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[ Editor’s Note: I feared this is where we would end up on getting a revived JCPOA deal. Both sides are intent on not ‘losing face’. The new Iran regime would look weak in allowing its former JCPOA partners to continue stiffing it on the original deal, or even thinking about renegotiating a new deal.

The latter group has zero credibility, put on full display with its insistence that Iran come back under Western nuclear sanctions when Iran’s arch enemy, a fully nuclear weaponized Israel, leaves the Western clowns pretending that leaving the Zionists as the only major nuclear power in the region is somehow a good thing for the rest of us.

Simply put, the Western JCPOA members have consistently refused to provide Iran the economic benefits of the deal. The US went further in imposing even more sanctions on Iran at the behest of the Israelis, who have much control of US foreign policy, but no one in the US government seems to acknowledge what an incredible security risk that is for us.

As a cheap diversion, even the Democrats under Biden feel that politically they also have to stiff Iran on the JCPOA via offering a ‘renegotiated’ deal, but don’t want to call it that. They fear the domestic political fallout on top of all the other political chaos.

As habitual risk avoiders, it will be easier for the Dems to blame any Iran deal blow up on Iran, which, several plays on the chessboard later, gains them no advantage, since the Repubs will team up with Israel to demand military action against Iran and hammer Biden if he does not, screaming that ‘he is weak’.

As Gordon does so love to say, “Welcome to how the world really works.” We are just along for the ride on the foreign policy issues. Our Congress will always serve Israel’s interests over ours, as the American public does not have nuclear weapons to use on our government, as Israel does. And that is one hell of a bite in the behind… Jim W. Dean ]

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Iran is not sitting still while under sanctions, countering them via improved conventional weapons defense and nuclear deterrent, just like Israel has

First published November 30, 2021

In a sense, the world has been here before. As Iran advanced its nuclear program prior to the 2015 deal, much of the same brinkmanship was at play, including Israel’s insistence that it would use military force to destroy the Iranian program.

But the stakes are arguably higher now. Iran’s nuclear program — which Tehran has always maintained is for peaceful purposes, not a bomb — is more advanced, and Iranian leaders are less optimistic about the benefits of potential sanctions relief.

Just this past week, Iranian officials were unwilling to strike an agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency, a U.N. body, to restore some of its access to inspect Iranian nuclear sites — behavior that rang alarm bells in Europe and led to warnings from Washington, but did not result in a censure resolution against Iran as some regime critics had hoped.

…“It’s tough to look at the current situation and not have a fairly bleak outlook,” said Henry Rome, an Iran analyst with the Eurasia Group. “Expectations are extremely low for any progress.”

…“I think it’s important to understand that the main goal of the new Iranian regime is to portray strength and intransigence,” a Western diplomat familiar with the nuclear negotiations told POLITICO. “Economic calculations currently don’t play such a big role.”


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  1. I’m continually amused over the many prognostications from politicians as to the ‘negotiations’. As if there were ever going to be negotiations at all. As if BidenCorp was ever going to do anything different than TrampCo. Even the Russians were on board this train to nowhere…continually saying there was no impasse and things could soon work out. I knew then the Russians were on board with this continued adversarial stance fostered by we-know-who. There was never and will never be any negotiations over JCPOA. The only possible outcome would be Iran capitulating over their missile systems, suicide. This continued fairy tale is just that. It also provides ‘proof’ that Iran is being intransigent and that a possible international action may be necessary to obey the leech state by their infiltraitors world-wide. That ALL the external ‘influences’ keep referring to negotiations, rather than Iran’s correct assumption that those that broke the agreement have the onus to return under the agreed upon pact. Does this even vaguely sound as if there will be a break in the impasse? Biden even hints there might be more sanctions? Possible military action? Intended to intimidate the Iranians, this only shows them to the need to keep their powder dry.

  2. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!– MISTAKE. –!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Iran should set a deadline, after which it will no longer negotiate a return to the JPOCA, if the sole nuclear bomb power in the region agrees to also become a signatory to the NPT……

  3. Time for Iran to set a deadline, after which they will only negotiate IF the sole nuclear power in the region becomes a signatory to the deal. HighlightING the hypocrisy of placing restrictions on Iran and none on the seemingly aggrevde party doing all the shouting about proliferation. Perhaps all the hoopla about China building on islands i’s to add pressure to prevent China from protecting Iran in any way. But especially a NATO like declaration that any attack on Iran will bring tit for tat response from China.

  4. “Our Congress will always serve Israel’s interests over ours, as the American public does not have nuclear weapons to use on our government, as Israel does.”

    Wowee-zowee Jim, you pulled no punch on that one!!!

    But if the “American public” fully understood the significance and depth of your observation, they wouldn’t need nuclear weapons to exert their influence.

    • The “American public” is totally brainwashed when it comes to Israel, taken in by the notion that the European Ashkenazim are somehow the rightful heirs not only to all of Palestine, but Greater Israel, from the Nile to the Euphrates. This fits right in with their view of themselves as being “chosen” by God to displace and murder the indigenous of North America, steal their land, and send troops all over the planet to “defend” our freedom. For those who don’t believe this is true, just ask any Native American or any Palestinian to explain it to you.

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