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[ Editor’s Note: Putin’s options, hinted to by the Belarus president a few weeks ago is to move his own first strike and defensive missiles closer to his eastern border to face those of the US and NATO. In a conflict, an aggressor will want to destroy the target’s command centers and military concentrations in a critical first punch to get the initiative.

As for Ukraine, a war would be over in a few days when its offensive capacity would have to be destroyed quickly. It is a sacrificial lamb for the US and NATO, where its destruction would give a green flag to fully engage the Russian military while pretending not to be the aggressor.

Even threatening this silliness where everybody still has a bunch of nukes is insanity.

France and Germany failed miserably as ‘guarantors’ of the Minsk agreement in terms of making Kiev live up to them. The US never took issue with them over that. Kiev wanted ‘forever aid’ and military funding, and a peace deal would have killed that.

These military institutions always want to expand themselves. When there are no pending threats, they have to deploy the psyops brigades to invent some.

I have a British WWI book on this, how the slick operators sold all kinds of stuff that Germany was willing to pay top dollar for by shipping it through neutral Sweden. I have a book on WWII where we had industrialists and banksters doing something similar but going through Switzerland.

They used their Swiss bank accounts in a particular back to make payments, just shifting from one account to another to avoid an inter-bank transfer. The Blue Bloods made out quite well for themselves, including the Bush family. Thus ends my cheery missive for today… Jim W. Dean ]

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First published December 12, 2021

MOSCOW — Russian President Vladimir Putin said Sunday he would ponder a slew of options if the West fails to meet his push for security guarantees precluding NATO’s expansion to Ukraine.

Earlier this month, Moscow submitted draft security documents demanding that NATO deny membership to Ukraine and other former Soviet countries and roll back its military deployments in Central and Eastern Europe.

Putin has urged the West to move quickly to meet the demands, warning that Moscow will have to take “adequate military-technical measures” if the West continues its “aggressive” course “on the threshold of our home.”

Asked to specify what such Moscow’s response could be, he said in comments aired by Russian state TV Sunday that “it could be diverse,” adding without elaboration that “it will depend on what proposals our military experts submit to me.”

…“We didn’t do it just to see it blocked … but for the purpose of reaching a negotiated diplomatic result that would be fixed in legally binding documents,” Putin said.

…“We have nowhere to retreat,” he said, adding that NATO could deploy missiles in Ukraine that would take just four or five minutes to reach Moscow. “They have pushed us to a line that we can’t cross. They have taken it to the point where we simply must tell them; ‘Stop!’”


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  1. Two very important things I learned in the Army:
    1. Never ask a Drill Sergeant if Olive Drab is ” really”
    a color.
    2. Never have sex with a Girl named Mimi in Oak Grove Kentucky!
    There was a Third one…. Oh Yeah:
    Don’t fuck with The Red Army!

    • That’s when you get a job as a security adviser to Putin or at least as a waiter in the dining room of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, then you can sincerely ask such questions there. Maybe they will answer you there. And here such questions should not be asked, because no one knows the answer.

  2. Hoops- have you been to Ukraine, could you point to it on a map?
    Have you got some links or evidence for the Russian invasion of Ukraine?
    Yes, we know that Ukraine is the sacrificial lamb but are the Russians still there after their ‘invasion’? Did they loot the pension funds, the gold? Only asking.
    Also, are there any other military powers supplying weapons, military training and foreign “advisors” in Ukraine?.
    How sorry I feel for the Ukrainian people.

  3. Lol. Putin wants “guarantees”, like those from Budapest treaty he broke.

    Newsflash: Minsk was after Russia invaded Ukraine. Russia invading Ukraine necessitated Minsk.

    After the staged coup (of the President that “had” to “flee” to… Russia) which Putin used as pretext to invade.

    • Hoops is trolling again. He left out the part about the US-Nato coup to over throw the government with the usual riots and install a regime to welcome NATO in. Russian Intel even put some of the intercepted phone calls online which proved this, and Hoops is smart enough to know. So that means he is a troll. Bye, bye Hoops. Did you really think we were going to let you do this shit here.

    • Mr. Dean, in fact, because of such commentators, the general global distrust of Russians towards some representatives of the collective West has grown. A striking example is Putin’s recent press conference, when a British journalist asked our president a trap question. But he recognized the veiled subtext in her question and answered emotionally and sharply: I’m telling you the obvious things! How can you not understand this?
      The question concerned both the gas pipeline and relations with NATO and the “invasion” to Ukraine.
      In general, the President paid very little attention to the international agenda. Everything is clear there. And it didn’t make sense to shake the air for those who DIDN’T WANT to hear.

    • They say there is a wonderful Jewish “wisdom”…Hutspa! a Jewish trait of character, roughly described as audacity or impudence that goes beyond what others consider possible and are able to imagine! It’s about as if someone killed their parents, and then, for the sake of avoiding just retribution, justified himself by saying that he is now an ORPHAN! Well, Mr. Hoops Kevinski, judging by your comment here, Mr. Putin, one day, will have no choice but to pour molten GOLD into your mouth!

    • How is the air quality in your hasbara toilet in Hell Aviv? Judging from what you have just popped here, definitely not good of health

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