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Ukrainian president downplays U.S. assessment of imminent invasion

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[ Editor’s Note: I have been embarrassed at the level of US government hype, with mass media cheering it along to get more clicks when the odds are so high against ‘an invasion.

Biden overplayed his hand wanting to boost his tough-guy image, and the US State Department and military love to do that at every opportunity even when they know better. How can I say this politely? They are pulling the American public’s leg to get attention.

Of course, the NATO grifters have poured fuel on the threat fire, as they love the attention also. These people are supposed to be in the security business, but they have a threat aspect toward the public that they would rather the public does not know.

Mass media, its investigative journalism best people, also give this general topic a wide berth as all those who came before played the game to enhance themselves.

Russian and Chinese planes, possibly carrying nuclear weapons, are not continually challenging US and EU air space, for practice, to have some fun, and to get publicity.

The Russians, on one-tenth of the US and NATO military budget, don’t want to put wear and tear on equipment more than needed as you are depreciating it out faster. But they do practice defensive border maneuvers as they are mission-critical.

Ukraine ‘exercises’ its army by letting it torment Donbas with endless shelling and trying to knock out Donbas defensive positions as a kind of sport, as the US taxpayers are footing the bill for the munitions used.

Here is today’s New York Times stirring of the pot example: Russia has enough troops and equipment at Ukraine’s borders to invade the whole country, the Pentagon says.

The claims of defending America and Europe in Ukraine by the US and NATO are pure BS. They are stirring the pot to keep the war game going, stoking fear, uncertainty, and a steady stream of defense contracts where endless amounts are wasted that could have gone to more constructive use. Thus ends my cheery missive for today… Jim W. Dean ]

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SE Ukraine got a nasty dose of the West’s new Cold War

First published … January 28, 2022

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Friday publicly downplayed the threat of an imminent Russian invasion, adding to the dissonance between Kyiv and Washington.

His remarks put more daylight between the Ukrainian government and the assessments of U.S. officials, who repeatedly have warned that Moscow could move its troops across the border at any moment.

Speaking at a news conference in Kyiv, Zelenskyy accused Western media reporting of undermining Ukrianians’ faith in their government and stoking economic panic across the nation.

He also said that although Ukrainian officials “don’t have any misunderstandings” with President Joe Biden, “I just deeply understand what is going on in my country, just as [Biden] understands perfectly well what is going on in the United States.”

The blunt responses from the Ukrainian president come after Biden and Zelenskyy participated in a call on Thursday that media accounts have described as tense, with Zelenskyy reportedly challenging Biden’s characterizations of the Russian threat.

…“We do not see a bigger escalation that it has been before,” Zelenskyy said of Russia’s provocations, adding that he did not think the security situation “is more intense than it was… at the peak time in early 2021.”

You can read the full Politico article here.


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  1. First, that German Admiral resigns over his support for Putin, then Germany sends five thousand combat helmets for the invasion effort? NATO losing Germany here like the Vietnam War lost Cronkite. Something’s not on the up and up with this whole “crisis”, but the MSM is playing it up to the hilt.

    • The talking head said today, we are there to support the democratic country because that is what we do. This is false, because from where I sit, it looks like Monarchy and apartheid religious states are who we support. Not exactly the original theme for the US.
      Is the Ukraine a captive farm worker satellite for those countries ?
      Why would US food prices rise if Ukraine has trouble ?

  2. The bridge collapse was a poetic reminder of where our attention needs to be. We salt and salt and the steel rots and rots. Great timing. Whoever is behind the Ukraine hype should be exposed. There are plenty of actors here and abroad who can’t stand a moment of peace, but its time for us to be home, and fix what we have. I’ll keep an eye on the Erie canal for any Russian subs if that helps.

  3. Yes indeed we have all the money to spend on the military and weapons of war and to give to corrupt countries but nothing to maintain our infrastructure. These bridges will keep collapsing one by one.

    • The craziest part of it, about the northeast, is the geography is dynamic and moves more during January than other months, causing predictable water main breaks from Maine to Cleveland, and the bridges can only move so far. The feds and at least NYS know this, and say nothing, thereby keeping it out of the public dialogue. Things move and all the specs are off.
      If that small creek had been a river and that bus full of children………
      Anyone blocking the infrastructure money, is not our friend. We are the corrupt country.

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