Kirschner flips – Now thinks that DOJ is heavily into Trump Criminal Insurrection

A close look at how Attorney General Merrick Garland headed up the Oklahoma City Bombing case years ago provides some important clues


Is Garland’s DOJ Investigating Trump and Company? Here Are Some Clues From Garland’s Past Work

from Glenn Kirschner, with Justice Matters

[ Editor’s Note: Glenn has been digging around and hit a vein of gold, the background of when Merrick Garland was prosecutiong the Oklahoma City bombing. It also became a complex case which Garland took by the horns.

Initially Garland was faced with multiple jurisdictions with all the various state law enforcement involved, where historically prosecutors and investigators would be wanting to claim credit for their work by having it be highly visible.

Historically this is how many prosecutors get a shot at running for higher office, by being a big case celebrity. So Garland had to be not only smart but diplomatic to get everybody to work together.

That involved all those various jurisdictions sharing what they had with the DoJ, like wire taps, with no press leaks as the case was being built. All would take credit when the case had its conviction.

When it was over, everybody involved could appreciate how valuable their methodology was and the grapevine evolved to where everybody understood that this was the way all complex jurisdiction cases should be done in the future.

Garland went back to the DoJ and set up a template from the Oklahoma bombing case group effort to use for the future. I suspect that someone briefed Glenn in on this, with the timing of the Oath Keeper indictments.

With their claimed tens of thousands of members, including unfortunately many in law enforcement, the states should have been watching the militia groups carefully, including wiretaps.

Apparently that is how Michigan infiltrated multiple informants into that militia to get them all talking among themselves, giving them lots of room to hang themselves. That case is on appeal, with the claim that the state’s undercover operation was a main driver in the conspiracy.

We have heard little about State actions against their respective militias after the election, and throwing the election over went into high gear. So there might be a bigger net out in the heartland, still collecting future sedition intelligence for the 2022 election, which obviously authorities would want to keep quiet to not have their targets go underground.

The Trumper army is huge, and a challenge for state law enforcement to stay on top of by themselves, and even more delicate with the DoJ working with them, not knowing who in State law enforcement is working with the Trumpers… Jim W. Dean ]

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Looks like an unusual ‘rally’ to me – Jim Dean

First aired January 16, 2022

The Washington Post just ran an article titled, “The Justice Department alleged Jan. 6 was a seditious conspiracy. Now will it investigate Trump?” With all due respect to the fine reporting at the Post, The Washington Post doesn’t know what The Washington Post doesn’t know.

A close look at how Attorney General Merrick Garland headed up the Oklahoma City Bombing case years ago provides some important clues and parallels that support the assertion that Garland’s DOJ very likely is investigating Trump and company, just in ways that are not visible to the public.


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  1. Garland is as owned as any of them and a close look at OK City confirms that. There were so many unfollowed trails and ignored evidence in that case, it left holes you could throw a cow through, just like JFK, 9/11 etc. An article dealing with those baited with a free trip to DC to demonstrate, that ended up in a pre-programmed event as patsys, was a peek at what really happened…just like many other ‘events’. Kirschner thinking that the AG and entire judicial branch is anything but another owned asset just shows that either he is part of the show as well…or he’s dumber than a rock. Anyway, patsy’s will be sacrificed as the show continues and there will be tons of BS thrown around (by both ‘sides’, as there is really only one side) to confuse the cattle. Does anyone really believe that Israeli owned gov assets will actually be told to expose others that work for them? No, we will get the eternal dog and pony show, where we’re led by the nose by the ringmasters. How likely is it they would risk showing us just how compromised our entire gov structure is? The ONLY thing we can be sure of is, the entire thing is a fraudulent op run by we should know who. Look at any one of the major events and see where the trail leads..or rather, where the trail is not allowed to lead to, regardless any evidence.

  2. If no action is taken against the perpe-traitors of Jan. 06 and these authoritarians are ushered in to overthrow the Will of The People, then don’t expect decent voters who were dismissed to take it lying down.

    Do they really expect a silent Coup D’Etat with no reaction in America’s streets? I think it will be violent, rude, and cause markets to tumble as we’ve never seen. This is very bad ju-ju. I hope for the better, rule of law. Yet, I plan for the worst.

  3. Probably a good hundred thousand people predicted that, when Garland was appointed.
    It should give no person who despises secrecy, any comfort that Garland is AG. And the legislation that followed after those two events, cannot be equated with the OJ trial. That is ridiculous. 21 years of wars against anyone we felt scared of in any way, or against people who had ‘stuff”.
    I like Glenn and he seems ok most of the time, but he should go and take a harder look at the “system”, that told us bombs blow sideways, sometimes….for no reason, and the 9/11 coverup. We are on the verge of graduating from criminals to Terrorists. Cambridge Analytica went away, and the future of election stealing, will be protected but reserved for specific people. That is where we are headed.

    • It must be impossible to be a Journalist when the World does a 180 every 24 hours.
      However, I think Glenn Kirschner has been succinct throughout.
      Your friend

  4. What’s the difference between sedition, treason and revolution?
    I don’t know.
    Maybe it depends on who gets tell it.

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