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[ Editor’s Note: The Proud Boys, Oath Keepers and affiliates’ time has come to get subpoenas for the Insurrection riot and its planning. The Proud Boys were slick, working their way into the event as ‘unarmed security’ for those being investigated as planners of the event.

A delicate dance will begin on what we know they did from the video and photos, and then delving into their working closely on the big day with people like Roger Stone who hired them as private security.

That sets off alarm bells over why would Stone need private security when he was so close to Trump, with the Secret Service all around them in layers, plus the Capitol police?

Personally I would like to ask Roger why he felt he needed security at an event for diehard Trumpers? We had no reports of death threats to him on that day or before.

Might I suspect that Stone wanted trusted people he could deploy on critical missions, like passing messages to those tasked with breaching the Capitol, and like updates on whether the National Guard or other forces were on their way to reinforce the Capitol? The subpoenas might generate testimony where they perjure themselves so they can be charged.

We have had a lot of coverage about the planning of The Steal at the Willard Hotel, but not much on the nuts and bolts of how it would be accomplished while looking like the White House was just an innocent spectator.

Don’t forget that, while this is going on, the DoJ is rolling along on its own investigation, getting everything from the Jan 6 Committee, but holding the rest of what it knows until indictment time… Jim W. Dean ]

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Enrique Tarrio, Proud Boy

First published … November 23, 2021

The House committee issued subpoenas Tuesday to Proud Boys Chairman Enrique Tarrio and Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes, as well as both of the organizations they lead. It also subpoenaed a lower-profile far-right group, 1st Amendment Praetorian, along with its leader, Robert Patrick Lewis.

Committee Chair Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) said in a statement the panel sought information from those “reportedly involved with planning the attack, with the violent mob that stormed the Capitol on January 6th, or with efforts to overturn the results of the election,” and believed that the subpoenaed individuals and organizations had relevant information.

The Justice Department has already indicted dozens of members of the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers for participating in the Capitol siege and charged leaders of those groups with conspiring to stop Congress from certifying the 2020 election.

Those conspiracy cases are the most complex and significant that federal prosecutors have brought against the 700-plus defendants charged in connection with the Jan. 6 attack.

The Proud Boys is a far-right nationalist group that describes itself as a “pro-Western” organization.

…The federal judge presiding over the Oath Keepers case, Amit Mehta, recently said he believes Trump and his allies have been escaping accountability for stoking the attack with lies about the election while “pawns” who carried it out have been investigated and punished.

You can read the full Politico article here.


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  1. Thanks for the thoughtful comments on this. We are truly in a political civil war, with a twist of Cold War mixed in. But that I mean the number one rule during the Cold War was “there are no rules”. Those of us who lived through that are a bit blown away with what is going on now. In the former situation, a huge effort was put into hiding from the public the ‘no rules’ aspect. Now, a situation where I would have lost a sizeable bet, the ‘no rule’ game is in play, but with the Trumpers putting it right out there in our faces, with a ‘come and get us’ attitude. They are laughing at us as they know the DoJ is bound by some rules, while they are not. What I am seeing is what looks like a plan to just overwhelm law enforcement, the part not already on their side, particularly in the states where the battle is shifted to, and could be lost as State legislatures are more corrupt than Congress, and the citizens know less about it.

    • “There are two kinds of fascists, fascists and antifascists.” – Ennio Flaiano

      This is all street theater, Jim, like the brownshirts duking it out with the commies in 1933. Both sides are about creating as much chaos and disruption as possible, in preparation for what comes next, the Christo-fascism of Bannon and Trump.

  2. The “rioters” obviously believed they were on serious “business.”
    But did they seriously believe they were going to overthrow the government?
    It appears some had worked it out in their minds how it would shake out to that end.
    And the only way a ragtag bunch like that could have come to such an extreme conclusion would have been by having “assurances” from the very top “Commander;” as in in “if you guys do that little job for us down at the Capitol, we’ll take care of all the rest.”

    “””The Proud Boys is a far-right nationalist group that describes itself as a “pro-Western” organization.”””
    One of them must have thought he was some kind of Buffalo-spirit Indian Chief, and the rest of the gang were hop-along-Cassidys straight out of Blazing Saddles.

    • This is just like the brownshirts out in the streets mixing it up with the commies in Berlin 1933. They are most certainly patsies, but the real coup that will put Trump back in power is coming right up. As usual, it will be kicked off by a horrible false-flag attack on the USA, blamed on Iran, that will throw the nation into chaos and drive us into a nuclear conflict with Russia, just like Konehead predicted below.

  3. Oddsmakers in Las Vegas probably 100 to 1 Trump winning in 2024
    If pandemic continues and economy tanks any more.
    Democrats worried if they do punish “too much” it incites the mob even more to do whatever it takes for orange bastard to win 2024
    Seems like pandemic not going down like expected a year ago on rollout of vaccines,
    Numbers not trusted anyways (either way) as political suicide to tell the truth as it always is on any subject
    Economy huge snowball of debt collecting more debt.
    Idea for fixing US economy would be sabotage the Chinese economy, start a flu epidemic in their no1 industrial city using a SARS virus, which shuts down Chinese industry.
    Maybe start something with Iran, have the US go into Mussolini war-economy even more than it already is. Assasinate Iranian leaders with drone attacks followed by another much more deadly flu virus injected into government offiicea and underground nuclear facilities. Say it came from china,
    How about naval blockades and seizing all Iranian and Venezuelan assets and anyone doing business with them punished.
    What worries me most is false flag attack by NATO/US on Russia, for example sabotage of nuke power plant which contaminates large area of Russia (or Belarus) US public can be convinced easily by media it was Russias fault as shoddy welds or poor design, While Russia will not, and retaliate and its WW3

  4. It remains to be seen if these thugs got some kind of plea deal to spill the beans on everything they know. I hope so. Trump can complain all he wants about executive privilege but when one of his patsies is looking at years in prison while he skates off to Israel… Don’t think these dudes are about to do that for him.

    • Being as how he stiffed every contractor that ever worked for him, that’s how much a promise from him is worth… zilch.

    • The catch will be promises made that they will be pardoned when Trump wins in 2024 and they would be compensated for their time in jail and set up for life. Then they would have to calculate how much a promise from Trump was worth.

    • You know that all the wars of this century made no sense whatsoever, Jim. We were driven into them by the same folks who are still controlling the USA to this very day. They were designed to bankrupt us both financially and morally. Netanyahu bragged about this in 1990 at Fink’s Bar in Jerusalem. Why didn’t we pay attention?

    • Tommy, Re: promise is zilch. Trump and his dark money funders will look after his brownshirts as they are both disposable and replaceable. What has me rattled is how effective the death threat program has been, sending Dem campaign workers running for cover, and I have seen only a couple of the callers getting charges. Please email me any that you ever see. I fear the cops are already overwhelmed, with reduction in manpowere with anti-vaxers quiting, and the threat calls fearlessly going right in to Congressmen not, and not really front page news, but backpage. What’s up wid dat? Even the Biden has not made it an issue, I suspect due to being advised that it would just advertise how effective the threat campaign has been, and it took Reuters to run a batch of these people down, even getting extensive interviews.

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