Unfuckingbelievable: Yuba City ‘Cop’ Paralyzes Innocent 65 YO Vet during police torture

The corrupt cop said "PAIN COMPLIANCE"...We Call it "Torture"


RS: A California man is suing the Yuba City Police Department after its officers broke his spine and left him paralyzed.

The Los Angeles Times reports that attorneys representing 65-year-old Gregory Gross released body camera video this week showing former Yuba City Police Officer Joshua Jackson slamming Gross to the ground during a traffic stop.

After Gross was subdued, he complained about Jackson and the other officers hurting him, to which one of them replied, “It’s called pain compliance.”

Gross was then taken to a hospital, where he repeatedly complained that he had no feeling in his legs, to which one officer replied, “Mr. Gross, we are done with your silly little games.”

However, after being examined by medical professionals, Gross learned that he would need to undergo treatment to repair spinal damage he incurred during his encounter with police.

“It’s about police brutality that destroyed his life,” Gross’ attorney, Moseley Collins, tells the LA Times. “Greg doesn’t want this to happen to anyone else.”

The Yuba City Police Department declined to give a comment on the lawsuit, although it did say that former Officer Jackson hasn’t been employed by the department since last February.




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  1. The comply or die, methodology is to wrench the arm up, thereby causing the man to resist.
    When pain is inflicted, every human responds the same way. They know this. Its an easy way to tack on resisting charges and get promotions.

    The victim said it right when he asked the cop if he had anger issues. I guess he wasn’t so drunk that he couldn’t do a psych profile. All the cop had to do, was talk to him like a human and have a little patience. There are tons of video’s showing how to do it right. no excuse.
    We have a major problem with police violence. That is why the marches happen.

  2. I wanted to see the video of what cops did to this veteran, but it is censored for me because I haven’t joined a big data stash in the sKY that “shares intelligence” with an apartheid police state in Asia. They say the video is age restricted, buy not the who and how of the actual reason it is age restricted. I was born in the 50s, so I would think whatever the content, it would be O.K. for me to watch. This is how we lose our rights. This is how a bunch of preditor criminals keep their crimes covered up. Any police conduct that is age restricted is probable a felony. Videos of bad police behavior should be required to be shown to junior and high scool students so they know what awaits them on the street and in life I’m sorry to say. Power corrupts, and these “pain compliance” cops are some of the corrupt product of unaccountable power. Now the taxpayers will pick up the bill

  3. Another absolutely grotesque and disturbing example of public servants choosing to enslave and neglect instead of Serve and Protect. The tired Trope of end qualified immunity and ban the police unions falls on deaf ears yet again. Sadly this country is absolutely done because the citizens have no idea what their rights are and have no idea how to stand up against tyrants. Absolutely appalling how another veteran is treated!

  4. We thought that some representatives of the American police had sunk to the bottom, but someone knocked from below.
    I do not know this story from the very beginning, but why use force on an elderly person?! I know that in the USA you even have crocodiles with pistols crawling on the roads there, they can open fire. Search Grandpa, make sure he doesn’t have a gun and that’s it! At that age, he is far from Bruce Lee to break the necks of these blue-uniformed bulls with his bare hands… Why break an elderly man and poke his face into the lawn? This is excessive and unlawful use of force during detention. I hope that these policemen will be stripped of their shoulder straps in front of the ranks and fired, depriving them of pensions and benefits. This is a disgrace, comrades!

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