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  1. Once Upon a Time in UKRAINE is a 1995 comedy-drama written and directed by “the Bolshevists” Produced by the Rockefeller group and Soros, distributed by the ANTI-CHRISTIAN, it is a co-production between the United States, United Kingdom…
    Today they are no more Ukraine Christian, alive…
    Only Russians Christians living on that part of territory trying to scape from this Group…
    The result it is therefore, trying to joying mother Russia.

  2. The kneejerk reaction that Yanukovich bailing was a US coup are also lazy, not just in ignoring that Ukraine gets it’s $ from USA regardless, and that it was an EU deal he blocked, but also the popular support for it.
    I’ve been all over Ukraine, and seen thousands of things marketed as “European-Style” this or that. A quick interwebs search shows 69% favor joining EU. (2021 poll.)

    Obviously, the same result woulda happened shortly in elections anyway. Only, absent Putin’s “justification”.

  3. Didn’t USA… and Russia, and others, have a treaty to respect Ukraine territory in exchange for them giving up their nukes?

    Maybe nobody honored it because… Well just outta habit for USA, but also because Ukraine’s nukes weren’t “invincible” like those manchild Putin showed raining down on Florida. SMH, FFS.

  4. That this is always presented in our illustrious MSM as Russian aggression totally ignores how the USA coup in Ukraine over-threw the legitimate government and installed a neo-Nazi regime that takes orders from NATO. Again, this is not a war that can be won. It will go nuclear within hours. WWIII, here we come, folks.

    • Tommy, no one will ever start a war, especially a nuclear one, because of the puppet government of Ukraine. The hawks from the United States have long understood that the Crimea (read – control on the Black Sea and a beautiful naval base) has sailed away from under their noses. There is nothing else of value left in Ukraine. Well, except for feeding nationalists with weapons and keeping them as a point of tension with Russia. Americans will never fight for Ukraine. Because they just don’t care anymore.

    • Hope you’re right, Andrew. But, we have 40 million Christian Zionists in the USA who say you’re wrong.

    • Why does it gotta be USA? Is the EU Mary Poppins?

      It was an EU, not US deal Yanukovich blocked.

      Seems like Ukraine gets it’s $ from US regardless, as the always-misrepresented $5B quote from Nuland already proved at the time.

    • And even if it was USA, how does that justify invasion?

      So USA shoulda been invaded because of the 1/6 coup attempt?

    • Andrew, the value of Ukraine to the West to have it as a sacrificial battlefield in the next war where a NATO first strike force will be stationed to ‘protect’ Ukraine, but will be sealing its doom as the Russians will have to eliminate those first strike weapons positions befor they are fired, as a justifiable defensive move, but which of course will be spun by weastern ‘no free’ media as wanton aggression.

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