JEA: Long before David Duke published The Secret Behind Communism (in 2013), which I think is a good read, Maurice Pinay published The Plot Against the Church in 1962. The book certainly was ahead of the curve, for it methodically and scholarly describes the key players behind the communist ideology.

In my opinion, Pinay’s assessment is congruent with what Winston Churchill wrote in “Zionism vs. Bolshevism: The Struggle for the Soul of the Jewish People.” Churchill, a thorough Zionist, did not hesitate to say that Bolshevism and all its offshoots were “diabolical.” Churchill declared:

“From the days of Spartacus-Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx, and down to Trotsky (Russia), Bela Kun (Hungary), Rosa Luxembourg (Germany), and Emma Goldman (United States), this world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilisation and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality, has been steadily growing.

“It played, as a modern writer, Mrs. Webster, has so ably shown, a definitely recognizable part in the tragedy of the French Revolution. It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the Nineteenth Century; and now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads and have become practically the undisputed masters of that enormous empire.”[1]

The following excerpts are from chapter 2 of Pinay’s The Plot Against the Church. I did not feel it was necessary to place Pinay’s sources here because they are mostly in French and Spanish.

Maurice Pinay

There is absolutely no doubt, that the Jews are the inventors of Communism; for they have been the instigators of the dogma, upon which that monstrous system is built, which at present with absolute power rules the greatest part of Europe and Asia, which stirs up the lands of America and with progressive certainty floods over all Christian peoples of the world like a deadly cancerous growth, like a tumour, which steadily devours the core of the free nations, without apparently an effective means of cure being found against this disease.

But the Jews are also the inventors and directors of the Communist methods, of effective tactics of struggle, of the insensitive and totally inhuman government policy and of aggressive international strategy. It is a completely proven fact that the Communist theoreticians were all Jews, unheeded of what system the Jews lastingly use, as well as the theoreticians and the experienced revolutionaries, which has veiled from the eyes of the people, where they lived, their true origin.

  1. Karl Heinrich Marx was a German Jew, whose real name was Kissel Mordekay, born in Trier, Rhineland, son of a Jewish lawyer. Before his famous work “Das Kapital” which contains the fundamental idea of theoretical Communism, whose concepts he strove with inexhaustible activity up to his death in the year 1887 to spread over the world, he had written and published with the Jew Engels in the year 1848 the Communist Manifesto in London; between 1843 and 1847 he had formulated in England the first modern interpretation of Hebrew Nationalism in his articles, as in the publication in the year 1844 in the periodical “Deutsch-Franzosische Jahrbücher” (German-French Year Books) under the title “Concerning the Jewish question”, which shows an ultra-national tendency.
  2. Friedrich Engels, creator of the “First International”, and close collaborator of Marx, was a Jew and born in Bremen (Germany). His father was a Jewish cotton merchant of the city. Engels died in the year 1894.
  3. Karl Kautski, whose real name was Kraus, was the author of the book “The Beginnings of Christianity”, in which he mainly combats the principles of Christianity. He was the most important interpreter of Karl Marx and in 1887 published “The Economic Doctrine of Karl Marx Made Intelligible for All.” “The Bloodbath of Chisinaw and the Jewish Question”, in the year 1903, “The Class Struggle”, which for Mao-Tse-Tung in China was the fundamental book for Communist instruction; and the work with the title “The Vanguard of Socialism”, in the year 1921. He was also the author of the “Socialist Programme” from Erfurt/Germany. This Jew was born in the year 1854 in Prague and died in 1938 in the Hague (Holland).
  4. Ferdinand Lassalle, Jew, born in the year 1825 in Breslau. He had interfered in the democratic revolution of 1848. In the year 1863 he published his work entitled “Open Answers”, in which he outlined a plan of revolution for the German workers. Since then he worked tirelessly for a “Socialist” crusade, which was directed at the rebellion of the workers. For this purpose he published a further work under the title “Capital and Labour.”
  5. Eduard Bernstein. A Jew born in Berlin in the year 1850. His principal works are “Assumptions concerning Socialism”, “Forward, Socialism”, “Documents of Socialism”, “History and Theory of Socialism”, “Social Democracy of Today in Theory and Practice”, “The Duties of Social Democracy”, and “German Revolution”. In all his writings he expounds the Communist teaching and bases it on the views of Marx. In the year 1918 he became Finance minister of the German Socialist state, which, however, could fortunately only maintain itself a few months.
  6. Jacob Lastrow, Max Hirsch, Edgar Loening, Wirschauer, Babe, Schatz, David Ricardo and many other writers of theoretical Communism were Jews. In all lands are found writers, almost exclusively Jewish, who preach Communism to the masses, although with many opportunities they strive to give the appearance in their writings of a feeling of humanity and brotherhood. We have indeed already seen in practice what this means.8

However theoretical all Jews mentioned may have been, they were not satisfied with setting up the doctrinaire bases, but each one of them was an experienced revolutionary, who busied himself in whatever particular land he found himself, to factually prepare the upheaval, to direct or to give it support. As leaders or members of revolutionary associations known only to one another, they took more and more active part in the development or Bolshevism.

But apart from these Jews, who in the main were regarded as theoreticians, we find that almost all materialist leaders, who develop Communist tactics, also belong to the same race and carry out their task with the greatest efficacy.

As indisputable examples two movements of this type can be recorded:

  1. A) In the year 1918 Germany was showpiece of a Communist, Jew directed revolution. The Red Councils of the republic of Munich was Jewish, as its instigators prove: Liebknecht, Rosa Luxemburg, Kurt Eisner and many others. With the fall of the monarchy the Jews gained control of the country and the German government. With Ministers of State Haase and Landsberg appear Kautsky, Kohn and Herzfeld. The Finance minister was likewise a Jew, had his racial fellow Bernstein as assistant and the minister of the Interior, likewise a Jew, and sought the collaboration of his racial brother, Doctor Freund, who helped him in his work.

Kurt Eisner, the President of the Bavarian Councils Republic, was the instigator of the Bolshevist revolution in Munich.

“Eleven little men made the revolution”, said Kurt Eisner in the intoxication of triumph to his colleague, the Minister Auer. It is no more than right to preserve the unforgettable memory of these little men, who were, in fact, the Jews Max Lowenberg, Doctor Kurt Rosenfeld, Caspar Wollheim, Max Rothschild, Carl Arnold, Kranold, Rosenhek, Birnbaum, Reis and Kaisser. These ten with Kurt Eisner van Israelowitsch led the presidency of the Revolutionary court of Germany. All eleven were Freemasons and belonged to the secret lodge N.° which had its seat in Munich at No. 51 Briennerstrasse.9

The first cabinet of Germany in the year 1918 was composed of Jews.

  1. Preuss, Minister of the Interior.
  2. Freund, Minister of the Interior.
  3. Landsberg, Finance Minister.
  4. Karl Kautski, Finance Minister.
  5. Schiffer, Finance Minister.
  6. Eduard Bernstein, secretary of the State Treasury.
  7. Fritz Max Cohen, director of the official information service. (This Jew was earlier correspondent of the Jewish “Frankfurter Zeitung”).

The second “German Socialist government” of 1918 was formed of the following Jews:

  1. Hirsch, Minister of the Interior.
  2. Rosenfeld, Justice Minister.
  3. Futran, Minister of education.
  4. Arndt, Minister of education.
  5. Simon, State secretary of finances.
  6. Kastenberg, director of the department of science and art.
  7. Strathgen, director of colonial department.
  8. Wurm, secretary of food.
  9. Merz, Weil, Katzenstein, Stern, Lowenberg, Frankel, Schlesinger, Israelowitz, Selingsohn, Laubenheim, etc., took up high posts in the ministries.

Among the remaining Jews who controlled the sectors vital to life of the German state, which had been defeated through the American intervention in the war, were found in the year 1918, and later:

  1. Kohen, President of the German workers and soldiers councils (similar to the Soviet council of soldiers and workers of Moscow in the same year).
    2. Ernst, police president of Berlin.
    3. Sinzheimer, police president of Frankfurt.
    4. Lewy, police president of Hessen.
    5. Kurt Eisner, Bavarian state president.
    6. Jaffe Bavarian finance minister.
    7. Brentano, Industry, trade and transport minister.
    8. Talheimer, minister in Württemberg.
    9. Heimann, another minister in Württemberg.
    10. Fulda, in the government of Hesse.
    11. Theodor Wolf, chief editor of the newspaper “Berliner Tageblatt.”
    12. Gwiner, director of the “Deutsche Bank”.10
  2. B) Hungary in the year 1919. On 20th March 1919 the Jew Bela Kun (Cohn) took over power in Hungary and proclaimed the Hungarian Soviet republic, which from that moment on was submerged in a hair-raising sea of blood. Twenty-eight (28) Commissars formed with him the new government and of these 18 were Israelites. That is an unheard of proportion, when one bears in mind that in Hungary lived one and a half million Israelites compared to 22 million inhabitants. The 18 Commissars held the actual control of rulership in their hands and the eight Gentile Commissars could do nothing against them.11

“More than 90% of the members of the government and the confidence men of Bela Kun were also Jews. Here follows a list of members of the Bela Kun government:

  1. Bela Kun, general secretary of the Jewish government.
    2. Sandor Garbai, “official” president of the government, who was used by the Jews as a Hungarian man of straw.
    3. Peter Agoston, deputy of the general secretary; Jew.
    4. Dr. E. Landler, Peoples commissar for internal affairs; Jew.
    5. Bela Vago, deputy of Landler, a Jew with the name Weiss.
    6. E. Hamburger, Agriculture Commissar; Jew.
    7. Vantus, deputy of Hamburger; Jew.
    8. Csizmadia, deputy of Hamburger; Hungarian.
    9. Nyisztor, deputy of Hamburger; Hungarian.
    10 Varga, Commissar for financial affairs; Jew by name Weichselbaum.
    11. Szkely, deputy of Varga; Jew by name Schlesinger.
    12. Kunftz, Education minister; Jew by name Kunstater.
    13. Kukacs, deputy of Kunfi; a Jew, who in reality was chilled Lowinger and was the son of the director-general of a banking house in Budapest.
    14. D. Bokanyi, Minister of labour; Hungarian.
    15. Fiedler, deputy of Bokanyi; Jew.
    16. Jozsef Pogany, War Commissar; a Jew, who in reality was called Schwartz.
    17. Szanto, deputy of Pogany; a Jew named Schreiber.
    18. Tibor Szamuelly, deputy of Pogany, a Jew named Samuel.
    19. Matyas Rakosi, trade Minister; a Jew, who in reality was called Matthew Roth Rosenkrantz, present Communist dictator.
    20. Ronai, Commissar of law; a Jew named Rosentstegl.
    21. Ladai, deputy of Ronai; Jew.
    22. Erdelyi, Commissar of supply; a Jew named Eisenstein.
    23. Vilmas Boehm, Socialisation Commissar; Jew.
    24. Hevesi, deputy of Boehm; a Jew named Honig.
    25. Dovsak, second deputy of Boehm; Jew.
    26. Oszkar Jaszai, Commissar of nationalities; a Jew named Jakubovits.
    27. Otto Korvin, political examining Commissar; a Jew named Klein.
    28. Kerekes, state lawyer; a Jew named Krauss.
    29. Biro, chief of the political police; a Jew named Blau.
    30. Seidem, adjutant of Biro; Jew.
    31. Oszkar Faber, Commissar for liquidation of Church property; Jew.
    32. J. Czerni, commander of the terrorist bands, which were known by the name “Lenin youth”; Hungarain.
    33. Illes, supreme police Commissar; Jew.
    34. Szabados, supreme police Commissar; a Jew named Singer.
    35. Kalmar, supreme police Commissar; German Jew.
    36. Szabo, supreme police Commissar; Ruthenian Jew, who in reality was called Schwarz.
    37. Vince, Peoples Commissar of the city of Budapest, who in reality was called Weinstein.
    38. M. Kraus, Peoples Commissar of Budapest; Jew.
    39. A. Dienes, Peoples Commissar of Budapest; Jew.
    40. Lengyel, President of the Austro-Hungarian bank; a Jew named Levkovits.
    41. Laszlo, President of the Communist revolutionary court; a Jew, who in reality was called Lowy.12

In this government which for a time held Hungary in thrall, the chief of the Hungarian Cheka Szamuelly, besides Bela Kun, distinguished himself through countless crimes and plunderings. While the latter rode through the land in his luxury automobile (with the symbol of a large gallows mounted on the vehicle, and accompanied by his capable Jewish woman secretary R. S. Salkind, alias Semliachkay), the former travelled through Hungary in his special train and sowed terror and death, as a contemporary witness describes:

“That train of death travelled snorting through the black Hungarian nights; where it stopped, one saw people hanging from trees and blood which ran on the ground. Along the railway line naked and mutilated corpses were to be seen. Szamuelly dictated his judgements in his train, and whoever was forced to enter never lived to tell the tale of what he saw. Szamuelly lived constantly in this train.

“Thirty selected terrorists ensured his security. Selected executioners accompanied him. The train consisted of two saloon wagons, two first-class wagons, which were occupied by the terrorists, and two third-class wagons for the victims. In the latter executions were carried out.

“The floor of this wagon was stiff with blood. The corpses were thrown out of the windows, while Szamuelly sat comfortably in the elegant workroom of his compartment which was upholstered in rose-coloured damask and decorated with polished mirrors. With a movement of the hand he decided over life or death.”13

[1] Winston Churchill, “Zionism vs. Bolshevism: The Struggle for the Soul of the Jewish People,” Illustrated Sunday Herald, February 8, 1920.


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