Putin: How Would America React If Russian Missiles Were Placed At The Border With Canada & Mexico!? (video)


Russian President Vladimir Putin to Sky News’ Diana Magnay: The United States is standing with missiles on our doorstep. Is it an excessive requirement not to install attack systems at our home? How would the Americans react if missiles were placed at the border with Canada or Mexico?


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  1. How about secret automatic missiles hidden under water set to go off and bomb USA with Israeli makrings on them?

  2. This may seem as a rhetorical question to an indispensable nation. But perhaps remaining self-critical US citizens, for what is worth, should ask themselves, what kind of office mr.Putin represents given the global situation. Sometimes when Washington is given a reality check which is not entirely in line with its policies, from let’s say Downing street, this is being regarded as at least semi-serious. However, US journalists react mostly as subjugates, less as citizens, and subjugates are mostly historical units of an empire rather than a modern state/nation.

  3. Strange that this is being treated as a non event in the media & the web. A non event apparently to a vast spectrum of info and politico mavens. WWIII roof knocking and crickets. Does anybody here have any worthy explanation….?????????? Or is it just me who sees this as a harbinger of a terrible pickle & possible couple hundred thousand or even millions of fatalities. HAPPY NEW YEAR…..

    • I talk a lot with my American friends and that’s what we realized with them. In Russia, we get all the news almost instantly. Everything and
      about everything. But the media in the United States simply does not cover many political and other events. Or edit, crop them, filter them. If it were not for the Internet, then in the USA they would know almost nothing at all. Now there is not even a language problem – everything can be translated into any language and read: news, articles.
      Thank you.

  4. The Man does have a point.
    Why does the US have its nose in everybody’s
    butt, and turns a blind eye to Apartheid Israel,
    and their Genocidal Land Grab?
    Weapons Inspections for Everyone EXCEPT Apartheid Israel?
    That doesn’t sound right.

  5. It is about this part of the interview that I spoke today in another article. Putin’s brilliant response. But judging by the wild look of the journalist, she still does not understand.
    I thank the editors for this article and video.
    P. s. I have all this press conference with simultaneous audio translation into English.

    • I think we should go to Andy’s house and have some Borscht
      drink some Vodka and all watch “Soviet Storm” together.

    • I rarely drink vodka and just for the prevention of coronavirus)) I prefer Chateau de Taman vine.
      If they give you a visa, welcome! You’ll see how Russians really live. But be careful: you can stay here forever, because you will love this country and people 😁

  6. This would have been self-evident to JFK back during the Cuban missile crisis. Oh, that’s right, we have to follow the dictates of our Zionist overlords who can violate the Laws of Physics and the laws of common sense and not be called on it by our illustrious MSM. Americans are the most brainwashed population on the planet.

    • I agree Tommy, Russia, China and Iran are Allies.
      And we should be Friends with them.
      Persia, China and the CCCP were our Allies in WW2
      (We could not have won that war without Them)
      “The Enemy of Our Enemy Is Our Friend”
      Apartheid Zionist Israel refuses to allow weapons inspections.
      I think this is what it’s all about.
      Without the United States Israel is Nothing.

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