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[ Editor’s Note: These redneck idiots could have called 911 if they had half a brain among the three of them. But it seems that would have cheated them out of the fun they wanted to have by ‘arresting’ a black man in a T-shirt and shorts carrying nothing, over reports of stolen neighborhood property that no one ever really made.

The silver lining in this case is that hopefully it will teach a lot of other rednecks how to dial 911 in a ‘suspicious’ person situation. These guys will now be American poster children on the pitfalls of vigilantism.

The comment by one of them, part of the evidence against them, was they “trapped him like a rat” when they had finally cornered Arbery while he jogged at a typical jogger pace, not like someone running from a burglary with a bunch of power tools hidden under his T-shirt, or in his shorts.

Much of America saw this as a ‘jogging while black’ case. A week or so ago, I watched the YouTube interview of the owner of the house that the Three Amigos ‘felt’ had been robbed. But the owner said that he had always reviewed the wireless security camera footage when it was tripped by movement inside the house he was building.

He stated he never saw anything taken, never found anything missing, had never made a police report, and had never been called by the three Amigos to check on the rumors.

Sentencing will take place at a later date, and then the appeals will begin. Compensation for the Arbery family might be difficult, assuming the three perps are buried in legal bills.

Hopefully this case might save some lives in the future from stupid people not doing similar things. This one, and the Christmas parade slaughter, will be remembered for a long time.

All these losers had to do was to call 911 and let a cop talk to Arbery, but no…that would have cheated them out of the fun they wanted to have. These were fantasy lynch mob scumbags. I am not biased in saying this. It is just an observation… Jim W. Dean ]

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Three bad mistakes, Arbery killers

First published … November 24, 2021

The three men on trial in the killing of Ahmaud Arbery were convicted Wednesday by a Georgia jury on murder charges, closing a case that became a fixture of debates about racial injustice in America.

The three convicted in Arbery’s death are Greg and Travis McMichael, a father and son who chased after Arbery in February of 2020 in a pickup truck after they saw him running through their neighborhood, and their neighbor William “Roddie” Bryan, who recorded cellphone footage of Travis McMichael shooting Arbery.

The jury was not persuaded by the McMichaels’ claims that they pursued Arbery because they thought he was a burglar. The defense blamed Arbery for his own death, arguing in court that his resistance to the men’s attempts to detain him before police arrived led Travis McMichael to fear for his life and fire the fatal shotgun rounds.

Each of the men was found guilty on multiple murder counts, as well as charges of aggravated assault and false imprisonment, and all three face potential sentences of life in prison without the possibility of parole. However, only Travis McMichael was convicted of all nine charges brought against each of them.

…Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, a Republican, said that Arbery “was the victim of a vigilantism that has no place in Georgia.”

You can read the full Politico article here.

Also, Microsoft News has a very readable coverage on the verdict here, with lots of quotes.


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  1. Big difference between Rottenburger and Ahmaud trials, is that the Feds involved with Ahmaud’s, and they were not going to let KKK style lynching with pickup trucks and shotgun go unpunished.
    The feds left it all to Wisconsin with the two mediocre state prosecutors and flippant judge uninterested in ruining careers in justice for victims, all of whom felons and rioters.
    Only thing the Feds really did do was Biden calling the AR15 toting crybaby a white supremacist which was stupid to say really – its like he got the two cases mixed up as the three guys in pickup trucks white supremacists for sure, but not the crybaby murdering dumbshit kid. He killed because of showing off his AR15 and some rioters wanted to kill him for it.
    Why big deal about 17 yr old crossing state lines (his mom driving!) with an AR15, is if they could prove he did cross state lines with the rifle, then they could pull in the Feds and they could slam the shit out of him.
    Even if he gets away with murder on self defense, they could at least nail him on gun charges and have him do some time, plus charge mom with adding and abetting as well.
    BUT refuted, by easy LIE Rottenburger kept the gun locked in safe at his stepfathers house which I dont believe for a second, but its innocent until proven guilty eh.

  2. Lets not forget that the original DA got busted for delaying charging the perps because one of them had been an ‘investigator’ for her, hence she was looking out for him. The State wisely stepped in and made and example of her, and not a peep of news about her since. BTW, a correction on the jury makeup, only one black not two. The entire black community is astonished, especially by the quick deliberation, and in the ‘denigrated south’ of all places. This is going to be an historic prosecution and will have influence on the future. Over the weekend we should start hearing from these jurors. The only black one will have quite a story to tell. Arbery will end up with a statute somewhere locally, the ones they put of for turning point events. As for the ‘three amigos’, they should have their own monument out of fairness, with the caption, “we cornered him like a rat”…pure Klu Kluz Klan shit there.

  3. Regardless what you think or you drink;
    The subliminal and in your face messaging is clear:

    Do not try and take away anyone’s gun in the USA with it’s insane personal gun culture, or you will be killed.

    Second guy in Kenosha riots while not carrying a gun, was killed instantly while grabbing barrel of AR15 from vigilante toter-tot; in trying to take it away from him.

    Ahmaud Avery also not carrying a gun, was killed exact same way but trying to take away a shotgun not an AR15, and this had same result

    • Let me ask you, Konehead, would you as a parent let your 17-year-old son go out at night into a riot zone armed with an assault rifle because it looked cool? I know that in Belarus this would be unthinkable, but in the USA…

    • Dear Konehead, Your name fits by the way. Thanks for using it. Generally only ‘rumbler types who have nothing better to do go out for an evening of street rioting. I would suggest to them that they wathc NetFlix instead. Anybody that chase a gut with an AR-15 and tries to take it way from him, which he they can use to shoot the owner, has just ‘put themselves in play’. This is a ‘young person thing’. You willing usually not see an older person with some maturity do something like this. This guy will go down in history for chasing a guy on a skate board and attacking him with it, to take the gun. He made a very bad avoidable mistake, one which had a sad event, but also his full participation. Again, you will never see Gordon or I doing something so stupid. We would not have done so at this idiot’s either.

  4. “We” all know, this is the case where one of 3 perps, did not get informed or did not trust if he did, about the cover up at the DA’s office. Due to this, he released the video on counsels advice, which was proper in many scenarios. But,..this is how it ended.
    This has been a common case that 92% of the time is covered up. The closing argument by the prosecution is noteworthy. There is much to do.

  5. “Hopefully this case might save some lives in the future from stupid people not doing similar things” … Jim you mean baby rednecks like Rittenhouse will suddenly change and become human instead of the cockroaches that they are with a newer and fancier gun ?

    • These two cases are totally different. Rittenhouse was armed, and of those chasing him, only the one shot in the arm had a pistol. Rittenhouse did not chase the first guy down and shoot him. The witnesses said that the convicted child molestor and druggie (oh yes, on his record but left out of the news) was ‘hyper aggressive’ and going after Rittenhouse. A shot ringing out close by at the same time also was a factor. If the crowd had not chased Rittenhouse, and just let the cops pick him up from the phone videos, the other two would not have been shot. You will never see an unarmed Gordon or Jim chasing a guy with an AR-15 to ‘hold him for the police’. Our mamas didn’t raise no fools. I still don’t know why Rittenhouse’s mother was not charged for taking him there at 17. My mother was a big believer in corporal punishement, would have read me the riot act. If I went anyway, she would have had the locks changed on the door when I got home with a ‘goodbye,enjoy being independent’ note taped on the door. And lastly, the stupid kid did not understand that being in that environment without at least one more armed security person with him was total insanity, which is why young people have to be ‘supervised’. At the end of the day, with the $2 million defense fund, guess who the real winners were, the ones that always win. What a pair of bookends the Arbery case makes with Rittenhouse.

    • The two are the same and unless you publish my link that I posted right below this post gunviolencearchive dot org no one will realize that the US has a gun problem that has been swept under the rug for decades. It’s a comprehensive archive up to date of every mass shootings every day at times a few times a day.

    • Newt. “Good guys” who have personal arsenals in their basements for protection and target practice are in this mix. Guns were invented to wound or kill people not blow holes in paper targets. Violence begets violence. The USA has proven this over and over. We can live with it or move to Switzerland.

    • You’re off by a large margin Ferdinand. I sold all my guns before moving up to Quebec. And speaking of Swiss, my stumping ground, they are not retarded like the people I left behind.

  6. The DA’s are going down too, that tried to prevent charges from being brought. The way Georgia has always done it, backfired on these guys. I was surprised the 3rd guy, was found guilty on all charges but one I think, but these laws were meant to throw black people in jail by the bunches. Anyone there, aiding or facilitating in any way, guilty of same charge.

  7. They did not have the basis for a citizen’s arrest under Georgia law. Not even close. That issues should be have been even considered by the jury but I feel the judge felt he had to to be evenhanded. Once you through out the citizen’s arrest argument it was game over. The jury got it right.

    • “All the racist dog-whistles will be blaring away.” Then they will fall on dead ears. We had, if I remember clearly, 10 whites and two blacks on the jury. These verdicts are bullet proof from a ‘biased’ jury claim. This way absolutely a modern day lynching guys, with the only difference being they used a shot gun instead of a rope. The third guy was cut some slack because he was not physically involved in the shooting (3 times with a shotgun). If they have ruled ‘not guilty’ it might have been a new riot time. Hopefully we will hear from the jury, and then maybe not much. The white guys might be shunned by the super rednecks, but the two black ones will tell us about the deliberations. If these three ass holes weren’t guilty then nobody is safe. Can you imagine if this had happended to a white guy jogging through a black neighborhood with a video like this? Look how quickly Gov. Kemp got in front of the reaction with the vigilante comment. He does not want this getting endless news coverage when he has bigger fish to fry, like not getting fried himself.

    • I hope you’re right Jim. The Cult of Trump are not the brightest bulbs on the Christmas tree. That they’ve totally bought into the big lie that Trump won the election is proof enough of that. And, they’re likely to pull out a gun and shoot you as look at you.

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