Romney: Putin can’t be allowed to rebuild the Soviet Union

…from Politico

[ Editor’s Note: Romney is going full bore Red-Baiting today. What’s going on with this silly statement that he put out today. Is fundraising down, and would that even matter in a Mormon state where he has a lock on being reelected?

Romney’s comment of, “He’s [Putin] trying to reestablish what he had before” is crazy. It’s like he thinks we are all idiots out here, hogs that slop can be thrown at to fill their bellies with anti-Soviet Union propaganda.

Putin never had the Soviet Union. He was a security officer.  And despite the hype of the totally unsubstantiated claims of threatening invasion of Ukraine, a half-wit could see they are there to quickly intercede if the Ukies try to capture all of Donbass and purge all the ethnic Russians living there.

You can imagine if a country was planning to do that with American citizens, say Mexico wanting to clear them out of former Mexican territory, and it has a South Amerian NATO brimming with nuclear weapons and a 10 to 1 military superiority.

Come to think of that, that happens to be the West’s military superiority over Russia on conventional weapons, and ole’ Mitt actually thinks we are to believe Putin is going to reconquer the former Soviet states?

What would be the goal? Would it be to rule over a bunch of cutthroat oligarchs who would just want to be subsidized? (paid off) or they would flip to NATO?

Dear Mitt, my mother had an old saying that fits your drivel today. “Sometimes the less said is better”. What would be news we would like to know, is who put you up to this. Wondering minds would love to know, as you were an embarrassment to our country today… Jim W. Dean ]

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Romney with his mistress in Cuba, the safe haven for Bain Capital’s money laundering operations – photo credit, Mexican Intelligence, given to VT for its two part expose, where VT was hacked (for a few hours) to prevent part two from airing.

First published … January 01, 2022

Sen. Mitt Romney said Sunday that it is up to the United States and other Western nations to prevent Russian President Vladimir Putin from recreating the Soviet Union in some form.

“He’s trying to re-establish what he had before. That can’t be allowed to happen,” said the Utah Republican, speaking on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

The Russian leader has made it clear that, among other things, he’s trying to block NATO — the Western alliance created in 1949 to counter the Soviet Union in Europe — from adding Ukraine and other former Soviet nations as members.

…“[Putin]’s trying to take NATO apart — to weaken it. We need a strong NATO not just for Russia, but for the emergence of China,” said Romney, who warned of a surge in Russian aggression during his 2012 presidential campaign.

…“We should let him know that that Nord Stream 2 pipeline is not going to operate,” Romney said of Putin. “He’s not going to have that wealth if he does any action to overthrow the government in Ukraine — that’s getting shut down.“

You can read the full Politico article here.


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  1. He’s always been a douche lodged in the derrière of Likud:

    He doesn’t even know that it’s Khamenei and not Khomeini at the helm. When they get prepped in Occupied Palestine to parrot stupid words out there for a few shekels, can’t they teach them better ?

  2. USSR cannot be remade, only in some State Deparment’s vivid imagination, but surely reunification of two Germanys does seem like a disaster today, as it is being thoroughly used as a leverage against European energetic and security sector. German politics is as rotten as can be, shackled by US oligarchs.

  3. I like this ‘Notifications’ Feature:
    It is as though Mr. Dean himself was saying:
    Go ahead Sarge, you can comment first!

  4. This has to be another Mittens “Israel First” Romney
    pandering for AIPAC cash. Sheldon “Israel First” Adelson is dead.
    so Mitt doesn’t know which dual US Israeli “Citizen” he should get to “know”.
    What I don’t get is this:
    Why Russia?

    • Mormons are eastern european by DNA. Right by were the Khazars from aipac come from. Why Russia. Because its Christian and not under vatican authority. Because putin kicked out some of Rothschilds billionaire strawmen. Yes, part of world terrorism is threatening death and destruction.

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