How Tucker Carlson Is Boosting Russia’s New Propaganda War

As Putin and Biden talk, Kremlin mouthpieces are rushing to explain the motivations behind Russia’s surge in aggression. Fox News is helping them do their work.


DB: President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin are set to speak on Thursday, in preparation for Jan. 10 talks, convened to address Putin’s demand for “security guarantees” that aims to stymie NATO’s ability to carry out its functions in Europe. Moscow’s elite diplomats and talking heads are openly discussing Russia’s goals and strategies.

Arguing for America’s total capitulation, with the Kremlin allegedly planning to offer no concessions or guarantees, Russian experts propose a plan to make such an outcome acceptable to the general public in the U.S. by waging an aggressive international info-campaign.

Russia’s state TV propagandists express their delight in seemingly having the likes of Tucker Carlson in their corner, praising his coverage as the prime example of Russia’s successful influence operations abroad. Carlson’s talking points often sound identical to those pushed by the Kremlin’s propagandists—or by Putin himself.

During one of his broadcasts on Fox News in December, Carlson argued that “NATO exists primarily to torment Vladimir Putin.” He worried about the possibility of “a NATO takeover of Ukraine,” and described the 2014 Maidan Revolution as a U.S.-organized “coup in Ukraine.”

He also baselessly accused Joe Biden of fomenting “a hot war with Russia.” The very next day, translated quotes from Tucker Carlson’s show were widely broadcast on Russia’s state television. After watching Carlson’s remarks during the live taping of 60 Minutes, Igor Korotchenko, member of the Russian Defense Ministry’s Public Council and editor-in-chief of the National Defense magazine said: “Excellent performance, with which we can only express solidarity.”  Read more…


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  1. I remember when I was a young man, the world came very close to a nuclear war which was avoided by a by a very dynamic president you used his common sense and refused to follow the advice of his military and security professionals. This president was rewarded by a bullet to the head by his own citizens. The USA point blank refused to allow Cuba to have nukes on their country. Fast forward to today, we have military bases just about all over the globe. We have ultra secretive labs all over the place, nukes in several countries and expanding. We occupy part of Cuba and refuses to leave. We occupy Iraq and Syria and refuses to leave. We engineered the coup in Ukraine and now have a corrupt, Nazi regime which we are funding and arming to the teeth. We are at the very gates of Moscow and is doing just about thing to provoke a reaction from Russia. If Tucker Carlson, and I am no fan of him, for what ever is his motive for pointing out the obvious hypocrisy, then all I can say is more power to him.

  2. There are a lot of good comments here. Appreciate that. If people would hear how Putin defends Russia, they might wake up. Our country is thought to be the biggest terrorist supporters in the world by many.

  3. I’ve recently taken in a few episodes of Succession. MSM numbers are dropping, The US SUN is a disgusting rag, that came out precisely in step with Harry moving to Hollywood.
    If Russia and Britain are fighting for “majority influence” of Israel, then we should stay out of it. In my mind, British interests are far more the problem in the US than Russia. Putin does not own Fox News. What makes an Oligarchy different from a Monarchy ?

  4. I think that Putin being trained as a lawyer would proceed where the US has absolutely no legal standing. He will order an attack on the US installations in Syria. Within a few days, the US would be driven from that country. Then based on an understanding with the Iraqi government he would do the same in Iraq. None of the nonsense about NATO or Europe would occur. If the US persists, he would wipe out the US base in Kosovo, Camp Bondsteel as Russia does not recognize Kosovo- the centre of CIA drug smuggling into Europe.

  5. “As Putin and Biden talk, Kremlin mouthpieces are rushing to explain the motivations behind Russia’s surge in aggression.”

    How is moving troops around in Russia proper a “surge in aggression?” We are the ones who are bringing nukes right up to Russia’s borders. We are the ones who are doing everything we can to provoke the Russians into fighting a hot war that will go nuclear within hours. That is exactly what Voltaire was getting at when he wrote, “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”

  6. What are you trying to explain? Russia was, ‘ripped off’ of tens of billions of $$s, in the early ’90s by the, ‘Agents’ of Zio-Rothschild International Financial Crime Syndicate. Russia may be the wealthiest Nation on our planet in Natural Resources, most of the was ‘transferred-stolen’, and moved to Zurich, London, Tel Aviv, New York and other places! Putin got in the way and stopped, or at least, ‘slowed down’, to this day, the continuation of that enormous crime against the Russian People! that is driving the demonization of Putin! He isn’t the ‘pawn’, of the Owners of the City of London-Central Banking Jewish Control Freaks!

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