Long time felon destroys Christmas parade, slauthering 45, young and old, dead and wounded

His name is Darrell Edwards Brooks, long rap sheet, registered sex offender, a picture post card of a career criminal


Driver of rampaging SUV that tore through Waukesha Christmas parade leaving at least FIVE dead and 40 injured was ‘fleeing a knife crime’: Cops hunt ‘second suspect’ after taking one person into custody and refuse to rule out terror

…from The Daily Mail

[ Editor’s Note: Another senseless mass killing where we all know that, with the US having entire sewer of such people, copycat versions of this will be possible, and require a whole different attitude toward such events and the increased security they will require.

This guy has a long rap sheet, too much to cover here, but a couple of links below. Here is one of his tweets:

I will attempt a translation: “…we start back by knoking the white people THE FUCK out ???, I wanna hear it…(and) the old white people, too. KNOCK them TO FUCK OUT !! PERIOD.

So far we have not heard from his mother, siblings, children, co-workers, school mates, gang mates, etc… to fill us in a little more.

I am not being hysterical here, but talking about having town cops handling close in security and then more heavily armed highway patrol people on access roads for a wider buffer, with long guns that can really only be used when a car killer can be safely engaged, not after he has blown past you and the cops have to fire from behind.

Even if you had the ability to deploy spike strips, YouTube is full of chase scenes were spike stripped perps just continue on at a slower speed.

But this story has a second shocker. Maybe I have been in a semi-coma for a long time but I had no idea that there is a special Federal team that quickly moves in to handle all of the public ‘messaging’ for such event, the cross racial ones.

The local police top figures still handle the microphone work, but they are following a federal script. We will see if this subplot gets deeper coverage or is swept under the rug.

I remember Sandy Hook had an earlier version of this. I was watching a day after a short outside press conference, and then heard the astounding announcement that they were not planning any more updates on what had happened until the investigation had been completed.

I waited the next day to hear the news media howl about this, and that did not happen. Someone with some major juice had stepped in to lock the media down. Here is what I found on the media handling:

Local law enforcement will be “guided” by federal officers from the DOJ-CRS and FBI.  Due to the sensitivity of the issues, the messaging will come directly from the DOJ-CRS through the local officials and public information officers.  The Waukesha police chief is black, the CRS will make him the face of their words.

The CRS, also known as the “Federal Peacekeepers”, will bring faith-based leaders to the forefront now; it’s their pattern.  The next appearance by investigative officials will contain preachers, ministers, and members of the faith community to try and blunt the racial motive.   The media will demand healing and forgiveness for the attack.

Obviously the media and political hypocrisy will be thick. If the races were reversed, it would be a full frontal assault on white males.  However, in this instance the narrative will be a demand to understand the mental frustration of a black male who has been victimized by the system and had no choice except to let out his anger.

The DOJ-CRS will also shape the information presented to media stakeholders who are also exposed by the motive of the attack.   The DOJ, DOJ-CRS, FBI, special interest groups and Big Tech allies will all work together to protect the media and politicians who manufactured the crisis that led to the racial attack.

Here are some links that went up after the event, oneliners grabbing what they could find on the perp online before it disappear. Some was already ‘archived’, having been cleaned off the Net.



Jim W. Dean ]

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First published … November 22, 2021

  • Five people have been confirmed dead and 40 have been injured after SUV plowed into a Christmas parade 
  • Parade was underway in Waukesha, Wisconsin, when car broke through barriers at 4.40pm and hit crowds 
  • At least 12 children are among the injured, with elderly people and a priest also confirmed as being hurt
  • Police say a ‘person of interest’ is in custody but no arrests have been made and no motive has been disclosed
  • NBC reports that person has a long criminal history and was fleeing a knife fight at the time 
  • Officers say they have not discounted terrorism as a motive, but are also believed to be looking into the possibility the suspect was fleeing an earlier knife incident when he reached the parade route 

…Chief Thompson said one officer fired at the vehicle in an unsuccessful bid to stop it, with witnesses saying it sped along the parade route and did not slow down even as it hit a schoolgirls’ dance troupe and elderly members of the Milwaukee Dancing Grannies, along with families sitting by the side of the road.

Dozens of pieces of footage – intended to capture joyous scenes from the annual event – ended up capturing the carnage instead, revealing the car traveled at least three blocks down the parade route before breaking through barriers and speeding away.

…Corey Montiho, a Waukesha school district board member, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that his daughter’s dance team – made up of girls aged between nine and 15 – was hit by the SUV.

‘There were pom-poms and shoes and spilled hot chocolate everywhere. I had to go from one crumpled body to the other to find my daughter,’ he said. ‘My wife and two daughters were almost hit.

‘I saw bodies flying. I ran down the parade route to find my girls. Addison, my daughter, heard someone yell ‘car’ and ran away. The girls right next to her were hit. ‘I was there. It was little kids and families… evil is real, fight it every chance you get.’

Others described how a moment of silence as people stood in shock gave way to screams of terror and scenes of chaos as people ran to tend to the wounded.

…’What took place in Waukesha today is sickening, and I have every confidence that those responsible will be brought to justice,’ tweeted the state’s top law enforcement officer, Attorney General Josh Kaul.


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  1. Jim, the perp’s 2020 tweet makes it clear that he enjoys the Knock Out (aka Knockout) Game, which is done by trying to knock a non-black person unconscious with just 1 blow, usually to the back of the head. This game is “played” by blacks against other races, and especially targets the elderly, or pregnant women. This guy TWICE mentioned knocking out white elderly people in that tweet… However, the latest from the MSM is that the guy is a homicidal maniac in general, who tried to kill the mother of his child by deliberately running over her with his vehicle, for which crime he only had to post $1000 bond. He was out on bail for that crime. So based on that murder attempt, MSM are trying to say it’s not racial for him, so not a hate crime. Either way, I say he needs the death penalty.

    • I forgot to mention something important about the Knockout game. After that 1st blow, the victim is often pounded or kicked over and over in the head until their brain turns to jelly. The victim often dies. The “game” can be played by 1 person or a crowd. Crowds of young people, teens thru 30s of ten do this, just for fun. My guess is that you somehow get more “points” if it only takes 1 blow. Mixed martial arts has greatly contributed to the rise of this game. It needs to be stopped! In St Louis, some elderly veterans had been beaten downtown, so some younger veterans “with skills” set up a sting and got some of the perps, who then had a hard time walking afterwards. That put a dent in the “game” for a while.

  2. Christmas parade SUV massacre:
    Uniquely American sorry to say. This could only of been grown and harvested within the extreme american racist, mass genocidal culture.
    A Christmas parade no less…
    I cannot see something like this happening in any other country in the world
    Mexico? Russia? Canada? Australia? North Korea? Iran? Iraq? China? Nigeria? India? Venezuela?
    No to all of those countries why the USA?

    Cannot blame politics or religion or Islamic terrorists, Catholic church, big pharma or the illuminati or Trump or Biden or Putin or lack of medication or CIA mind control for this mas
    s murder can you.

    We will see how they choose to “pin it” on .

    The why?
    Total asshole behind the wheel smashing through grandmothers and kids.

    He could of stopped you would think but was being chased by cops???

    “If so” cops should not of chased this fucker into an ongoing Christmas parade. They should of let him go,
    They knew who he was and they could of caught up to him later.

    “Its not what you see
    Its what you took”
    The Fuckedtones1989 “We Apologize”

  3. Rittenhouse verdict:
    Precedent now set that killing someone trying to take away your loaded AR15 even if you had just shot someone for some reason will be a “self defense” ruling in a Wisconsin court.
    So go ahead and shoot when those federal agents knock on door to take away your guns.

    Second guy killed was grabbing the AR15 gun by barrel, trying to take it away and was shot and killed.

    Third guy shot by Rittenhouse had a gun, so it was a gun battle now.
    He who hesitates will lose and he lost his arm in defeat, Rittenhouse blew his arm off in victory. Its all in self defense eh. If the rioter had shot first and killed Rittenhouse, he would of got off with a self defense charge too.

    Thats how the insane gun culture in USA works

    WW3 with USA/NATO nuking Russia and Russia nuking USA/NATO will be “self defense” by the “survivors” too. You see the insanity (or not)

    My solution: everyone who feels they absolutely need to have a gun can have one, but the deal is, they are taken to very large US federal prison with their guns and ammo too,
    Starve everyone until they become cannibals.
    They shoot and eat each other until no one left but one survivior.
    Survivor stoned to death by Jesus when he decides its a good time to return to earth.

    • Ask yourself, Konehead, what responsible parent would allow his 17-year-old son to go out into what was essentially an urban war zone, armed with an assault rifle because it looked cool?

  4. I wish him to burn in the hell. As a Russian, I bring condolences to all people, who suffered from that b@stard… (((

    • Targeted forever? BFD Jim. That doesn’t make survivors feel better. Some “folks” just need a little encouragement to engage deep seated hatreds planted by others. Hey, is that Kyle Rittenhouse driving a new Corvette?

    • Ferd…It has nothing to do with the survivors. Inmates just like killing people that kill kids. They enjoy it. As for Rittenhouse, if the protesters had not gone after him he would not have shot anybody. The cops would have picked him up anyway. The one guy with a gun, and who pulled it…that was game, set, match for Kyle walking. If I were all powerful I would have put his friend and his mother both in jail for facilitating put a kid in a situation like that. My mother would have beat me with a club for being that stupid, and thrown me out of the house.

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