JEA: There is no doubt that Brother Nathanael Kapner is a truth teller. He doesn’t care about what the ADL or any Khazarian organization will say about him. He says what needs to be said. We need men like that in our age.

…by Brother Nathanael Kapner

GROWING UP JEWISH was a sad event for me. I always felt like something was missing.

My parents, both Jewish, enrolled me in Sabbath School when I was 6 years old. When I was 7 they enrolled me in Hebrew School which met every Wednesday afternoon.

Our Sabbath School curriculum, which went from 1st to 10th grades, was centered on learning the entire Old Testament, portions of the Talmud, and Jewish History. It also included attending Sabbath services which began on Friday nights and continued Saturday mornings. For our Bar Mitzvah curriculum we studied “Comparative Religions.” But we were not allowed to study Christianity. More on this later.

I recall my parents taking me to my cousin’s Bar Mitzvah at a farther part of the City of Pittsburgh, where I grew up. We entered into an old, musty smelling synagogue which had the Jewish Star of David everywhere.

After only 10 minutes of being inside, I got very nauseated and wanted to vomit. The synagogue seemed to have a deathly pall about it. And I couldn’t bear looking at the Jewish Star everywhere. I learned later that the Star of David is an occult symbol that was popularized by the Kabbalists of the 13th Century in Europe. It was then at the age of 8, through my experience in that old, musty smelling synagogue, that I knew that Judaism was a religion of death.

THE NEIGHBORHOOD WHERE I GREW UP was made up of Jews, Catholics, and Protestants. Every year at Christmas time in the 1950’s, all of our Gentile neighbors put up the Nativity Scene on their lawns. I simply loved looking at the Nativity Scene! And I wanted to know more about Jesus Christ. But we were forbidden to even mention Jesus Christ’s name unless we used it as a curse word.

A boyhood friend of mine named Ricky Rago was a Roman Catholic. One afternoon after playing baseball, Ricky Rago invited me over to his house and we went into his bedroom to play Monopoly.

All over his walls were pictures of the 12 Stations Of The Cross. I was 10 years old at the time and these pictures of Christ’s sufferings made a deep impression on me. I promised myself that one day I would learn the meaning of these sufferings of Jesus Christ.

I PROMISED TO TELL YOU how we were not allowed to study Christianity in our Bar Mitzvah class. The teacher, (I will never forget this scene as long as I live), Mrs Schecter, who was built like a bull dog, got up in front of the class and said:

 “Now children. We have studied Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam. But we are not going to study Christianity. You see children, Christianity was made up by a manic-depressant by the name of Saul of Tarsus who wanted to blame the crucifixion of a criminal named Jesus Christ on the Jewish people. And Saul of Tarsus you should know was a “self-hating” Jew. He hated being a Jew so much that he even changed his name to “Paul!”

Now it happened dear children that 500 years after Jesus Christ was crucified, the Roman Catholic Church took the crazed writings of Saul of Tarsus and made a religion out of it. They called this religion, “Christianity.” Thus we are not going to bother studying this false and hate-mongering religion.” 

I was very disappointed and said to myself, “How could so many people over 1700 years base their lives of virtuous conduct, (as I saw it), upon a man’s ‘crazed writings?’”

When I got home I asked my father what he thought about Saul of Tarsus. My father answered, “Saul of Tarsus tried to convince Jews to become Christians. But we are born Jews and we should die as Jews.”

I FINALLY LEFT my home and synagogue to go to college in Los Angeles in 1968. But I forgot about my promise. It wasn’t until 1970 that one of the Jesus Freaks who were very popular at that time gave me a New Testament. I opened it up and started reading the Gospel of St Matthew. I was struck by the “Jewishness” of the writing. And I soon found myself captivated by the person of Jesus Christ!

He was a man who rubbed shoulders with the common people. He was a man who taught the people from every-day life experiences. And what I liked most of all about Him was when He said to the religious leaders, “The harlots and tax collectors go into the kingdom of heaven before you.” I could almost see Him saying this to Mrs Schecter who called Him a “criminal.” I simply found myself falling in love with Jesus Christ!

I devoured the entire New Testament from cover to cover and could not put it down. I did read about the sufferings of Jesus Christ and it made me cry. And I did read the ‘crazed writings’ of St Paul and knew that there was nothing ‘crazed’ about it at all – but were words of hope and purpose. I said to myself, “Judaism is bankrupt. But the Christian message is full of promise and life.”

When I finished the last Chapter of the Book of Revelations, now at the age of 21, I got down on my knees, wept, and asked Jesus Christ to forgive all my sins and be my Saviour.

Soon afterward I met an old pious woman at a Church gathering who came up to me and said, “God has so much for you and so much for you to do.” Like a cryptic oracle, long awaiting its coming, I am just beginning, 37 years later, to see this prophecy come true.


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  1. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”

    Millions of Americans came to the USA on the run from the Inquisition, the 30 Years War, and the various pogroms that happened all over Europe. The last thing they want if for some crazy fundamentalist sect (Christian Zionism) telling them what to believe and how to live. Yet that is exactly what 50 million US Christian Zionists intend to do.

    • “When Jesus Christ comes back, he’s not going to ask the ACLU if it’s alright to pray, he’s not going to ask the churches if they can ordain pedophile bishops and priests, he’s not going to ask if it’s all right to put the Ten Commandments in the statehouses, he’s not going to endorse abortion, he’s going to run the world by the word of God and the world will never end. It’s going to become a Garden of Eden, and Christ is going to rule it.” – Pastor John Hagee

  2. A lot of people, including myself weep when we read certain parts of the book, for the first time. For me I was in my forties. It is a powerful book. So powerful in fact, I became very curious why so many people were so deeply affected. I allowed myself to be swept up in the passion, and the spirit of the book felt as if it permeated my body at the cellular level. It felt closer to being a reawakening of a memory, rather than an actual reading experience. My immediate reaction was one of regret for not having read it sooner. I was sold. All in. Moved. Bouncing between elation and tears. I allowed all of it. Swept out to sea.

    • Years prior to that, I had engaged in the study of the decans and the 20 days. This was very difficult, as material was hard to come by, and studying the days required expensive travel, as well as time. I learned the decans the old fashioned way, which was questioning strangers, and trying to guess their birth times, or examining the artwork/professions of people whose dates were known. The study of the days was accelerated by finding other sets of them in different cultures. Mainly, the Chinese and Japanese, with hints of them in the Egyptian as well.

    • A few months after reading the bible, I began to study it. It took about a half an hour to correlate the decans in Genesis, and it surprised me how blatant it was. Then Exodus, about the same time, and of course Numbers is very obvious, and terrible. they were progressively obvious in their tampered nature, like a painting with charcoal smeared on it. It was years later I re-examined the NT. I felt I didn’t need it, and it bored me. Too much conflict. The taxation was higher than the benefit. But I did it. Just the four “gospels”.

    • It took about 15 minutes per book to correlate the structures of each. It is incredibly obvious. I kept thinking, why haven’t ewe heard of this? John follows the days by chapter beginning with Batz. Matthew follows the trecenas by chapter beginning with Iq, the 12th day symbolized by the T. Luke follows the trecenas by chapter beginning with Imox, the 11th day. Mark follows the days beginning with Qanil, the 18th day, the seed and the egg. The interiors of the books can be verified by the individual verses they have in common. the most glaring is the story of the pigs, and in the 3 books that have it, it is all contained in one verse, and they all land on the same precise day. Kat, which in the Mayan 20 days, is considered the special day for removing demons or dealing with possession. Later I did Exekiel, follows the trecenas starting with Kej, the four directions and the four cardinal points. There is no possible way to accidentally structure a story with numbered verses following the trecenas. It requires direct and specific knowledge and intent. Both Judaism and Christianity, have secrets they are not divulging. Why would that be ? See, above starting paragraph.

    • “There is no possible way to accidentally structure a story with numbered verses following the trecenas. It requires direct and specific knowledge and intent. Both Judaism and Christianity, have secrets they are not divulging”

      Satan is the father of lies, David.
      He is also more cunning than man.
      Do you not realize that those “decans and trecenas” are just more demonic lies?
      Satan is the great deceiver and imitator.
      Satan is the one with “secrets he is not divulging.”
      The biggest secret of Satan’s, is that everything “he” says is a lie.

      Jesus Christ has no “secrets.”
      He is the Truth.

      Don’t let Satan steal your salvation.

  3. “What is reality, anyway? How can we lead a good ‘life’? Is there a God? How do we know there’s an external world – and how do we know we’re not living in a computer simulation?”

    Does Math Reveal Reality? (YouTube vid.)

    Virtual worlds are owned by Corporations who want a return on their investment.

    Personalized assessment with monitored feedback and intervention . . . . all that’s needed is a Smartphone.

    Quantified Self (blog)
    Gary Wolf
    August 11, 2021
    A post discussing the nuances behind designing experiments that track mood, including insights into the debate as to whether negative and positive emotions should be measured as polar opposite or considered states that can be experienced at the same time.

    Packets of data ‘living’ inside a Mathematical Machine, psychologically programmed and steered.

  4. “Our race is the Master Race!
    We J*ews are Divine Gods on this planet!
    We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.” –

    Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin
    in a speech to the Knesset quoted in:
    “Begin and the Beasts,” New Statesman,
    June 25, 1982 by Amnon Kapeliouk.

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