‘The New Reality’ as Russia Outlines Basis for Third World War


DISCLOSURE: Sourced from Russian government funded media

VT: SouthFront has been identified by the FBI as an agency of the Russian government.  Given this, true or not, the story here, if “official” is a frightening one.

SF: Russian President Vladimir Putin held his annual press conference on December 23, 2021. An expanded meeting of the Board of the Ministry of Defense took place on December 21, 2021.

“The ball is in their court.”

Putin expressed optimism toward talks with Washington on security guarantees proposed by Moscow. He called the current negotiations with the U.S. “positive” and hinted at fresh direct talks in Geneva in 2022.


“Russia’s actions will depend on whether the unconditional guarantee of Russia’s security will be ensured rather than on the results of negotiations.”

“NATO’s eastward expansion is unacceptable… They lied to us. There’ve been five waves of NATO’s enlargement. And here’s the result – Romania and Poland received missile systems. We are not the ones threatening someone. We are not the ones approaching the US or British borders… The West must provide us with guarantees immediately. Now.”

“Not too much to ask”

“It was the United States that came to our home with its missiles … Is this too much to ask for? Not to place attack systems near our home? What is so unusual here?”

Earlier, Putin claimed that Moscow is; 

” extremely concerned that elements of the US global missile defense are being deployed near Russia. The Mk 41 launchers located in Romania and planned to be deployed in Poland are adapted to the use of Tomahawk systems. If this infrastructure is moved towards, if the US and NATO missile systems are deployed in Ukraine, then their flight time to Moscow will be reduced to seven to ten minutes, and when placing hypersonic weapons – up to five. This is a serious challenge for us – a challenge to our security.”

Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu:

US units with a total number of about 8000 military personnel are deployed in the countries of Eastern Europe. Infrastructure is being created to accommodate the US armored brigade. The deployment of the Aegis Ashore anti-missile complex is being completed in Poland. In Romania, combat duty is already being carried out at a similar missile defense facility.

“Third Military Operation”

“There is an impression that, maybe, they are preparing for the third military operation [in Ukraine] and give us a fair warning: do not intervene, do not protect these people but if you do intervene and protect them, there will be new sanctions. Perhaps, we should prepare for that.”

Sergei Shoigu: 

“The United States and NATO are purposefully increasing the scale and intensity of troop training activities near Russia with increased involvement of strategic aviation, carrying out conditional launches of nuclear missiles at our facilities. The number of their flights near the Russian borders has more than doubled. NATO pays special attention to the transfer of troops to the eastern flank of the alliance, including from the USA.”

He added that advisers from U.S. private military companies (PMCs) have been dispatched to Ukraine’s Donbass setting up firing positions and defenses, training Ukrainian special forces. He claimed that provocations with chemical weapons are prepared in Eastern Ukraine.

“The situation is aggravated by the supply of helicopters, attack unmanned aerial vehicles, ATGMs by the US and its allies. The presence of more than 120 employees of American private military companies in the settlements of Avdiivka and Priazovskoye in the Donetsk region has been reliably confirmed.”

Sanctions for Democracy


“It is a strange situation: if someone thinks that Crimea is occupied then Crimeans are victims of aggression. So why are they being punished more? But if they chose to rejoin Russia in a referendum then it is a display of democracy. Are they [the West] fighting democracy? The answer is: they don’t give a damn about the interests of Crimeans and Russia or democracy. They are pursuing their geopolitical agenda. That’s all. We understand it and we will respond accordingly”.


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  1. With all due respect to the GOOD PEOPLE OF AMERICA, your government is truly a Satanic entity working for the Zionist’s NWO (Satan himself). When I read Putin’s common sense approach to peace and US/NATO deceits and actions, I greatly hate USA and wish that Russia will put an end to this evil government – so we can all live in peace.

  2. Whatever the true situation is, it is probably posative that Russia hylights it’s red lines. Even if no accommodation can be reached to satisfy every demand and detail, some de-escullation can be crafted to meet the exitential fears & demands. Ultimatums, especially with short deadlines worry me. when they involve multiple complex issues and details. Two weeks as a few days to resolve this confrontation seems a short sighted and dangerous demand. Is this confrontation the one Hillary wanted when she added “Confront Putin 2 her campaign platform?”

  3. It seems the Five Lies Club have lost their natural ability for expressing political correctness. All the msm conversation about Russian politics has come down to a bunch of denials, there is hardly any creativity left. Just what is in store for the Russians this time? The US elites knew in 1990s that they only have decades to pillage and burn, until the Moscow-based strengths regroup and recharge to the mid 20th century levels. US might see many of their soldiers overseas bases return home in the next few years, Afghanistan being the least embarassing of them. There is no shame in honorable retreat, thankfully for Biden at the helm now, this is a persona who can mirror something Gorbachev did a long time ago and was championed over it.

    • @Harry Haller, thank you, Steven! Haven’t seen you for ages 😁. And yes, we still have strong normal family traditions and Faith – is not just a sound for us.

    • Thank you, Mr. Coyle.
      Recently, the political space-time continuum has shrunk to the state of a black hole. It’s time to do something about it. We don’t want to continue living like this and we won’t.
      As my colleague Galima Galiullina said recently: the smell of change is in the air.
      Let’s hope it’s for the better.

  4. Putin finally announced in the media all the “red lines” that he “drew” at a meeting with Biden in front of the American president. And one line is redder than the other. And it is quite obvious that these “lines” violate all the canons of the foreign policy of the United States and cannot be fulfilled a priori.
    This is not even an ultimatum, but a whole package of threats. There was a torpedoing of the unshakable sacred foundations on which the entire foreign policy of the States was built for more than two centuries. The President of Russia has not allowed himself this for more than twenty years. And suddenly – “a kind of unexpected reprimand.”..
    Maybe Putin is bluffing?
    Theoretically possible. Bluff has always been an important part of the operational game of all intelligence agencies in the world. But here – hardly.
    Firstly, the stakes are too high. No bluff is worth it.
    Secondly, he is good at the secret game of spies and intelligence, and here the ultimatum is voiced to the whole planet.
    And if it turns out that these are really empty threats, it will mean a complete loss of face in the modern international “zoo”. And Putin, as an experienced politician, for many years, as a galley slave, who made this face, will not go for this.
    So, did something extraordinary happen?

    • For seven years, the Americans have been trying to drag Putin into the Ukrainian trap. And in the end, they got into it themselves “don’t mess around the most.” It seems that the global disgrace in Afghanistan was not enough for them. As they say, “once is not Honduras.”
      But two is already a trend. Well, the one who shoots last laughs well. Apparently, Vladimir Putin has learned this simple truth very well. And he had been preparing this coveted ultimatum for twenty long years.
      During this time, Russia’s military-technical dependence on Ukraine and the collective West has been completely reset. He created entire military industries from scratch – starting from helicopter engine building and ending with hypersound.
      And only now he considered that his finest hour had struck. It remains only to envy his iron endurance, angelic patience and titanium nerves.

    • Perhaps for the first time since the Caribbean crisis, Russia has spoken to America in the language of force and ultimatums – the way a great military power should speak.
      Putin allocated a month to the Americans “for everything about everything” – to clean up their tails, tuck them in and get out of the continent.
      The spring of foreign policy intrigue is really twisted to the limit. Moreover, Putin in his ultimatum not only outlined red lines that cannot be crossed.
      The “cherry on the cake” was that the president called the exact date of the response “military and military-technical reaction” if his conditions were not met. The “X” day was set for January 14th. And if by this fateful date the Americans do not fulfill the obligations imposed on them unilaterally, something will happen.
      The situation is extremely interesting.
      On the one hand, Putin still makes it clear to the Americans that he does not want war. But that doesn’t mean he’s avoiding her. And if on January 15 some “Calibers”, “Zircons” or “Sarmats” demolish some runway somewhere in Nikolaev or Vilnius to the state of ruins, this will be the first warning.

    • Under Biden, the United States appealed to Russia five times to negotiate – three times by phone, once in person and now in a videoconference format. Why did they need it? Here you just need to look at the general context from the point of view of the United States and Biden himself. He has several “fronts”, not only the problem of Russia and Ukraine. I would even say that this is not the main “front” for him. There are two main ones. First of all, this is the internal “front”: it has a very low rating; the social, economic and political crisis in the United States is now total and, in many ways, resembles the Soviet Union in the 1980s. The American armed forces have already proved many times in a row their total inability to conduct combat operations and achieve something with it. Iraq is a disaster. They are afraid of Iran and do not even want to compete with it. You have seen the disgrace in Afghanistan. Now the mood is very depressed and angry. This internal “front” of President Biden is undoubtedly the most dangerous.
      The second very dangerous “front” he has is the issue of China. The Americans say that in two years they will no longer be able to gain the upper hand in the war against China; something needs to be done urgently.
      People who understand the principles and timing of the reform of the armed forces and the development of new weapons systems, the principles of tactics and military art in general, understand that nothing can be done in two years.

    • It takes a decade, and maybe more than one.
      China and the United States are going to a confrontation. Beijing definitely occupies the position of the strongest player. And the Americans are weakening on all fronts.
      Then they have the Middle East, where Iran is now, in fact, ruling the ball. Israel is trying to maintain the appearance that it is very strong and very dangerous, but in reality the United States is now losing the entire Middle East.
      This was an open goal of the Iranians. This is a country that is an order of magnitude smaller or weaker than Russia or China, now – in general, successfully – expels the United States from the Middle East, or at least from many parts of the Middle East.
      And, of course, another “front” – Ukraine and Russia plus Europe. And in Europe – and this needs to be pointed out – there is an economic crisis.
      For all these reasons, Biden was in an extremely difficult situation.

    • And Russia has also been retreating on all fronts over the past at least 20 – if not 30 – years. Now the situation resembles the one when German tanks were near Moscow. Now is the time to say, “Not a step back!”.
      I think that both the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Valery Gerasimov, and Putin exactly conveyed this to the Americans: “Say what you want, we will not practice the same belligerent rhetoric. But in reality we have the means to repel any provocation or strike from you, and we will have to do it if you don’t change course.”
      I think that the realization of how dangerous the situation is today has reached the “collective Biden”.
      Now about whether he achieved what he wanted in this video conference.
      Sure. To some extent, yes. Because he will be able to say that it was he who stopped Russia in Ukraine, that it was he who stopped China, and no attack on Taiwan happened with him.
      But this, of course, is a fiction. Everyone understands perfectly well that neither China nor Russia need these wars. All these fears were fanned by the Americans.
      And where they really scared themselves. And they did the right thing, because, however, they are completely too tough to “butt heads” with Iran, China, and Russia at the same time.
      Thank you and pardon for thisuch a long text.

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