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[ Editor’s Note: Cleveland Meredith Jr. gets away with just a 28 month sentence, with 11 months already served in the DC jail. He is a poster boy Trumper, mental problems, the kind QAnon hoovers up, and so does the Trump campaign.

Is this guy a nut? What do you think?

Social media is the new crack cocaine for these people. They are not just doing what they do, but publicizing themselves on social media and keeping the family up to date, your typical wanting to get attention young kid, but this one at 53 and running around with an arsenal.

Surprisingly nothing is reported about how he supported himself, nor anything from old school friends, neighbors, things that used to be routine reporting that seem banned now as an invasion of hoodlums’ privacy.

Meredith will be out in time to work on the Trump presidential campaign 2024, maybe even as a paid worker. We have seen a pattern of the Trump mob sucking in violence prone people, the kind that can serve as a campaign worker threat terror force when needed.

From what I can see so far, law enforcement on finding and charging those doing the threats has been lax, an apparent problem at the state level, especially in Red states. Where is the media shining the spot light on this huge oversight? … Jim W. Dean ]

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First published December 14,2021

A QAnon follower from Georgia who brought an arsenal of weapons to Washington just after the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol was sentenced Tuesday to 28 months in prison for making crude threats to kill Speaker Nancy Pelosi and D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser.

During a sentencing hearing that spanned more than three hours, Jackson read aloud the series of texts Meredith sent during a drive from Colorado to D.C. and after he arrived in Washington.

…“Thinking about heading over to Pelosi [expletive]’s speech and putting a bullet in her noggin on Live TV,” Meredith wrote in a message to his uncle on Jan. 7. “I may wander over to the Mayor’s office and put a 5.56 in her skull,” Meredith added in an earlier message.

…When a family member messaged Meredith that Trump had called for his supporters to go home peacefully, Meredith said that was impossible. “Bullshit. He wants heads and I’m going to deliver,” Meredith wrote.

… “The heated inflammatory rhetoric that brought the defendant to the district has not subsided,” the judge said. “The lie that the election was stolen and illegitimate is still being perpetrated. Indeed, it’s being amplified not only on social media, but on mainstream news outlets and…it’s become heresy for the former president’s party to say otherwise.”


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  1. Guys I know there is not much to say about Vienna and the Israeli firsters doing their usual charade with Iran but I haven’t seen a single word from anyone here. Mohammad Marandi on his twitter page pipes down on an hourly basis every single Washington media or think tank pundit and there many from the Saudis to the Anti Iranians to the Israelis in the Biden cabinet with their warmongering lying for Israel rhetoric that exposes them as total frauds writing for major publications and networks.

  2. You know….?
    Considering how the 9/11 false-flag episode slowly unfolded over a course of time, revealing the true nature of what really went down that day; it should not be forgotten how much power the mainstream media has to construct a completely false, and fake reality. (I don’t think that double fakery cancels itself)

    Anyway, just surmising the possibility of Trump being right, and that maybe the Democrats really did steal the election.

    Now after the Alice in wonderland fakery pulled on 9/11, you can’t say that it’s totally impossible. Improbable, maybe.

    I think they’ve got us where they want us.
    We can be made to believe anything.
    And then, if necessary, made to unbelieve it.

    • If the Dems did Steal it Trump and gang lost 60 court cases and that list will be growing. Most Trumpers don’t realy care about whether it was Stolen because just saying it was without a single judge buying it has worked fine for them up til now. The House is voting on Meadows contempt now, and will pass tonight. The Committee report they put out is legally devastating. The lawyers made a bundle on Meadows on a hopeless case, with all Supreme Court case precedents pooping on his privilege claims, which his attornies were smart enough to know was coming because they can read the history. Here is the link, a major historical document: file:///C:/Downloads/HRPT-117-NA.pdf

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