New US missile offer to Russia revealed – media

Russia has expressed concern that American Tomahawk missiles could be deployed in Poland and Romania


RT: The US has told Moscow that it is willing to allow Russian inspectors to verify the absence of Tomahawk cruise missiles at NATO sites in Romania and Poland, if the Kremlin agrees to let NATO inspect locations housing Russian airborne guided weapons, Bloomberg has reported.

Citing anonymous sources, the American publication said the White House told Moscow that it would be happy to “discuss giving Russia a way to verify” that NATO missile defense bases aren’t stocked with offensive weapons.

The offer comes as Moscow and Washington remain gridlocked in negotiations over the future of Europe. Last year, Russia sent a list of demands to the US, aimed at creating legally binding guarantees that would improve the country’s security. Many of Moscow’s proposals, including banning Ukraine from joining NATO, have been deemed as “non-starters” by the US. However, both nations have agreed to work on reciprocal agreements on missiles and transparency of troop movements.

According to Bloomberg, the White House’s offer to let Russia verify the absence of Tomahawk missiles “is aimed at allaying Moscow’s concerns” that they could be fired across the border.

The Tomahawk land attack missile is a long-range subsonic jet-powered land-attack projectile developed by the US, currently in service with the American and British armed forces. Moscow has repeatedly expressed concern that they could be stationed in Europe, near the Russian border.

This worry has also been echoed by President Vladimir Putin, who noted on Tuesday that these missiles could be mounted on rocket launchers that are already deployed to NATO bases in Europe.

“There are anti-missile launchers in Poland and Romania. There are MK-41 launchers there, on which you can place Tomahawks, which is not missile defense but an offensive weapons systems, which can cover our territory for thousands of kilometers,” he said. “Is this not a threat to us?”

Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that Poland would be willing to allow Russian inspectors into its country to check US air defense facilities. In return, Warsaw wants its inspectors to be allowed to check missile locations in Kaliningrad, a Russian exclave on the Baltic Sea that borders Poland and Lithuania. According to Bloomberg, Romania also has offered an “open invitation” to Russian officials to visit its NATO facility, provided Moscow agrees to reciprocate.


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  1. Did the USA somehow “forget” how to make an interceptor? I think NOT! It’s clear by now that any conflict with Russia or China is designed to be lost. The same folks who attacked us on 9/11 are determined to make an end of the USA and the beginning of God only knows what. May Heaven preserve us all from the wrath of the chosenites.

  2. A weapon has to reach and hit a target before it is deadly and as was shown in 2017 in Syria, they did neither. If not disabled by EW, then these are clay pigeons for the S400/Pantsir systems. Of course, any system can be overloaded by massive volleys. TBH, inundating Russia with 1000s at once would have some effective strikes. All that aside, NATO is playing with fire and Russia just ain’t gonna have it. It’s just that simple. Trying to blow smoke up their ass is a fools errand. Unfortunately, we have far too many of them running things. The only thing that irks me is that it is no secret who runs US FP. Yet this is the one player Russia doesn’t touch, in fact they tend to kiss their ass as frequently as does DC. Haven’t they said they want their old stomping grounds back? Crimea and points further east? Seems they pull strings in both camps. If Russia wants to put an end the incessant aggravations, they need to help put an end to the real culprits. They did it before, which also gave rise to the Kazarians adopting Judaism, but they should have wiped them out. Leaving a job half done is why the world is now dealing with them. They were thieves, brigands and murderers then and nothing has changed.

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