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[ Editor’s Note: Well, here comes the Assange story once again, right in the middle of a heavy news cycle. I suspect this will be a one to three day media story about his extradition news and reviews of the past story, and then die out.

Why? That would be because the slow wheels of justice, appeals, etc., will not be headline news that can compete with the zingers that major organizations are seeding on a daily basis for the stories that will pull the most clicks. Welcome to that world.

VT has had its own concerns about Assange, suspicious ones, which we have published many times. But there is so much to cover now Mr. Assange is not high on the list compared to the ongoing ‘new coup’ we have in progress here, that makes the Assange event look like child’s play.

While the Trumpers are throwing all legal and other impediments into the path of the Jan 6 committee, they are also working full steam to use state legislatures to make sure future elections come out ‘correctly’ by stacking their people into the election administration key slots that determine outcomes of challenges.

Legally nibbling around the edges will most probably not be able to stop this. But, that scenario, the fuel for it is all from ‘The Steal’ maintaining its momentum. A bunch of criminal cases that can establish solid evidence of the seditious insurrection on Jan 6 could really damage the Trump train.

When queried about what the status of the battle was, the generals of long fought wars would traditionally respond, “The issue is still in doubt”Jim W. Dean ]

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The truth about Wikileaks isn’t pretty either

First published … December 10, 2021

The High Court ruled Friday that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange can be extradited to the United States to face charges of violating the Espionage Act.

…Stella Moris, Assange’s partner, mother of his two children and his former lawyer, said they will file a final appeal to the British Supreme Court, which would hear the case only if the court believes it involves a point of law “of general public importance.” That process could take weeks or months.

If the British Supreme Court court declines to hear Assange’s final appeal, he could seek a stay of extradition from the European Court of Human Rights — to whose jurisdiction Britain is still subject — a substantial legal hurdle.

…“How can it be fair, how can it be right, how can it be possible, to extradite Julian to the very country which plotted to kill him?” Moris said, in reference to a Yahoo News report that members of the Trump administration had discussed kidnapping Assange or having him assassinated.

“We will appeal this decision at the earliest possible moment,” Moris said.

…Judge Timothy Holroyde said the assurances offered over the conditions of Assange’s incarceration in the United States were both “sufficient” and “solemn undertakings,” promised from one government to another.

You can read the full Washington Post story here.


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  1. The most egregious excerpt from this saga, was when Evo Morales , the first Indigenous President of Boliva,..had his plane forced down.

    Oct 2015 he became the longest serving president of Bolivia, and this was said at the time,..”attributes his enduring popularity not to anti-imperialist rhetoric but his “extraordinary socio-economic reforms,” which resulted in poverty and extreme poverty declining by 25% and 43% respectively.[265] Bolivia’s newly implemented universal healthcare system has been cited as a model for all by the World Health Organization” One of the ways he got there was extracting the Catholic church from its favored status in the Bolivian constitution , and promoting what most in the US are now fighting for….

    • ….”The ideal was a “secular education that respects the beliefs, the spirituality of indigenous and native nations and of the Bolivian nations as the basis of individual and communitarian rights.” The Bolivian Roman Catholic hierarchy immediately opposed this proposal and saw it as an attack on religion in Bolivia. They were outspoken against the measure and organized protests against it.”
      See, in countries where the church can lead and organize protests, that is what they do. In the US they cannot, so they infiltrate and rip out from inside. I don’t need anyone to tell me who holds my chain.

    • Morales had been outspoken about his support for Assange,..and what is quizzical to me, is why are so many prisoner deals going on between the US and Britain ?
      We have Maxwell on trial, and the Assange extradition goes through ? Wow, that is quite a coincidence. Andrew under subpoena , and soooo many British companies pushing big projects in the US.
      When it was publicly blatant, that Powell had a direct line to wikileaks,..I thought back to 2010 , when the whole lamb thingy was going on. I think we are getting Assange for leniency on Maxwell. Boy do things come in clumps. ,,,,……clumps clumps clumps
      And btw,….since when does Britain hold people in maximum security to make sure other countries do not mistreat them, unless it is Assange and the Kings daughter and wife from down where they keep their oil ? Yer Littler Dog Too !!!!!

    • I try to stay in the primordial. When we “broke free of Britain”, there are those who do not see it that way, and oppose our authority to do so, and object to any attempt do so. They live tax free on this land collecting billions. Their “Bulls” have been cited in our SC in 2007 as reasoning to take land from Indigenous. They seek positions in our courts and elected places.
      The message of the pillow, (another recurring theme) on Scalia’s face was not for us I do not think. I want a transparent and public trial if any are to be held, for a journalist, ANY journalist, and I want it to be very very careful. We are faced with jailing a president, stopping wars, and what a coincidence, a foreign based divide and conquer media blitzkrieg. NOT a surprise.
      Assange does not make my list of most wanted at all.

    • My first question to AssangeP: Do you or anyone you have worked with, have access to damaging information involving Catholic Priests, Bishops or Cardinals, or contracted individuals, politicians or nation state employees, in any way being involved in an international conspiracy to conceal or relocate pedophile priests ? Other than the Royal Family of Britain.

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