NASA, Religion and ETs


by Rich Scheck

Rumors that a new creation theory will emerge to explain our human origins is gaining credibility in what appears to be the latest “scheduled dissemination” of the official government narrative pertaining to alien life.

Right on cue, NASA has announced it is looking to established theologians to discuss the impact of ET Disclosure on humanity. Simultaneously with the launch of the Webb Telescope which is expected to look back in time close to the birth of the Universe, our government is recruiting clergymen to answer age old questions at Princeton’s Center For Theological Inquiry.

Perhaps it’s not the equivalent of the Council of Nicea which was organized in 325 A. D. by Emperor Constantine to resolve disputes within the Catholic Church and achieve unity. But it does seem to be heading in a similar direction with a goal of: “building bridges of understanding by convening theologians, scientists, scholars, and policymakers to think together – and inform public thinking – on global concerns.’

That sounds very inspiring and noble but this pilgrim is wary that such a group’s mission to
“inform” public opinion may actually be designed to manipulate it and socially engineer the
broad acceptance of an official narrative that echoes Agenda 2030 and the WEF’s plans to
reset the political economy of the planet according to their perception of “global concerns!”

Please excuse my skepticism. But those of us who have observed the machinations of the
government when it comes to the topic of UFOs and ETs are fully cognizant of its propensity to engage in psychological operations to mold thought to conform to its desired agenda.

And with former CIA official John Ramirez reminding us that so much of what emanates from Washington is scripted according to a specific, carefully crafted plan, such concerns are totally justified by previous experience.

The sudden rush in recent years to reverse the decades of official denial and marginalization of Ufology has seen a vigorous effort to legitimize the discussion but along narrowly defined parameters.

The focus on AI that we see with the Galileo Project and Avi Loeb’s background as a military intelligence operative for Israel (Talpiot) and the US (Star Wars), is a red flag that requires the kind of vigilance appropriate for such a sensitive subject as the origins of humanity and the religious/spiritual implications for potential human contact with other sentient species. “Another question the British priest seeks to tackle is if discovering extraterrestrial life demands religions to rewrite the entire story of creation in Genesis.”

I look forward to following the developments of this group as well as that of similar projects that appear to be proliferating. They include ICER, FREE, the People’s Movement for ET Disclosure, Loeb’s work with the Galileo Project, Danny Sheehan’s New Paradigm Institute and the views of Ufologists like Jacques Vallee, Diana Pasulka, Ananda Bosman, Michael Salla, Alfred Webre, Richard Dolan, Richard Hoagland, Daniel Liszt among others.

We need to insure humanity is protected from invidious forces that may be designing a transhumanist dystopia instead of a more spiritually evolved Star Trek future for us all.



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  1. With all your ET’s and the “new” form of creation at the hands of Aliens, you have absolutely no proof. All UFO’s are man-made and the only other entities are Angels and demons. The science can only produce theories, but history proves the existence of Angels and demons. Why is it so hard for you to believe in God creator of all things?

  2. The Council of Nicea invented the Catholic Faith. Their was no Catholic Faith per se prior to the meeting. In fact there was many beliefs being maintained ; a lot of which were incorporated into Contantines new Faith including the Coptic beliefs and the worship of Mithras.

    • Please go easy when you want to talk about matters of faith.. The Nicean Council did not “invent” the faith, but wrote down what a Christian (a follower of Jesus Christ – The Son of God) believes. Because it had never been done in the written form before, this made everyone say the same thing – which before may have been open to interpretation.

    • Cite your proof that Jesus Christ existed and was not invented at Nicea. If you can; you would become very famous. Please do not mention Josephus, A very famous insertion/ forgery by Eusebius. with all other writtings by Josehus destroyed. This has been a known forgery for a thousand years.

  3. One thing has come out of this cosmic-comment thread.
    The “Big Bang” was really the Big Vibration.
    In a Way, that just might be Right!
    God spoke the uni-verse into existence. 🤔

  4. See, in order to venture out into space , personally, in person,..the scientists will have to duplicate the vibratory rhythms of the earth and produce them somehow on board any vessel.
    They will have to very intimately know the days and the frequencies. They will have to understand the amino acids to the point they can produce them from nothing. this appears likely, but not soon soon. There is no broken leg more troublesome to the herd of turtles climbing the muddy hill, than religion. We should have had it by now.

  5. I would expect a very strong resistance to ripping off the band-aid. This will be cause for regret. The best decision is to compile releases in quick succession. Start with the science.
    Then go to the arts and basic biology. This allows for an escape of “theologians”. A sort of amnesty for dispersion. They will not take it. So, that will be a lot of work and wrangling for little gain. Ripping off the band aid is the best solution. We will see how much shrinkage from plastic and chemicals has affected our testicles. The proper view of theologians in this world at this time, is they are little Trumps. I have yet to find one that even knows what day it is. Maybe in Bergamo.

  6. I think it is more about preventing violence in the face of revelation. It is not so much about theologians having any input on how we would interact with an alien species, because theologians do not even know how to converse with other animals. I’m going to put this as bluntly as I can. Genesis, and how it was written and why, is an open secret. It is neither history nor jewish in origin. Anyone can talk to Joel Baden (Yale). Not that we need to. With the advance of instruments detecting wave forms, it will most certainly be revealed, that primordial vibrations that form matter, have been known for thousands of years. Genesis, is a record of these energies and how they affect people, woven into a mythological story line. The reason it resonates with so many people and can even cause subtle hypnosis, is because it adheres to the flow of primordial vibration in sequence and function. This was intentional, and when or if it becomes public, there will be reason to think violence will result.

    • Beyond putting egg on the face of every religion (mostly the abrahamics, the most violent), it reveals their hoax one of two ways. Either they will be viewed as idiots for not knowing (currently the way out is to claim it is news to them as well), or they must admit they knew which would implicate them in global fraud, both pious and financial. So, on this note, I agree they must be consulted. How are they going to handle this ? What will be their public statement ? What is their answer ?
      The bare truth is they do know. They keep the days and decans to themselves because of the extreme military and financial advantage. All is fraud. The book was stolen. Then they changed it, and did a really sloppy job. That is how we know.

    • The 20 days as kept by the Maya along with descriptors, are identical to the first 20 I-Ching hexagrams along with descriptors. These are also the same order and function as the 20 standard amino acids. The response from chemists, is , no no, those are just in that sequence due to the alphabetization, nothing more !
      Wrong. So as most humans have no idea they are under this influence, they have no idea how it works. It is a shocking thing to walk up to an artist and explain to them where their ideas come from, and show them the pictures. They hate it. Scientists and theologians will hate it even more. Explorers and seekers will love it. So, yes I am very glad these two groups are meeting, and it would be a good idea to lock them in a room until they figure out how to explain their position. Lives will be saved.

    • Just in case ,.. how would anyone from NASA know they are dealing with someone in charge ?
      It will be if that person knows full well, the days and trecenas and decans and how they are ordered and described in Genesis and Exodus and Numbers, and how they are used, and by what system are they detected. How did verbatim entries from the I-Ching get into the bible ?
      How has humanity been doing this for tens of thousands of years ? Why don’t people know this ?

    • How church can deal with Genesis it’s easy, just they have to say… Genesis just was talking about us the humans and the Earth, aliens and other planets were not included on that version… 🙂

    • If layers of precision are present, then data becomes incorruptible. The argument coming, is, verse by verse, the writing follows a system, that was known and is known.
      And it is very clear when someone who sucks at it uses it.

  7. I wish the VT Editors would refrain from copying and pasting silly articles from Conspiracy web sites.
    This just adds Creedence to the ADL’s claim that VT is just a conspiracy web site.
    VT is going to have a hard time convincing Americans of False Flag Attacks by Israel and then posting a silly article about ET starting
    a new Religion.
    Come on VT, it is time to get serious again!

    • Pay attention to this article is not preceded by a VT’s editors note, just VT shared it, does not refuse it or support it. Just they share it and you decide.

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