A Variety of The Color Caskets For The Funeral – Which One to Choose?


At the funeral of your loved ones, the casket where they lay becomes the focal point of everyone’s attention. If it isn’t hard enough to lay your loved one at rest, making sure you choose the right casket for them for the funeral becomes even more complicated. Choosing the right type and color of the casket that best suits their personality and the ceremony becomes hard.

There are several things to consider when choosing the color of the casket for your loved one. The type of the casket, the budget, the final resting place, and the person’s personality determine and influence the color of the casket. Let us first discuss how these factors briefly influence the color of the caskets. 

What determines the color of the caskets? 

Firstly the type of material used to make the casket will determine the color as there are limitations on the color available according to the kind of material it is made from. The most commonly used caskets are wood and metal. 

Secondly, the budget of the casket is to be considered. Caskets do not come cheap, and unless you have a comfortable budget, you might not get the color of your wish. If you are on a tight budget, you might have to settle for colors in the range of your budget.

Thirdly, while taking the factors mentioned above, you also need to consider the person’s final resting place. Whether one wants to be cremated or get buried indirectly becomes a deciding factor. While it may not directly affect the choice of color, it affects the abovementioned factors. 

Fourthly, the personality of the loved one also matters. If your loved one has already discussed how the last rites need to be performed, it will be easy to choose one. However, if it is a case of sudden death, one can only buy a casket that best suits the deceased’s personality. 

Depending on the factors mentioned above, you can choose the colors of the caskets that best suit the funeral. 

Variety of the color caskets 

There are several color options for caskets, available in the type of material that the caskets are made of. The color of the casket depends on the type of material, as mentioned before. The same colors are also available in the coffin variant. You can find caskets ranging from solid traditional colors to brightly colored caskets. There are more options available nowadays than it was available before. Let us look through some of the popular colors for available caskets. 

  • Cherry wood caskets

Cherry wood is one of the popular choices when choosing a wood material casket. Since high-quality handcrafted solid wood caskets are usually more expensive than metal, cherry wood-colored caskets are high-end and costly. The cherry wood-colored caskets look sophisticated, solid, and powerful, and will suit a person with a similar personality. 

  • Mahogany caskets

Although the color of the mahogany casket might not be very different from that of cherry wood, subtle variation does make a lot of difference. Mahogany is another wood material casket or coffin color that is on the expensive side. In terms of character, mahogany has an elite, stately, and sophisticated look and would look best for a similar personality. 

  • Wood stain caskets

In the wood stain-colored coffins and caskets, the natural beauty of the wood is brought out with the simple use of wood stain. If you prefer to keep the coffin or casket simply with the woodwork, you can choose to have a wood stain casket or coffin.

  • Oak caskets

The oak coffins or caskets are a timeless traditional classic wood choice for a funeral. You cannot go wrong with this color, which will suit any personality. It has a signature style that has remained in demand even if there are new designs in the market now. 

  • Steel caskets

Steel is one of the cheapest priced choices for caskets in materials, but depending on the metal type, the prices vary. Metal caskets are considerably more durable than wood, and steel is less durable than the other metals. You could use this metal type and get paint on top with the color of your choice. 

  • Bronze caskets

Bronze caskets come under the metal material category. They are built for durability and strength, and because they are made with metal, they are heavy too. It is a personal choice when it comes to the bronze-colored metal casket as it doesn’t decay early. 

If bronze metal is not the choice of material you want, you can also find coffins that are wood or steel underneath and painted bronze on top. Bronze caskets will suit strong personalities and figures who stood against the test of time. 

  • Silver caskets

Silver is another popular color that is used often. The color gives a very subtle and soothing aura for a funeral. Silver signifies a calm, responsible and organized personality. If the loved one is someone who is of a similar personality, choosing a silver casket would be the right choice. Silver color caskets are often painted over steel metal ones. 

  • White caskets

A white casket signifies purity, innocence, and simplicity. The color is self-explanatory and is often used for similar personalities. The white color casket is sprayed above a steel casket. For the funeral, the white casket will suit any color background and flowers.

  • Blue caskets

Blue is a color that exudes the feeling of confidence to trust. Blue casket might not be the most versatile color like the other colors and might not suit every personality. However, depending on how dark or light the shade of the blue is, the variety of the casket color varies. A blue casket will best suit a person who is compassionate, sympathetic, enthusiastic as well as idealistic. 

  • Pale pink, and pink caskets

When it comes to pink, gender is often assigned and inclined towards a female loved one. But one can also use the color pink for any gendered person. However, depending on the depth or richness of the color pink, there are nuances in the personalities. A darker rich pink suits a flamboyant personality; a lighter or pale pink might signify a sweet and cute personality. The pale pink casket is meant for personalities that are soft, sweet and innocent. 

  • Black caskets

Black is a strong color and another classic choice of color when it comes to casket and coffin. It signifies remorse, strength, tradition, and a sense of formalness. Although people signify a black casket to a tragic death, the color has a strong presence. It resounds a sense of pain and remorse at the funeral. Like most colored caskets, the black casket is also made with metal or steel material underneath. 

Furthermore, there are colors that one can get hold of or get it customized according to one’s personality. The list of colors mentioned above is popular, in-demand, and classic in style and color. Brightly colored caskets are slowly but steadily growing in demand and have gained quite a market for themselves. The traditional colors still remain classic because of their timeless demeanor.  

Casket Interiors

When it comes to caskets, the color of the interiors also matters to look the part. It becomes especially important when the casket is open as it will be displayed at the funeral. Making sure you have the right colored casket interiors becomes essential. 

You might not have seen casket interiors that are colorful unless one is of loud personality or has already made its decision with the choice of the casket interior. In a more traditional and formal funeral, the best casket interiors colors are white and ivory. White interiors give it a clean look, while ivory interiors give a similar warm, clean feel, though not as bright as white. 

Both white and ivory are also very versatile colors. Irrespective of the color of the casket, both white and ivory are compatible with all other colors. Another added benefit of having a neutral color interior is that it can match any flower arrangement done at the funeral home. In short, you cannot go wrong with a white and ivory interior casket. 

Although not a very common color for casket interiors, the light blue interior is another color for funerals. Because it is light, the color does not overpower the casket color and the floral arrangement at the funeral homes. 

Additional pointer

Make sure the floral arrangement of the funeral does not overpower or become too much when put together with the casket. The casket and the flowers at the funeral home should not be mismatched somewhat; they should complement each other. You wouldn’t want the last rites of your loved ones to be messed up but perfect.  


In conclusion, given your budget, invest in trusted caskets dealers and companies so that you will get good quality caskets. Deciding how the last journey of your loved ones can be an emotional and private affair. Sending one-off in their unique way would mean getting the right casket color, flowers, and place. Make sure you are able to capture the personality of your loved ones and choose the right casket color for them. 


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