GOP ‘Loophole’ Enriches US Corporate Farms Through Human/Labor Trafficking

Two dozen conspirators forced workers to pay fees for travel and housing while forcing them to work for little to no pay


Guardian: In June 2021, a farm worker from Mexico who requested to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation, was transported through a trafficking network from Monterey, Mexico to work on farms in the southern US state of Georgia.

They paid 20,000 pesos, around $950 to the traffickers that they were loaned from their mother, taking frequent trips to Monterrey, Mexico, back and forth, before being told it was safe to leave and they were finally transported across the border.

Initially, the worker was told they would be working on a blueberry farm, but was sent to a corn farming operation instead.

“We arrived at the house where we would live and had to clean the rooms ourselves. There were roaches, spiders, mosquitoes, and the mattresses were covered in lice,” the worker said. “The bathrooms and showers were dirty and clogged. The kitchen was horrible. We had no air conditioning in hot weather.”

The worker started work daily at 3 or 4am and worked until 3 or 4pm with just one 15-minute lunch break, making just $225 for 15 days of work. They heard rumors that the contractor had several workers die under them due to exploitation and the worker claimed that Haitian immigrants were also brought into the same network.

After 20 days at the corn farm, the worker was sent to a cucumber warehouse where they weren’t paid anything for their work, and then transferred to Texas before escaping the operation and returning to Mexico in July 2021.

“There was a lot of abuse for little pay,” the worker added. “It was a total fraud.”  read more..


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  1. The way we treat our neighbors says a lot about us as a country.

    Right now, it is plainly obvious we are cut throat slavers with a penchant for conversion to roman religion and war. That is how we treat our neighbors. It’s disgusting.

    You may work our fields for a dozen years and not get citizenship, but just join the army and its automatic ! Even the good people of our land, facilitate this through inaction, indifference, fear of losing status, and a myriad of other horrible reasons.

  2. The same political entity railing against immigration, is the same one that supports religious conversion, and runs the farms where the workers are sent.
    So, now food prices are being decried as a (other party) problem caused by inflation. Even way up here in western NY state, we have migrants who come and pick the cabbages. Many were from Guatemala. That is a long way to go to work. This scheme was devised long ago, where the Catholic entities who contract with the government relocation projects, also have their own agenda of conversion and handling of labor. The stupid part is, if we stop immigration now, our food prices will double, and roofing on commercial buildings will not get done.
    During my time of working and living with illegals, I heard many stories of babies being stolen, and women raped by farmers. We all knew what was going on. They do not want LEGAL immigrants, because they cost quadruple or more, and protects the workers from enslavement. Apparently this is a mystery to most of the US.

    • The recent phase of anti-immigration, was the usual trope against foreigners, but it was also about Sessions giving the contracts to evangelicals over the Catholics. Now, the direction of the babies is diverted for “proper” conversion, and the labor spread to their businesses. A handicapped immigrant child is worth sometimes 700 per night to the contractors who run big houses like the one Gen Kelley sits on the board of. The adoption contracts are worth millions to ‘ministries” such as the one Devos belongs to. Catholics also control a lot of human marketing in sports, like the USA gymnastics scandal showed, and baseball displays. How does Bonaventure , or Gonzaga field such a good basketball team year after year ???
      We closed off the economic viability of Guatemala to sustain itself, converted the populace and sent them north to work in the fields for crumbs. Then the sharks feed. That is what is going on.

    • The history of labor movements in the US, generally start with non-payment to the hardest working people for the lowest pay. It is the same today as it was 100 years ago.
      The nine entities with relocation contracts with the US gov, have sole authority over, where to send the people. The farmers do not want “legal” immigrants, they want helpless slaves and protection to exploit them. So, when those on the right say they are ok with legal immigrants who go through the proper process, they need to tell that to the idiot slavers they are electing.
      When Mexico provides free train transport from Mexico city to the border, they are doing so at the behest of Hotels, Farmers, Construction companies and politicians in the republican party and the major christian handlers. Why else does the NYS Office of the Controller (Catholic), travel to Mexico during a surge with a batch of bishops ? Assessing finance.

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