Oath’kreeper’s…’the Ex’ of Tiny One-eyed Trump…leader of a 30,000 member Nazi police gang


VT: Time to remember what ‘oathkeeper’ means…

Rhodes set up Oathkeepers primarily for serving police, FBI, and DHS officers….thousands joined and still belong to this day.

Oathkeepers….anti-Vaxx…all Wall Street-backed…

Raw Story: The estranged wife of Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes said he is a “complete sociopath” during a Friday interview on CNN.

CNN’s John Berman interviewed Tasha Adams one day after her husband was arrested on charges of seditious conspiracy for his alleged role in the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Adams described fearing for her family and that she was happy he was arrested.

“So much relief,” Adams said.

“I knew I lived in fear he might show up here. But the — just setting that weight down and knowing we were safe and my kids were safe and my kids’ school doesn’t have to worry, that was a relief I didn’t know existed,” she explained.

“So I understand you’re telling us you feel personally at risk from Stewart, but I wonder what danger you feel, what threat you feel he poses to the country,” Berman said.

“He’s a dangerous man,” Adams replied.

“He is very dangerous. He lives very much in his own head,” she explained. “He sees himself as a great leader, he almost has his own mythology of himself and I think he almost made it come true as seeing himself as some sort of figure in history and it sort of happened. He’s a complete sociopath, he does not feel empathy for anyone around him at all.”


From Newsweek:

Prosecutors allege that on January 1 and 2, 2021, Rhodes spent $5,000 on firearms and related equipment such as a scope, magazines, sights, ammunition, and gun-cleaning supplies.

On January 3, 2021, Rhodes left his hometown of Granbury, Texas, and began traveling to Washington, D.C. for the protests. On the way, Rhodes spent a further $6,000 on an AR-platform rifle and firearms equipment and attachments.

The 56-year-old also stopped off in Mississippi to spend $4,500 on further firearms equipment, including sights, mounts, and optic plate, a magazine, and various parts.

While allegedly plotting how to stop the certification of the election results on January 6, the Oath Keepers frequently discussed whether they should bring guns to D.C.

The group ultimately decided not to bring firearms due to D.C.’s laws prohibiting open carry at protests. Instead, Kenneth Harrelson—one of the 10 Oath Keeper members charged along with Rhodes—is alleged to have stored firearms at the Comfort Inn in Arlington, Virginia, as part of plans to initiate a “quick reaction force” if violence broke out on January 6…

That evening, Rhodes sent a message in a private Signal group chat saying: “Thousands of ticked off patriots spontaneously marched on the Capitol. You ain’t seen nothing yet.” Rhodes said that “patriots” storming the Capitol on January 6 was “NOTHING compared to what’s coming.”

According to prosecutors, Rhodes then spent the next few days buying more firearm equipment and gear.

On January 10, 2021, Rhodes spent approximately $6,000 more on items including sights, a scope, mounts, a gun grip, and a magazine pouch.

The next day, he spent over $1,500 on magazines and other items before spending nearly $7,000 on hundreds of rounds of ammunition, duffel bags, magazines, rifle scopes, and a gun light on January 12.

Between January 13 and 19, Rhodes spent $3,000 on further firearms items and equipment.

Source:  The Raw Story


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  1. If ex-wives are consulted on the psych eval of the ex husbands, not many would get a good report. Not under this condition. What I see here, is Dems grabbing the low hanging fruit and avoiding reality again. The reality is, the Oligarchy in the senate and house, would rather have the current situation, than to have supported the young candidates down ballot , that would have entirely kept Trump out of office. Dem leadership does not endorse those of lower socio economic status. I have actually phoned candidates to check. Good ones, because I was mystified why they received no support when the district they were in had an excellent chance of flipping. They were ignored. Ratings and hoarding are more important to dem leadership, than actually doing the right thing. Pelosi and her ilk, do not train or tolerate the young reps. Gillibrand and her ilk, do not flip seats when they could have. Class warfare, is obvious at this point. The judicial committee is chaired by the wall street district,.Do-nothing-Jerry.

    • As usual, Dave, you’re right on the money (no pun) with your analysis of the Dems. They are actually worse then GOP hiding behind a veneer of liberalism. Limousine Liberals all of them! They have no balls and brains only for bullshiting the voters every 4 years. Pretty damn hopeless. No wonder Trump hasn’t fled the country. He knows the limp wristed girly-boys he is dealing with. No real threat. Even AOC has gone Hollywood.

    • The reason we are watching an ex-wife ranting about not being able to get a restraining order (one of the easiest things to get in any family court) and not watching expulsion hearings and perp walks of Trump and co, is because they are carefully guarding their own positions, and making sure this does not lead to working class advantage. These same dems, will vote for wars again and again, and will even fight down ballot candidates that are not oligarchy friendly.
      The average age of a senator should be 50, not 80. They fought to keep people from learning civics, so that is the reality. Greed is the #1 unifying issue, of voters from either party,.

    • On the surface , they fume and rant about Sinema and Manchin, but then again, did they themselves ever push voting legislation when they had power ?
      The best lawyers know exactly how to appear to present a vigorous and passionate defense, while ensuring they lose the case by an inch. Cases are brought to the SC, not always for winning, but for establishing loss to set precendent. A sacrifice fly in baseball. This man will be labeled a terrorist, and everyone else is next, while the real perps laugh it up on the beach.
      Trump was arrestable on Jan 7 2020. Meanwhile the death toll climbs and evictions and foreclosures resume in haste. Wall street sets records.

    • The defining moment for anyone watching AOC, was when she voted on the floor and wept at the same time. She arrived at the firewall, and it was her own party. That said, the GOP is a murderous lot of rabid dogs, and a dark day it is indeed when the daughter of the most murderous dog of all, the spawn of torture and murder the world wide, the traitorous nuke thief, is the best friend of the dems. The GOP would go full on Hand Maids Tale if they could.
      The grimace on Kinzingers face is all anyone needs to see. He is much in the same boat as AOC. The realization, of how much there is to do. Our choices for lunch are regular shit, or diarrhea. You can have the diarrhea if you want to. Matter of fact, Kinzinger AOC would be a great ticket. A bi-partisan ticket. The media and oligarchs would block it, out of sheer greed and obeisance to the kneelers.

  2. Is this crazy dude the brains behind the upcoming coup that will be the end of the USA as we know it? Hardly! The USA has been in the cross-hairs of the Anglo-Zionist Empire for many decades. Netanyahu gave us a little clue back in 1990 of what was coming up for the “indispensable” nation, “America is a golden calf, and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control.”

    9/11 was just the first move. We’ve been bankrupted both financially and morally by the forever wars. Now comes the coup de grâce! 40 million US Christian Zionists pray for it to happen soon.

    • “Gravestones will be toppled over. Funeral homes from every region will report that those who were dead have resurrected and suddenly disappeared. Cars will be parked beside freeways, their engines left running, their passengers mysteriously missing. Airplanes will fall from the sky as pilots who are Believers are called home. The news centers report that churches around the world are flooded with people who are sobbing uncontrollably. They know. They have missed the Rapture!” – Pastor John Hagee

    • Sorry, David, last time I heard, Roman Catholics were not beholden to the Zionists like US evangelicals are. They also are not Dominionists who look to the end of the USA as a constitutional republic. And… they don’t have nukes.

    • I live in a state that has a catholic governor, catholic comptroller, serving under a catholic president, and catholic speaker of the house, and in my district we had a diocese that went broke paying sex abuse claims. So they gave that same diocese, a multi-million dollar contract to dish out covid funds to rental property owners. The game of pretend is alive and well. Last I checked the pope is still titled emperor of Rome and has a claim on this land upheld by the SC , as recently as 2007, Sherrill vs Oneida. You are staring at a branch, instead of noticing the tree.

    • David, when you bring your whole arsenal into the fray, you are very effective on certain targets.
      Lately you’ve been scoring one direct hit after another.
      Steady as she goes.

    • Dominorum is a latin concept and word, and the origin of the entire dude on a stick theology.
      They don’t need nukes, they own the courts and the cops.
      The evangelicals prostrate to the zionists, the dominion deals with them directly as equals. 2 halves of the same book. Evangelicals are the sheep. The whole reason Israel was created was largely due to catholic precedent of establishing global dealerships where monarchs can own other peoples land. Inter Caetera

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