The Oppressed Sardasht as the Symbol of Human Rights

…from the Association for Defending the Victims of Terrorism

[ Editor’s Note: We thought that, after a few years of ADVT’s activities, more Western countries would pick up the ball with starting their own memorial associations for the victims of terrorism.

With this event they are honoring chemical weapons victims. The US supplied Saddam the chemical weapons he use to rain down on Iranian cities during the Iran-Iraq war.

This was exposed when after Saddam went down, US forces hunting for the supposed Saddam chemical weapons discovered some, but quickly covered up with the names on the crates, which were big US defense corporations. As Gordon does so love to say, “Welcome to how the world really works”.

During my last New Horizons trip to Iran, where the attendees were allowed to tour a number of cities on lecture tours after the event, I met the children and grandchildren that remember hiding in the bomb shelters with chemical weapons being used on cities.

I had to tell them that Americans, with their ‘free press’, knew almost nothing about this. All of these young people had KIA family members from that long war.

But surprisingly it seems to be something that they shy away from. Could it be that they fear that might trigger reporting of Western Intel having long used proxy terrorism whenever and wherever it suited them?

Or was that maybe due the fact that, after they had unleashed it on others, it boomeranged back onto their own populations, especially in Europe, so they chose to keep it more low key?

Remember how after 9-11 a campaign was cranked up for an expected wave of retaliatory terrorism to roll across the US, like shopping center bombings, kindergarten bombings, etc…in retaliation for all those murdered by US proxy terrorists?

Certainly the 9-11 trauma was expected to balance out the body count with a campaign of death from a pre-positioned terror force. But it did not happen. After a few years, the FBI was reduced to manufacturing cases via grooming sting candidates, a low point in their history and all swept under the rug now.

ADVT honors all the victims of terrorism around the world, leading the way, but with no other country joining them even after all this time. I suspect they are embarrassed and prefer to look away from it, the easy path… Jim W. Dean ]

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Great Hall for the martyrs of the ‘Ta fir’ terror bombing – This Western terror attack had the ‘audio technician bomber put explosives in all of the speakers placed around the room. When he left for lunch, he set the timer and decapitated a substantial chunk of the Iranian ledership, an act for which they have never responded in kind. But someone did murder the bomber a few years ago in France.

First published December 05, 2021

June 28, 1987 is a reminder of the brutality of the Middle Ages in the glory days of human civilization, which suddenly put a city with men, women and children in the arms of death and permanent injuries by means of chemical bombs.

But this incident, in a strange connection, renewed another great pain in the hearts of the Iranian people caused by the evil on June 29, 1981.

Mohammad-Reza Kolahi

More significantly, both of these catastrophes were somehow linked to Saddam, former criminal of Iraqi and in later years to the European country of the Netherlands when Mohammad Reza Kolahi received asylum status in the country and the supply of chemical weapons by a Dutch businessman to Saddam.

The oppressed Sardasht deserves to be the torchbearer of human rights in the world due to the fact that it has thousands of martyrs and wounded in the crime of Saddam, the former dictator of Iraq.

People of this city deserve to ​​take legal action against the worst case of chemical crime against humanity and all individuals, institutions and governments allied with Saddam in this catastrophe including manufacturers of chemical weapons, supporters and other stewards.

The philosophy of the trial and the value of each court are formed in clarifying the truth and access to justice. Local authorities, with the help of elites and thinkers, should rightfully file a lawsuit and after thirty-four years of inaction of the authorities of other states, and respond to the historic demand of the oppressed Sardasht as a cornerstone in the element of justice.

Obviously, in this process, the Attorney General, as the guardian of the public interest, has a fundamental and prominent role and he must use the power given by the society as the public prosecutor, without any consideration and influence, and fulfill the rights of the victims.

November 30, as the Day of Remembrance for All Victims of Chemical Warfare, is an opportunity to commemorate the memory of all victims of chemical weapons and to call on world leaders and international organizations, especially the United Nations, to live up to their promises and commitments in accordance with the UN and other international instruments and take effective and deterrent action for victims and chemical warfare.

The Association for Defending Victims of Terrorism, while sympathizing with the survivors and wishing an immediate recovery for the victims of Saddam’s crime, calls on judicial officials, especially the Attorney General, the Ministers of Justice, Foreign Affairs, Interior and Health of the Islamic Republic of Iran to help the local authorities, who are competent to investigate according to the legal rule of the crime scene, investigate this crime against humanity in the city of Sardasht.

So Sardasht can proudly establish itself in a legal process as a symbol of human rights in the world.


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  1. If war did not exist, society would naturally reach a state of harmony, balance, stability, equality, plenty, and unbounded advancement in life enhancement.
    War, is the tool used to disrupt the distribution of equal benefits of human acheivemeant to all mankind, and funnel all the goodies to the war makers.
    Or something like that.

    • You realize this was all the fault of Jesus, don’t you? If he hadn’t thrown the moneychangers out of the Temple they wouldn’t have been so pissed off at Him. They wouldn’t have morphed into what St. Paul called the “powers that be.” They wouldn’t have been so driven to financialize every aspect of human life on the planet and forced us into every horrible war we’ve fought for centuries. We wouldn’t be on the brink of fighting the BIG ONE, that will be the end of humanity and the beginning of God only knows what.

    • Amen on all that. When you think of the mass war funding pissed away that could have gone into building the human race into an advanced on. The Rothschilds still amaze me as to their having spotted the Holy Grail that funding national wars would be, via war production and rebuilding from the ashes requiring loans. And all we have is the UN’s pitiful charter, the only attempt to pledge to stop the insanity, and of course was paid not any attention to by the Great Powers. Israel is the most glaring example. “You want to oversee our nuclear program? FUCK YOU! and What are you going to do about it?”

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