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[ Editor’s Note: The warmongers have their sights on stirring up another dead-end war, where no Americans will ever die, but their pocketbooks will be riddled with holes that the defense contractors will put in them.

It’s an old game, and as long as they are generous contributors to both Republican and Democrat Congresscritters, we are always in danger of these wars. When can we remember a post war investigation in modern history that discovered that it was a Western manipulated event?

Thus, I was happy to see mentioned in this article that Obama, Trump and Biden were clear that Ukraine was not worth a shooting war and risking the embarrassment of losing.

At the time we still have forever wars going on in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya with piles of dead and wounded, endless broken families, and the only people who benefited are those that made the money.

Sadly, these include US veterans who professionally go rogue, as the money is wonderful and accountability almost zero from what VT can see. US vets who become mercenaries prance around like American defenders, while active-duty US military people are killing non-American mercenaries and soldiers in a national army defending their countries.

The four countries I mentioned above should be proof enough that US troops are to a large degree serving no good use in either our defense or reputation as the defender of freedom and democracy.

Ask the Syrian people who have had the US jackboot on their necks, or the starving Yemeni children victims of US blind support for the Saudi terror war upon freedom seeking Yemenis, ask them what they think of American ideals.

We have an expensive and malfunctioning Forever War system that we have been lulled into supporting with the con that it is the patriotic thing to do. Let me know how you feel in the commentsJim W. Dean ]

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First published January 18, 2022

In the technical argot of diplomacy, what’s going on in the Ukraine crisis is nuts.

With 100,000 troops massed on Ukraine’s border, Russian President Vladimir Putin has demanded a written response this week from the United States and its NATO allies regarding his demands for a guarantee that NATO will not expand eastward.

…We do guns — with about 800 military bases outside the United States, more bases than diplomatic missions. (Russia’s only military bases outside the former Soviet Union are in Syria.)

We do economic sanctions, imposing or threatening them for countries from Venezuela to Russia. We talk about a rules-based international order but respect it only if we make the rules, often exempting ourselves from their application.

…Three U.S. presidents — Barack Obama, Donald Trump and Biden — have already made it clear that the United States has no national interest sufficient to commit U.S. troops to defend Ukraine or Georgia against invasion.

NATO is unlikely ever to admit either one (and because NATO’s own agreements prohibit admission of any country with a contested border, Russia can easily ensure they will never be eligible). Yet we’re prepared to go to the mat to insist that Ukraine has the right to join a defensive military alliance that requires the United States to defend it militarily.


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  1. Concerning J.W. Dean ‘s Note :
    This courageous assessment about Men industrial killing , terribly negative and deadly , should be disseminated everywhere . It confirms what an economic analyst noted around 2014 ( I read but unfortunately , not archived ! ) : the money of economic organized crime will naturally be placed in new artificial wars ( the KKR in Syria ) which will slaughter lots of innocent people to justify their new scams in the USA. It is also necessary to place – in this device – the role of the media of intoxication which are charged to insert the lies without which the very rich authors would be in prison. Also , it is necessary to place the Nazi pressure groups linked to the Jewish diaspora , and which uses this mercantile warmongering to exterminate the populations targeted by their own racial hatred . ‘(Iraq, Libya, Syria Malaysia, Pakistan…)
    It is a real system based on the foreign policy of massacre at a lower cost, the description of which you just made . This a great job indeed !
    Thank you for this courage to inform us ! You are the ONLY ones on this vital path, and you deserve our admiration & respect .

  2. Look for a “false flag” involving the death of an American with the blame immediately placed on Russia. The drones will descend with their operators sipping lattes in comfy Colorado bunkers.

  3. Anyone that has an effective answer to this problem is going to need really outstanding security and back-up as their ‘answer’ would affect thousands of jobs and hundred of billions of dollars. In the view of the beneficiaries of present policies, lives are not worth much; so anyone with an answer would be putting their life on the line. The sort of people who run arms manufacturing companies, would not hesitate to kill off anyone who threatened their profits, Hell! Even firms like Cocacola and Nestle have been known to do that! The Sacler family and Pfizer have killed off thousands and got a fine for so doing.
    Probably, the most vulnerable point in the whole system, in which Congress votes money for arms, some of that money is then used to buy congress critters, who then vote money for arms and so on and so on, world without end… A campaign to outlaw lobbying might be a good place to start.

  4. None of “our” wars make any sense.
    They don’t do us any good and make many enemies.
    Granted, there are millions of paychecks cashed every week and every month by hard working Americans which are tied directly, and indirectly, to military spending.
    I wonder if any of those who profit off of “living by the sword” ever think about, or care about the consequences of that “lifestyle” which were laid down long ago?
    I promise you, the folks who put America in this situation think about it.
    But care about it?
    Not on your life.

  5. We don’t “stumble” into wars, Jim. We’re driven into them by false-flag operations and phony pretexts. They’re designed to bankrupt the USA in every sense of the word. We are, after all, the golden calf that will be sucked dry, chopped up, and sold off piece by piece. We are big enough that this can happen again and again.

    • As the commander in chief, Joe Biden could solve this problem in about 5 minutes…

      1. Stop sending American warships into the Black Sea to provoke incidents.
      2. Stop free military aid to Ukraine and Georgia.
      3. Stop military exercises with non-NATO nations in Europe.
      4. Close the new American missile bases in Poland and Romania that can launch cruise missiles with nuclear warheads.

    • Whether Joe Biden is a psychopath or not has nothing to do with the topic at hand. The real psychopaths are those who force us into war in the first place, especially those who would start WWIII so they can be Raptured up to Heaven. Yes, Michail, at least 40 million US Christian Zionists actually think that.

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