U.S. plans to discuss missile deployments with Russia as part of effort to defuse Ukraine crisis

…from the Washington Post

[ Editor’s Note:  The sustained talks of Russian threats to invade Ukraine continue to be media hype and geo-political click bait baloney. The 175,000 troops figure has remained the same since the standoff began, yet it gets recycled as something that is a new move.

For example, sure Moscow is moving forces around, but when you have a 175,000 troop deployment that is normal, with constant resuppyling going on and not presenting your forces in a totally static position. It is not good to have troops sitting on their butts for week after week in an military alert situation. You need to keep them limbered up.

Mass media also never mentions a word about what triggered the Russian move to the border. It was caused by Kiev’s refusal to stop constant shelling of the Donbass perimeter, where that was followed by its using its new US anti-tank missiles to destroy Donbass defensive position and inflicting casualties.

Frankly, the US, NATO and Kiev seem to have orchestrated this whole standoff to generate several months of Big Bad Russian Bear propaganda. But during this time, the US and NATO were staging mock air attacks on the Russian air defense perimeter, something it has done for ages, but Biden ramped up to play Mr. Tough Guy with Putin.

Finally Putin responded and moved the large military force to the border. The claims of Russia planning to invade is hype, as anyone with half a brain knows that Russia would only go in if the Ukies attempted a military take over of the Donbass region.

Due to its large ethnic Russian population, Donbass choose to not recognize the Kiev coupmeisters, especially after they claimed from their Parliament podium that they were going to throw all the Russians out and steal everything the people had to leave behind. Can you feel the love there? I sure as hell never did.

The situation was completely US and NATO created, just to have something to do. This is one of the darker sides of military affairs. They fear nothing more greatly than peaceful conditions that dampen career advancement, combat vet status bragging rights, and new weapons systems, with the defense contractors crying a river as the chorus.

So they dial up the politicians to stir something up so they can play Mr. Tough Guy and defender of the country, and the whole thing is a fraud.

Both Russia and China would love to divert a lot of their current military spending into their domestic economies. But with an aggressive NATO that openly sells that it wants to expand its membership, and a US that feels it needs constant threats to justify big military expenditures to boost the economy, here we are being played for chumps by these hustlers. Thus ends my cheery missive for today… Jim W. Dean ]

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“Welcome to Western Democracy in Ukraine – the new Ukie poll watchers. Can you feel the love?” – Jim W. Dean

First published January 8, 2022

Negotiators for the United States are planning to show up to talks with their Russian counterparts Monday with proposals to discuss the placement of missiles and scope of military exercises in Europe, according to a senior administration official and others familiar with the plans.

The White House is looking to test whether Moscow is serious about ending the Ukraine crisis through diplomacy or is making unworkable demands as a delay tactic or pretext for a new invasion.

The bilateral talks in Geneva — with Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman leading the U.S. delegation and Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov serving as lead representative for the Russians — come as Moscow continues to mass forces and materiel on the border with Ukrainethreatening to take military measures if Washington and its allies fail to address the Kremlin’s security concerns.

The Geneva talks will be followed by a special meeting of the NATO-Russia Council in Brussels on Wednesday and a session of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe in Vienna on Thursday — chances for the United States to engage Russia together with its allies and partners.

“Our intention is to have an open, sincere and serious dialogue about European security with the Russians at the table. We want to be inclusive. We don’t want to go over anybody’s head,” U.S. Ambassador to the OSCE Michael Carpenter said in an interview.

You can read the full article at WaPo here.


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  1. Well, does not seems as US are ending its whatever is doing too much… because meanwhile is ready for the delivery of Stinger shoulder-launched anti-aircraft missiles to Kyiv…

  2. I just sent in a log in cancellation for Zabwe. Dude, please go get a life somewhere. It is near the bottom to be somebody who has nothing better to do than troll comment boards. A life is a terrible thing to waste.

  3. Meanwhile the exchange between Russia and Blinken went like this today:

    Blinken: “Once Russians are in your house, sometimes it is very difficult to get them to leave”

    Russia: “US Secretary of State Antony Blinken tried to make a funny joke today about the tragic events in Kazakhstan, “If Antony Blinken is so into history lessons, here’s one that comes to mind: When Americans are in your house, it can be difficult to stay alive, not being robbed or raped,”

  4. Below was a reply to that Zabwe/Hasbara Troll that is always disrupting the comments section. His comment was ridiculing American Combat Veterans.
    It must have been removed.

  5. Ok, Hasbara Cyber Terrorist, you’ve had your fun for the day.
    This is what Hasbara Cyber Terrorist do: They are paid to disrupt conversations.
    VT must drive them crazy because they can’t just delete posts they don’t like. I am sure they report VT to the ADL hourly!
    On other comment sections they “bury” posts they don’t like!
    They consider any post that criticizes Donald “Israel First” Trump
    to be “anti-Semitic”
    Oh, how the Hasbara/IDF so desperately need Donald “Israel First” Trump to be president again.
    Hasbara Cyber Terrorists: Just one more reason to hate Israel!

    • and you can be sure there is many chances Trump will be president again…. because you needs to see beyond the man Trump on himself, no matter who is him and if he is lying and himself don’t believe what he is proclaiming, he is an icon, a expression with a loud voice of something, a way to understand how societies and nations should be that underlies in the soul of millions of people, not only US but around the world, a vision opposite what globalists are trying to impose on us with their global dictatorship.

    • Adrian if a war breaks out with Iran it will be because of Trump. If people are still unvaccinated and dying it’s because of Trump. If there is zero chance of a peace in Occupied Palestine it’s because of Trump. If there will be a civil war in the US in the near future it will be because of Trump.

      I know you’ll be cheering while it goes on, but your messiah painting of his character being the opposite of globalists just doesn’t sell anymore.

      The best he’s done is to normalize stupid, but that’s it.

    • Newt, that’s why I said you need to split it between he do it or say and what he represents as expression of something beyond himsef. Tell me which one new war he started ?? none. You can be sure that you would have had more chances a Iran war with Hillary on oval office instead him….. ask to Gaddafi , ooh! sorry, you can’t ask him, he is died because of her…. Those people who are unvaccinated is because them doesn’t want to be vaccinated and when more the gov try to force them much rejection you will get, because you’re assaulting the freedom of people to decide about their bodies. About Palestine nothing will change no matter who is in WH while zionist them continue to keep control over key zones US government. About if there could be a civil war in the US, that is something that goes more deep than just Trump want or can do. The rift in US society already was there since time before Trump, he just took it out to surface and put it for all to see.

    • Adrian frankly I don’t know which one of you two are worse, Zabwe who sounds incoherent or you who are selling us stupid as normal here.
      I suppose next you will sell us that the killing of Soleimani was bound to happen.
      Hate to break it to you but Obama refused to do it when your beloved Israeli trash pushed him.

    • Newt, I’m not trying to selling nothing to nobody, just I am giving to you my point of view about those issues. I doesn’t believe myself I’m the owner of truth as seems many here believe about themselves….

    • There are many theories as to who dissuaded your rapist from taking further action after the killing of Soleimani. But I think that’s the first time he woke up to reality.

      You somewhat represent what’s wrong with Russia in Syria.
      It was Soleimani who saved Russia in Syria. Never forget that.

    • Newt, what was occurred in Syria between Soleimani and Russia it was a symbiotic relationship , Soleimani he did not save to Russia and Russia never would have won they alone from the sky without Soleimani with his boots on the ground. i forgot answer you about if the Soleimani dead was bound to happen…. well, I think yes, would happen anway…. why?? because the zionists they would have done anyway, were zionists who had been followed him and have the intel where and when about that trip to Iraq, maybe through the relationship of the first son-in-law and MBS… the rapist just wanted to take the credits, surely he told to Bibi… move aside dude, I will do it myself and will see my name as a super-hero in newspaper headlines….. and Newt ,by the way, he’s not a beloved to me nothing. Just I try to understand the phenomenon from other angles…. 🙂

    • Rukmini Callimachi who is not a stranger to people here says the only reason why your messiah rapist killed Soleimani was to distract from his impeachment trial.

      And in July 2015 when Soleimani went to Moscow, Russians were clueless. Soleimani had to revisit in August a second time to get them moving.

      Lol. Nice try.

  6. Mr. Jim Dean-
    Thank You for this article Sir, what a relief!
    This is Mother Russia! They suffered so much in the Great Patriotic War (28 million died fighting the fascist Nazis, two thirds 0f those Martyrs were Women and Children)
    I encourage all Veterans to check out “Soviet Storm” available on You Tube for more information about the Red Army!
    Also, I recommend: “The History of Russia” by Professor Nicholas V Riasanovski for more information.
    Thank You!
    Your friend, Sarge

    • NATO, including the US has ten time Russia’s economy, but which has a lot of gold and no endless trillions in debt. The former have ten times the military power, so the idea of a Russian military threat to the West is a complete hoax. As I has stated many times on VT before, Russia has its hands full, based on the huge territory it has to defend, just have a credible defense. The West is pissed at Putin as he killed the Oligarch plan with some Western outsiders to take over Russia via the oligarchs, which Putin and his security people defeated. Even though that was so long ago, and the great relations with Russia and the EU, somebody decided that a New Cold War was needed, who viewed that time as the ‘good ole days’. So here we are, repeating past mistakes.

  7. Yes, hope it will be mutually productive, Mr. Dean.
    And Mr. Blinken’s dirty mouth must be shut up. Who gives job in WH for such dumbass like Antony B.?

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