologic testing of U.S. blood donations to identify SARS-CoV-2-reactive antibodies: December 2019-January 2020,” by Sridhar V Basavaraju, MD, et al.

    According to the CDC, the world’s first lab-certified Covid death was Lovell “Cookie” Brown, who died in Kansas on Jan. 9, 2020. The first Chinese Covid death occurred two days later.

    • Godfree, according to the Times of Israel, Trump already knew that COVID-19 was a US bioweapon in the second week of November 2019 when he was warned about the coming deployment in China along with the Israelis. Gordon has told us that he and his inner circle were most likely vaccinated at that time as well.

      Gordon also informed us in June of 2020 that deployment of this bioweapon in the USA was a “fund raiser” that would provide cover for the biggest heist of the US treasury in our history, $6+ trillion to bail out the big banks and corporations when the markets collapsed in the spring of 2020.

  3. Now Jim, do you really believe Trump did ANYTHING that wasn’t either authorized from above, (or more likely) sent down from on high?
    No politician, even President, ever makes a “big” decision without getting his handler’s approval first.
    No need to blame Trump, or any Bush; they’re all in the same boat.
    That’s what some people believe. 😔

  4. That he was able to con his true-believer base into believing that the virus was a hoax and the vaccine was poison is the bigger crime. It doesn’t help that Americans are the most brainwashed population on the planet by far. Just look at how so many were taken in by the “official” 9/11 narrative. The Cult of Trump believes anything he tells them. That’s why this US bioweapon was so successful when deployed in the USA compared to China where it was first deployed.

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