Two Long Island nurses made more than $1.5 million in a fake vaccine card scheme, prosecutors say.

…from the New York Times

[ Editor’ Note: Fake cards at $220 for an adult and $80 for a kid… a nice $300 pop for the entreprenurial nurses doing some moonlighting.

Their attorney reveals he has no defence with his ploy of how much they contributed to the community as nurses. Dear Mr. lawyer, I do not think they were volunteers, but well paid with full benefits, which a lot of working people don’t have.

They did more than just sell the cards, but used their access to the Covid registration computers to log the buyers in as OK…at $80 to $220 a pop.

I wonder how many others have been doing this, but sharing the loot to make sure they were not prosecuted. Color me suspicious… Jim W. Dean ]

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First published January 30, 2022

The nurses sold fake vaccination cards and entered false information into New York’s immunization database.

Two nurses on Long Island are accused of collecting more than $1.5 million by selling forged Covid-19 vaccination cards, according to the Suffolk County district attorney’s office.

The nurses, Julie DeVuono, who owns Wild Child Pediatric Healthcare in Amityville, and Marissa Urraro, her employee, sold fake vaccination cards and entered false information into New York’s immunization database, prosecutors said. They charged $220 for forged cards for adults and $85 for children, according to the district attorney’s office.

Ms. DeVuono, 49, and Ms. Urraro, 44, were arraigned on Friday, each charged with one count of second-degree forgery. Ms. DeVuono was also charged with one count of offering a false instrument for filing.

Michael Alber, Ms. Urraro’s lawyer, said she had entered a plea of not guilty and had been released without bail.

“We look forward to highlighting the legal impediments and defects in this investigation,” Mr. Alber said. “An accusation should not overshadow the good work Ms. Urraro has done for children and adults in the medical field.”



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  1. Chask comment has been removed and his login canceled. VT will not allow bogus health information to be posted here, and the Trumpers have an army of people doing that, obviously with a lot of free time on their hands when most of us are working our asses off under the current conditions. If someone wants to promote their anti-Covid messaging they can easily set up their own website (and many do) but it is the bottom dwelling lazy grifters who think “I’m a smart guy, I will just spam other websites’ comment boards”. VT has always had to deal with this, and we have done so while allowing lots of divergent views, as that is the way the world is, and we don’t expect to change that in our lifetimes.

    • Also my comment has been removed and I’m not against the vaccines but yes I’m against that anyone try to force people to use it against their own will and create means of coercion like they were nazi passports. Look what was happen in Ottawa last days… on which one rat hole Trudeau went into hiding??

  2. Career choice does not indicate lack or surplus of integrity. Actions during the course of carrying out duties does. Those who hold positions of authority have routinely been held to a lower standard, than those who hold no position. Cops, priests, judges, politicians, lawyers, bankers, generals, all have skimmed by unscathed in the scheme of things.
    It is obvious and true in the minds of the people, (democracy) , that indeed they should be held to a higher standard, not lower. If a person claims a higher ground due to position, then they must claim the extra that comes with being caught doing the opposite of what the position has as its goal. All humans know this in their hearts,.

    • The editors at VT seem to have a slightly different view when it comes to those working in the medical field. Like they are on a higher spiritual level and not tempted to use their “credentials” for illegal and immoral purposes. What kind of childish nonsense is that. This is a field of occupation where the customers question little and legal repercussions of malfeasance are covered by insurance that the customers pay for indirectly. It doesn’t get any better than that. Most practitioners are ethical but the ones that aren’t hide behind the insurance companies that keep the big money wheel turning. Big pharma donations, Jim? Check out the slush and influence of the AMA who have no opposition from anyone. Buyer beware. Many are playing on our fears.

    • Ferdinand what you’re projecting only happens in the US, and maybe in a few third world banana republics. Otherwise I’ve been around hospitals sitting at boards in different continents all my life and the ethical behavior of physicians is always expected.

    • Ferd…Ah….we are aware of their being a lot of corruption in the world, but thanks for reminding us. There is so much that people only hear of a little bit of it, and of course nothing about those who are considered “protected entities”…where law enforcement is waived off.

  3. Things like this happens when folks are forced by an untrustworthy government that don’t give a damn about them.

    • US has always been like this. And when one party wants to give a damn like pay for healthcare for all out of taxes instead of wars for the benefit of a few, the other party screams bloody murder. It’s by design and MAGA people fall for it.

    • Thanks for the link Newt. We have to somehow get out of the Stone Age of our exploitive health care system which is designed to take care of those at the top, at the expense of the few. When we have such long and close relations with our NATO partners who most all have this, and their long records that it works, only a corrupt political system allows us to be exploited as we are here, where one serious illness can bankrupt an American family, destroying its future. I am surprised that the Dems have not made this a bid issue. All I can think of is it would kiss off all the Pharma donations.

    • Jim one of the strangest things for people in the US who have not tasted the single payer system to digest is when you tell them that in the rest of the world anyone from any age group can get an orthopedic surgery for instance in a famous hospital at the hands of a famous doctor and famously recover without ever seeing a single piece of paper pertaining to a price tag anywhere.
      The idea is very strange to US citizens.
      They immediately think of communism.

      Separately I’ve seen the US medical and pharma lobbies up close in action and it’s not a pretty sight. Some say it’s bigger and more powerful than the defense lobby.

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